CEO Daddy's Limitless Love/C3 I See That Bastard Again
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CEO Daddy's Limitless Love/C3 I See That Bastard Again
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C3 I See That Bastard Again

Gu Jianye looked at Mo Lingxuan's sullen expression and was shocked to the point that he almost fainted.

Before he had even caught up to her, Gu Ya had already left the Gu family villa with quick steps.

On the way to the car, Gu Ya walked very quickly. Her mind was in a mess of thoughts about everything that had just happened.

She had always been very calm and didn't know why she had been so agitated when she faced that strange man.

Perhaps it was the shock of his mother's affair, and the extraordinary resemblance between him and his son.

She looked so much like her precious son, but was tricked by a woman like Gu Mannni. Seriously … It insulted that clever face.

Gu Ya shook her head and stopped thinking about it. She didn't expect that she would run into so much trouble today. Next time, she must calm down and obtain her mother's things no matter what.

In the morning of the next day, Gu Ya woke up early and personally made breakfast for the two children. After sending them off to kindergarten, she rushed to Mo's International to participate in the interview.

If it weren't for the fact that she was afraid that it would be hard to take care of her child while she was at work, she would have gladly taken care of all the food and clothing for her child.

When she arrived at the entrance of the Mo's International, Gu Ya was deeply shocked by the dazzling edifice that pierced through the clouds.

In the past, she had only seen the Mo's Building from afar.

"Beauty, is this your first time here? Surprised, right? This is the symbol of our Dragon City! It's in the top 10 of the entire world! "

The driver's voice was filled with an unspeakable pride.

Gu Ya quickly returned to being indifferent, as whether or not the Mo's was luxurious or not had nothing to do with her.

All she had to do was find out the truth and do her job.

A young beauty led her into the office on the top floor.

Upon entering, one would be able to see a man sitting at a French window with his back facing to the desk. With just a straight back, he exuded a suffocating presence.

After the beautiful woman had closed the door and left, the man with the stunning aura slowly turned his chair and lifted his haughty chin.

Gu Ya was astonished when he lifted his head, revealing a face as deep as a chisel.

"It's you?"

She frowned and called out softly.

The man who protected Gu Mannni and taught her last night was actually the CEO of Mo's International, Mo Lingxuan?

It seemed that the legendary number one power in the Dragon City was only this much.

Mo Lingxuan obviously didn't expect that the one who came to apply for her assistant was the barbaric woman from yesterday.

He had always been arrogant and conceited. That idiotic line made him unable to sleep well last night.

He quickly regained his composure and crossed his long legs. With a look of contempt, he looked at the woman in front of him and said, "It's me."

"What? Looking at the current situation, are you regretting what you did yesterday?"

His voice was low and steady.

"Or did you already know that the reason you went out yesterday was to attract my attention? "It seems that I've underestimated you, but I'm sorry to tell you this," he intersected his ten fingers arrogantly. His tone was cold and mocking as he looked at her as if he was looking at the discount prices on the flea market.

"Being rude doesn't mean you have a personality. You are acting differently and you have not left any impression on me. "And I can't accept you as an exception because of this."

After Mo Lingxuan said that, he raised his hand and took a sip of tea. He then leaned back on the chair and looked at her calmly.

From beginning to end, Gu Ya listened quietly, not saying a word.

At first, when she heard his words, there was anger and excitement in her heart. However, as she listened, she calmed down and was left with nothing.

He couldn't help but admire this man's imagination.

Did she say anything?

She had even thought that she was trying to attract his attention and scold him on purpose.

What an arrogant and foolish man, did he think that all the women in the world wanted his attention?!

However, how outstanding would a man who could be bewitched by Gu Mannni be? Although he had inherited the family's business, his state of mind wasn't that high. Thinking of this, she also felt relieved.

"Director Mo, from what I've seen, you haven't read my resume in detail."

