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When Gu Xiaohan came home sulkily, Gu Xiaofei dropped the crunchy potato chips and approached Xiaohan on her short legs.

"Brother, how is it? Did you find Dad? "

"I seem to have found it." Gu Xiaohan buried his face in the sofa gloomily, "But, I feel like he doesn't really like me …"

"Who is it?" Xiaofei blinked her beautiful big eyes as she asked excitedly.

Xiaohan tilted his head and thought for a while before saying, "Mo Lingxuan! It seems to be some kind of Mo's Group CEO. "

Xiaofei covered her mouth with her hands and took out a newspaper from the tea table.

Although the two of them were just in kindergarten, but they couldn't endure the intelligence of the two cute girls. Many of the words had already been learned by themselves.

Gu Xiaohan's eyes widened as he looked in the direction Xiaofei pointed. There was some kind of "Mo's" and "spokesperson" written on it. It seemed like the Mo's Group was looking for the spokesperson.

The two siblings looked at each other. Xiaohan jumped off the sofa and regained his vitality, "Xiaofei, I'll go to sleep first! Tomorrow, I will revive from full blood and apply for Mo's as a model! "

As soon as Gu Xiaohan slipped into the bedroom, the door handle was opened and Gu Ya walked in dejectedly.

Gu Xiaofei was stunned. What happened today? Big Brother and Mommy are competing who's the Sad Champion?

"Mommy, what's wrong with you?" Xiaofei leaped into Gu Ya's arms on her short legs.

"I'm fine." Gu Ya forced a smile and picked up her daughter, "Where's Xiaohan?"

"Big brother went to sleep. Mommy, tell me what's bothering you! Xiaofei helps Mommy to share some, Mommy won't be sad! "

"What nonsense is Xiaofei talking about? My darling daughter is so cute, how can Mommy let you share the unhappiness? "It's fine, Mommy will be alone for a while. She'll be full of energy tomorrow!"

Gu Ya washed Xiaofei's face and softly told her the story of the prince and princess. Looking at her daughter's sleeping face, she fell into deep thought.

Was she really going to leave the Mo's like this? No matter what, she had to find out who she was with back then.

All these years, she had painstakingly raised Chu Bao. Although Xiaohan and Xiaofei didn't need a father, they had the right to know who their father was.

With a hint of melancholy between her brows, Gu Ya raised her eyes to look at the stars on the windowsill and thought, "How about … "I'll apologize to Mo Lingxuan tomorrow and see if I can go back."

The next day, under the dressing up of the nanny, Gu Xiaohan leisurely walked into Mo's Group wearing an exquisite tuxedo, like a little gentleman.

Just as he arrived at the interview venue and was about to introduce himself, a middle-aged man wearing gold-rimmed glasses suddenly walked towards him with gleaming eyes.

"What's your name?" the man asked eagerly.

"Gu Xiaohan." Gu Xiaohan answered with a straight face.

Although this man seemed to be of high status, Mommy had said that one couldn't be nice to a strange and passionate stranger. Who knows, he might even be a trafficker!

The man took out a business card from his pocket and said with a smile, "I'm the producer of Mo Ling Group's advertisement. My name is Xia Mingfeng, you can call me Uncle Xia."

Uncle Xia? Gu Xiaohan couldn't help but take a glance at that person. It's good to have a big sister Xiao Xia, I wonder what this Uncle Xia is like?

"Little friend, when I saw you just now, I felt like this advertisement was none other than you!" As long as you agree and sign the contract with me, I'll immediately withdraw all those interviewees! "

Was it that exaggerated? He didn't even use an interview? Gu Xiaohan had a face full of suspicion: "Is it because I'm cute?"

"On one hand, the most important thing is that you are very much in line with our image of Mo's!"

With One Strike Vow finalized, Gu Xiaohan quickly signed a contract with Xiafeng.

The duration of the contract was three years. Within these three years, whoever broke the contract first would have to pay twenty times the penalty for the breach of contract. Gu Xiaohan was shocked when he saw this number. Xiafeng explained that it was only to prevent the spokesperson from running away so easily, which was why the price was so high.

Xia Feng put away the contract satisfactorily: "Xiaohan, do you want me to send you home?"

Go home? How is this possible? It wasn't easy getting to the Mo's, he had to go meet a certain man …

Gu Xiaohan thought for a second and pretended to cough: "No need, this is my first time at your company. I'm quite curious, can I walk around by myself?"

"Of course you can. If you need anything, just call me."

Gu Xiaohan walked forward seriously, but as soon as he left Xiafeng's line of sight, he immediately ran towards the CEO's office sneakily.

Fortunately, he had a petite body. He hid behind a vase and then at the stairs, avoiding everyone's line of sight and successfully walked in front of Mo Lingxuan.

Mo Lingxuan looked at the person in front of him who had a 100% similarity to him, and a strange feeling flashed across his heart.

Gu Xiaohan smiled as he moved closer to Mo Wuji, "Hello, Director Mo. I'm your company's spokesperson now, please take care of me in the future!"

Speaker? Mo Lingxuan immediately widened his eyes. Was this a joke? With such a face, Gu Xiaohan wandered around the company. In two days, everyone would have to say that they had an illegitimate child!

Mo Lingxuan laughed coldly, "I'm sorry, but you've already been fired."

Gu Xiaohan's small mouth slowly opened as he stared at him in surprise: "Are you going to break the contract? Twenty times the compensation! "

Mo Lingxuan's face immediately stiffened. Twenty times? This seemed to be a rule?

Even though the Mo family was rich, a twenty times compensation was already several hundred million! Even money couldn't be spent like this!

Gu Xiaohan saw him choking and laughed so hard that his branches were quivering. He happily ran out while jumping up and down on his short legs.

What no one noticed was that there was a strand of hair in his clenched fist that had been taken from the president's office.

As soon as Gu Xiaohan left, Gu Ya came over.

Mo Lingxuan looked at the mother and son pair in front and behind him. This mother and son pair were just going to anger him to death today, right?

"What are you doing here?" Mo Lingxuan shouted in annoyance.

Gu Ya took a deep breath and kept telling herself not to be angry. She wanted to stay calm. "I apologize for slapping you yesterday, but you've slandered me too. We're even, okay?"

"Then, I'll tell you solemnly that I have no idea who your father is, and that there's no way I can seduce him!"

Heh, this woman's thinking is quite beautiful. Just give him a slap and apologize? Was Mo Lingxuan really that easy to talk to?

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