CEO Daddy's Limitless Love/C2 Yet Another Fool Who Was Made of Gold and Jade
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CEO Daddy's Limitless Love/C2 Yet Another Fool Who Was Made of Gold and Jade
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C2 Yet Another Fool Who Was Made of Gold and Jade

Before Gu Ya came, she had rented a house.

If she had to work here, she would have to worry about not being able to take care of the child sometimes. She had even found a nanny.

After placing Xiaofei and Xiaohan in a rented room with two rooms, Gu Ya took advantage of the fact that the two kids went to bed early, instructed the nanny, then sneaked out.

This time, besides taking revenge, she also had something else to do —

Go to the Gu family and bring back the things left behind by your mother.

Standing in front of the Gu family villa and looking at the dazzling Chinese villa that she hadn't seen in four years, Gu Ya felt an indescribable sense of ridicule.

Even before her mother died of a serious illness, her father openly let Gu Mannni and her daughter move into the villa.

There were too many painful memories of her here.

No longer thinking about it, she took advantage of the fact that someone else had entered and walked in with him.

Before he even entered the living room, he heard laughter coming from afar.

It seemed as though without her these past few years, they would still be doing very well.

Gu Ya thought sarcastically as she walked into the living room with gritted teeth.

The dining table in the living room was filled with all kinds of high-grade delicacies.

It looked like it was Gu Mannni's birthday.

Gu Mannni was wearing a crystal crown while sitting in the middle. Gu Mannni's mother, Guan Na, Gu Jianye, as well as the girl who seemed to be Gu Mannni's best friend were all excitedly surrounding her, talking about something.

As soon as Gu Ya entered, the clamor in the room immediately stopped.

Everyone looked at her in astonishment, disgust, or curiosity, but there was no welcome on their faces.

Gu Mannni was the first to react, winking at Guan Na.

Guan Na immediately stood up and glared at Gu Ya with a stern expression. "What are you doing here?" For an unfilial daughter like you who hasn't returned home for four years and doesn't even know how to look at your parents, our Gu family doesn't even welcome you! "

Gu Ya sniggered coldly in her heart as she held back the rage in her heart and spoke in a light tone.

"I'm just here to get back what I deserve."

"As for whether or not I'll be welcomed by the Gu family, I don't care at all."

She had seen through this family a long time ago, and she had also seen through them. No matter how they looked at her, she didn't need to care.

"You ~!"

Guan Na pointed at her, so angry that her fingers were trembling.

"Xiao Ya!"

Gu Jianye, who had been silent all this time, suddenly spoke up.

Gu Ya turned her head to look at him with a serious gaze of rebuke, and the light in her eyes instantly dimmed.

Originally, the only person she was concerned about was Gu Jianye. However, when she entered, there was no trace of joy in his eyes. She was instantly disappointed.


No matter what, he was still her father … Why was it that when he looked at her, there was only coldness and impatience …?

Suppressing the faint sadness in her heart, she walked towards the stairs with her head held high.

She just wanted to get her things and leave as soon as possible. She didn't want to stay here for another second.


Ignoring Guan Na's attempts to stop her, she rushed into her mother's bedroom and let out a scream as soon as she went upstairs.

"Who … did this?"

She turned around and looked at Guan Na, her entire body engulfed in rage and coldness.

His mother's bedroom, emptied at some point, was full of bags and clothes.

Guan Na was caught off guard by Gu Ya's resentful gaze and jumped in fright. She reacted and immediately puffed up her chest confidently.

"Little slut, your short-lived mother died a long time ago. Could it be that you still have something for her to die on, thus adding to your misfortune?"

The scream from before made Gu Jianye, Gu Mannni, and the others rush over when they heard it.

Gu Ya sneered and moved closer to Guan Na, "At that time, who was the one who swore that as long as I agreed to marry into the Gu family, I would absolutely not touch anything that belonged to my mother!?" "What, did you change your mind after getting married?!"

Under her murderous and cold gaze, Guan Na was actually intimidated for a moment, and was forced to retreat step by step.

She secretly broke out in cold sweat. She truly felt that this time, Gu Ya had changed a lot since she came back, becoming more and more powerful and imposing …


The moment Gu Mannni saw a tall figure walking over, she blurted out in panic. The reason why she rushed over was because she was afraid that the argument here would disturb Mo Lingxuan, who was still fetching stuff upstairs. Ye Zichen didn't expect Mo Lingxuan to come out the moment he arrived.