"I suggest that you take a look at my resume first. After all, Mo's is a place to recruit people, and one should look at my resume and abilities. The main focus of the recruitment was to learn Persian and to understand Dubai's local culture. "

Mo Lingxuan frowned slightly.

She was right, he hadn't really taken a good look at her resume.

However, he hadn't thought that this woman would still be so calm and collected after being criticized like this.

He glanced at his resume on the table and was slightly surprised.

Unexpectedly, this woman is young, but has mastered English, Persian, French many languages, and a year of working experience in Dubai.

Narrowing his eyes, Mo Lingxuan quickly raised his head and recovered his usual aloof and noble attitude, "But Mo's does not want to recruit a person who is proficient in jobs but has a crude and low personality. "In my opinion, the most suitable position for you is not that of an assistant, but rather —"

He paused, his thin lips coldly spitting out two words, "Pay up."

Even someone as calm as Gu Ya couldn't help being astonished when she heard this.

Collecting debts?!

This man, not only was he arrogant and conceited, his mouth was also extremely venomous.

But she kept her emotions in check and spoke neither humbly nor arrogantly, "Chairman Mo, I suggest you consider what I've just said. After all, this trip to Dubai will have a significant impact on Mo's and even the entire oil market in Asia. "

"I hope you can put aside your prejudice and focus on the market."

She gave a neither humble nor arrogant bow and turned away after throwing down those words.

It wasn't that she didn't have a temper. On the one hand, she felt that being able to be bewitched by a lowly woman like Gu Mannni was already enough to leave her with a poor intelligence. On the other hand, she really wanted to seize this opportunity to investigate the truth.

She was rational, and she could put all her emotions behind her. This was the trick of her many years as a secretary.

After Gu Ya left, Mo Lingxuan sat alone in his office and pondered for a long time.


After Gu Ya went home, she tidied up her room and took the two children home in the afternoon.

At dinner time, before she had received the interview result, she was feeling a little flustered.

She had thought about it before coming.

When she had first been abroad, she had called and written many times, asking Gu Mannni for the truth about her past, but Gu Mannni had insisted that she didn't know which man had made love to her in the first place. She had also snuck back to her own country and had someone to monitor the cruise. However, she was told that the cruise was a private property of the Mo's, and that no one was allowed to get close to it without permission.

Even the original list of the banquet was forbidden to be made public due to Mo Lingxuan's unique identity.

Everything that had happened back then had all become a secret sealed within the letter itself. And only by becoming the assistant of the Mo's's CEO, would one have the chance to investigate everything that had happened back then.

She had thought that as a gold medal assistant, with her rare fluency in Farsi and her experience in Dubai, Mo Lingxuan's temporary assistant for the Dubai talks would be unquestionable and would stay on as a long-term assistant if she performed well.

But what she didn't expect, was that the CEO of Mo's, was actually that bastard man.

Now, all of her plans had been ruined …

Perhaps it was because he saw Gu Ya's worry, Gu Xiaohan climbed onto the sofa where Gu Ya was sitting and asked with concern, "Mommy, what's wrong? Is today's interview not going well? "

Gu Ya came back to her senses and smiled. "It's fine. We'll have to wait until the interview results are out."

"Mommy, don't worry, you won't fail the interview."

Hearing Gu Xiaofei's confident words, Gu Ya tilted her head and smiled curiously. "Why?"

His daughter was so young, how could he have the confidence in her?

"Because Uncle Bai said that Mommy is the best assistant in the world!"

Gu Xiaofei said in a childish voice, "Uncle Bai never lies."

Gu Ya knew that the Uncle Bai her daughter was referring to was her previous superior.

She giggled, feeling a lot better.

No matter how vexed they were, as long as they were together with these two little angels, all their boredom would be gone.

The next morning, as soon as Gu Ya had sent her two children to kindergarten, she received a phone call.

"Congratulations, Miss Gu. You have successfully passed the interview and obtained the temporary position of Mo's Assistant. Please report to Mo's International by 9 o'clock this morning."

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