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CEO Daddy's Limitless Love/C4 It Really Hurts to Stand and Talk
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C4 It Really Hurts to Stand and Talk

After hanging up, Gu Yayou found it hard to believe.

She passed?

She was still a little surprised when she thought about the arrogant and unreachable appearance of the man from yesterday.

However, since he had already passed, there was no need to think too much into it.

"Mommy, did you succeed in the interview?" Gu Xiaohan already saw something on her face, so he squinted his eyes and asked.

Gu Ya nodded. "Yes, Mommy has a new job. In the future, I can buy more delicious food for you."

Gu Xiaohan and Gu Xiaofei were still children after all, so they were overjoyed when they heard about the food.

Gu Ya liked it a lot more when she saw it.

Squatting down on the two small faces, she pouted, then reluctantly left, taking a taxi to Mo's International.

In the office of the Mo's CEO.

Gu Ya knocked on the door and walked in confidently after hearing a low magnetic voice, "Please come in."

Mo Lingxuan was in the middle of reviewing the documents. He had a tall nose and thin lips. That serious look of his was indescribably mesmerizing.

Gu Ya's gaze inadvertently landed on his face. For an unknown moment, she was dazed. Could her family's Xiaohan also be like this when he grew up?

"Be sure to finish this in the morning." A low voice coldly interrupted her thoughts.

Mo Lingxuan threw her a stack of documents without raising his head.

The tone of absolute command did not even look at her, as if she were nothing.

Gu Ya glanced down at the documents. They were all introductions of the oil industry and related professional terms.

It was densely packed and detailed.


Gu Ya replied indifferently. She picked up the document, turned around and walked back to the secretary's office.

That man's arrogant attitude was truly infuriating.

But she felt that this was good as well. Just conduct the business so that there won't be any more conflicts between them.

Thinking of this, she lowered her head and quickly returned to her work.

The secretary's office was inside the CEO's office, separated by a small room. The interior of the building was entirely glass, and one could not see the outside, but one could see everything that was happening inside from the CEO's office.

As soon as Gu Ya entered the office, Mo Lingxuan raised his head and swept a cold gaze at her.

Raising her eyes, she saw her red lips slightly pursed, her beautiful lower jaw drooping, as though she was seriously working.

He folded his hands under his chin, lost in thought.

This woman seemed to be working seriously, not caring about anything at all.

But just now, he clearly saw her staring at him absentmindedly.

He frowned. No matter what her intentions were, working right under his nose would reveal it sooner or later.

For now, the most important thing is to complete the Dubai talks in a few days.

After all, the decision to keep Gu Ya as a special aid for this Dubai trip was a deliberate one based on his judgment about the talks.

After all, it's not easy to find an assistant in the short term who meets the terms of this negotiation.

For the whole day, Gu Ya did not rest.

Mo Lingxuan let her take away a stack of documents in a moment, and every time she said something, it was the same: she had to write it down in the shortest time possible.

Near the end of the day, he would ask questions.

The amount of information contained was so vast that the complexity of it made one speechless.

Fortunately, Gu Ya had a good memory and was very focused. Before she got asked a question, she acknowledged that she had done quite well.

The clinker was still not perfect enough for Mo Lingxuan.

"Go back and strengthen your memory. Tomorrow, I want to hear more precise answers to your questions."


Gu Ya went all the way home, but her mind was still thinking about Mo Lingxuan's arrogant and wrinkled eyebrows.

It's good enough for her to remember like that in a single day, okay?

That man had truly made her understand what standing and speaking without feeling any pain was.

For days.

Gu Ya had to write down a bunch of things every day, and she was so busy that she didn't even have time to drink a mouthful of water.

How could she, who didn't even have time to look at her phone, know that a short video was being played at a flying speed.

And in the video, the two peerless and cute protagonists were her two treasures.

At night, when Gu Ya was working overtime —

Gu Xiaohan, who had been brought home by a nanny, sat on the sofa with an iPad in his arms. He said to Gu Xiaofei, who was watching a cartoon beside him, "Xiaofei, quickly turn down the sound of the TV. I have something to do. "

"What are you doing, brother?" Gu Xiaofei pouted unhappily, but she turned down the sound of the TV and moved closer to him in curiosity.

"You'll know in a moment."

Gu Xiaohan smiled mysteriously. Looking at the various comments on the video, he quickly picked up the fixed number and dialed a number.

According to his observations, the man named "NK Media", who strongly urged the children to work with him on the video, was indeed a scout.

After agreeing to meet at noon kindergarten, Gu Xiaohan put down the phone in satisfaction.

"Brother, can we find Daddy now?" Gu Xiaofei widened her eyes as she asked expectantly.

Seeing Gu Xiaohan nod confidently, she cheered and clapped her hands, "Yea, that's great! Xiaofei can have a father now! "

"Shh —" Gu Xiaohan pointed at her, "You can't let Mommy know. Mommy hates where we look for Daddy the most. "

Gu Xiaofei quickly covered her mouth and nodded vigorously while blinking.


Mo Lingxuan left the company late in the evening because he was busy preparing for a trip to Dubai.

As soon as he left the company, an open sportscar headed straight for him, stopping right beside him.

On the carriage, Tang Li Yun and Lin Shaotan's two best friends were laughing at him.

"Young Master Mo, we've finally found you. The appointment at the Royal Bar. "

Mo Lingxuan smiled and said coldly, "Not interested."

Lin Shaotian and Tang Li Yun immediately stood up and stretched out their hands, each holding onto one of Young Master Mo's arms, "Hey, Young Master Mo, don't be like that. I have a secret to tell you tonight.

Mo Lingxuan wanted to push the two away, but upon hearing this, he frowned and fell into deep thought.

What were these two doing now?

Seeing him straighten his back, the two of them smiled at each other, knowing that there was hope.

When they arrived at the bar, Mo Lingxuan took a sip of wine and spoke decisively.

"What secret?" "Speak."

Lin Shaotan blinked and suddenly said, "Young Master Mo, do you have an illegitimate child?"

Mo Lingxuan nearly vomited a mouthful of wine.

After calming himself down, he quickly frowned and said sullenly, "Nonsense! Who told you that? "

Tang Li Yun lightly patted his shoulder, "Young Master Mo, Lingxuan, don't hide this from us. We saw your son's advertisement. "

Video? What video?

Seeing Mo Lingxuan's look of suspicion, Lin Shaotan sighed and took out his phone, "It seems that you won't admit it if you don't take out some evidence."

At first, Mo Lingxuan didn't take it to heart, but when he saw the little boy in jeans and a small T-shirt that looked almost exactly like his own childhood, he was also deeply shocked.

He snatched the phone away, and his actions scared Lin Shaotian.

"Where did this video come from?!"

His low, cold, and harsh voice caused Lin Shaotan's heart, which had just experienced shock, to be frightened for the second time.

"Hey, Young Master Mo, can you not be so scary? "I just found out that you have an illegitimate child. I've already seen this kind of thing quite a few times. Don't make it sound like you want to kill me."

Mo Lingxuan's expression was even colder and his entire body was emitting a terrifying rage.

Lin Shaotan put away his mischievous smile, "E-TV commercial. I saw it by chance."

Mo Lingxuan clenched his fist and stayed silent for a long time.

He knew very well what he had done. Except for the night he was drugged four years ago, he had never touched a woman.

Then, there could only be one —

This child was left behind by his father when he was still alive.

Judging from his age, he should be four years old. His father had died four years ago.

Could it be that the usually stern father actually left behind an illegitimate child before his death?

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