Guan Na couldn't detect the panic in her daughter's tone. Out of the corner of her eyes, she caught sight of Mo Lingxuan's figure. She then closed her eyes and fell down the stairs …



Accompanied by exaggerated screams of pain, ear-piercing screams and accusations sounded out one after another.

"Unfilial daughter, this is how you treat your mother!" The slap that suddenly landed on her face caused Gu Ya's brain to buzz. After a long while, she finally raised her head and saw the furious Gu Jianye in front of her.

"Sis, how could you be so heartless? Mommy is so good to you, but didn't you often come back to scold her, so why would you want to kill her?"

Gu Mannni, who was standing at the side, lowered her head and cried her heart out.

The word "cruel" stabbed into her ears, and Gu Ya suddenly remembered the night she was killed.

In terms of ruthlessness, there was probably no one who was more ruthless than this person in front of him … You can drug your sister too...

Anger welled up in her heart as she waved her hand towards Gu Mannni.

However, just as he raised his hand into the air, it was suddenly gripped by a strong force.

Gu Ya raised her head and glared fiercely at the man who obstructed her. She was stupefied with a single glare.

The man was very tall. She raised her head only to see his face. It was a face as deep as a chisel, with a sharp and distinct outline. There was a haughty and indifferent expression on his face. It was an air of arrogance and haughtiness.

Especially those pair of dark and penetrating eyes. They were bottomless and exuded an innate arrogance and contempt, as if they were above anyone and were naturally arrogant.

What shocked Gu Ya the most wasn't his astonishing beauty, but his face that looked very much like her son, Gu Xiaohan!

Like, so much like. How could there be two people in this world who were so similar? But what did that mean? The world is big, who can guarantee that there are no similar people?

Remembering that he was helping Gu Mannni, Gu Ya immediately retracted her attention. Heh, just another blind bastard.

He had been fooled by Gu Mannni. What a waste of his handsome face.

"Lingxuan ~"

Seeing that Mo Lingxuan actually helped her, Gu Mannni was touched beyond belief. She leaned weakly on his arm.

Seeing this, Gu Ya became even more determined to guess that the man in front of her was a 'golden jade with other things'. Even the way she looked at him was filled with disdain.

"Let go!"

She tried to pull back her hand, but Mo Lingxuan still held her wrist tightly.

Gu Ya tried to pull him back a few times but failed. She raised her eyes and glared at him.

"Women shouldn't be so ruthless."

Gu Ya's eyes instantly widened as she looked at him in astonishment.

Was this man teaching her a lesson?

This made her even more certain that he was bewitched and brainwashed by Gu Mannni.

After shaking off his hand, she angrily shouted, "Let go, idiot!"

Her voice was not soft. Not only was Mo Lingxuan shocked, but everyone present, including Guan Na who was still pretending to be heavily injured, was also stunned. Everyone looked at her, not daring to breathe.

Heavens, was she tired of living? He actually dared to scold Mo Lingxuan!

She definitely did not know Mo Lingxuan's true identity, so she would not hesitate to run into a wall!

Gu Ya indeed didn't know that the man in front of her was the renowned number one in the Dragon City. Gu Ya did not know that the man in front of her was the renowned number one in the Dragon City.

She turned to go, but was suddenly seized by the arm.

Gu Ya turned her head to look at the man with the cold expression. With a frown, she coldly asked, "What exactly do you want?"

"What do you want?"

Mo Lingxuan raised his eyebrows and said gloomily, "I want you to apologize to me immediately."

Gu Ya turned around and said coldly.

"What if I say no?" Her eyebrows were slightly raised. Her eyes were jet-black and calm, with a repressed anger in them. In Mo Lingxuan's eyes, there was a tinge of provocation.


Mo Lingxuan was stunned by this realization, followed by an unprecedented wave of anger that engulfed his heart.

When he was in his twenties, this was the first time he saw someone dare to openly provoke him!

This woman was quite daring!

Gu Ya didn't want to waste her breath on him. While he was still in a daze, she used the heels of her high heels to step on his feet. Taking the opportunity when he was in pain, she immediately turned around and left.

"Hiss ~ ~ ~"

There was another gasp from the crowd.

"You, come back here! You unfilial daughter, quickly apologize to Director Mo! "

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