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Mo Lingxuan wanted to reject her mercilessly, but when he raised his head and met Gu Ya's gaze with a hint of provocation, the words on the tip of his mouth suddenly choked.

What did this woman mean? Begging him to use such provocative and slightly disdainful eyes?

Gu Ya crossed her arms over her chest and laughed coldly, "Even if you want to fire me, you should at least give me a proper reason, right? Just because you think I seduced your father, you want to fire me? This is too ridiculous! "

Tsk tsk tsk, looking at Gu Ya's arrogant attitude, is she trying to goad him into doing so? Heh, it was fortunate that he, Mo Lingxuan, was incomparably quick-witted and was able to see through this woman's trick with a single glance.

"This is my company, my territory. Do you need a reason to fire me?"

Gu Ya was so shocked that her jaw dropped. She could hardly believe that such shameless words came out of the mouth of the legendary number one young master in the Dragon City!

Fine, since this man wasn't going to give in, she could only use her final trump card!

"Mo Lingxuan, then don't blame me for being rude!" I will spread the word that you have fired me for no reason. Even if you have the power to bribe the media, can you stop me from talking leisurely? You just have to wait for the price of Mo's to plummet! "

With that, she glared at Mo Lingxuan, turned around in a cool manner, and walked away.

Seeing that her steps were about to cross the threshold, Mo Lingxuan thought over and over again. He quickly shouted: "Stop!"

The corner of Gu Ya's mouth curled up slightly as she mocked in her heart, "This damn man, he still wants me to use my trump card!"

She turned around slowly like an old man and looked at Mo Lingxuan with disdain, "What? You went back on your word? Now I don't want to work here! "

Mo Lingxuan felt a headache coming on as veins on the back of his hands popped out. He was so angry that he laughed: "Gu Ya, you dare to threaten me!"

"You stopped me just to say that? I'm sorry, I'm not free. "

"Halt!" Mo Lingxuan was so anxious that he directly stood up from his seat. He strode forward and pulled Gu Ya's arm, gritting his teeth as he stared at the beautiful face in front of him. "Fine, I don't believe that you have the ability to qualify for this job!"

"Come to the company meeting tomorrow morning at eight o'clock on time. Come with me to Dubai to discuss a partnership."

Gu Ya raised her brows. It seemed that she had already won the opportunity to stay.

In order to successfully complete this mission, she had carried a book in Farsi with her as soon as she returned home. She had forgotten to eat and sleep until the early hours of the morning and had not noticed anything.

Gu Xiaohan rubbed his sleepy eyes and yawned. He put the milk he was holding onto on the table and said in a baby voice, "Can Mommy finish this glass of milk and go to sleep? "If not, there will be dark circles under your eyes tomorrow!"

Gu Ya turned her blurry eyes away from the book and looked at her phone. It was already early in the morning!

As she looked at the hazy and sleepy AiYa, she felt guilty, "I'm sorry, Xiaohan. Mommy was afraid that tomorrow her trip to Dubai would be a failure, so she stayed up all night reading the documents and forgot to tell you a story to go to sleep."

"It's alright!" Xiaohan's soft body snuggled into Gu Ya's arms, half squinting, and muttered, "I've already coaxed my sister to sleep! "Mommy, don't worry, you're the best …"

With the encouragement from her son, Gu Ya's confidence was restored. She quickly carried Xiaohan onto the bed and turned off the lights to sleep.

The next morning, Gu Ya hurriedly told the nanny to take care of the children before she left the house. But what she didn't expect was that the bus wouldn't arrive in time!

There's a saying, when you're waiting for a bus, it will never come …

Gu Ya paced back and forth anxiously. What should I do? I'm going to be late!

As her eyebrows were burning, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar luxury car from the corner of her eye … Her eyes lit up as she took advantage of the waiting red light to quickly jump on the car.

"Hey, Mo Lingxuan, it's me!" Can you give me a ride? I can't wait for the bus! "

Mo Lingxuan took off his sunglasses lazily as he enjoyed the anxious look on Gu Ya's face.

Heh, didn't this woman look quite impressive yesterday?

"Not yet." He said the word coldly and signaled to the driver with his eyes to close the window.

Gu Ya's heart turned cold as she watched Mo Lingxuan's car fly past her.

What kind of shitty superior was this!

Fortunately, the bus arrived at this time, and she managed to squeeze in. However, when she arrived at the company panting, she was still a minute late.

Mo Lingxuan leisurely sat on the sofa with his legs crossed. He looked coldly at Gu Ya: "Why don't you have a sense of time? Didn't I stress yesterday that I must be punctual? With your current state, what big thing can you accomplish? "

Gu Ya was so angry that she almost fainted on the spot!

It was intentional, this man definitely did it on purpose! Why was she late? Did he not have any points in his heart! He even blamed her!

Her fists were clenched until they creaked. In her heart, she had already punched Mo Lingxuan's smelly face a hundred times! This man definitely could not fall into her hands, otherwise she would definitely let him know how to write the word 'despair'!

The two of them arrived at the airport. When they arrived at the departure lounge, they saw a pure looking little beauty running towards them while panting heavily.

"Aiya, Lingxuan, I purposely put down the work in my hands to send you off …" At this point, the words in her mouth stopped abruptly because she saw Gu Ya!

Gu Ya raised her eyebrows indifferently, ignoring Gu Mannni as she continued to look at the magazine in her hands.

Mo Lingxuan frowned slightly. He had said not to let Gu Mannni come because he was afraid the two sisters would flame on the spot. Wouldn't he lose all face then?

Gu Mannni forced a fake smile as she walked up to Gu Ya's side and asked her how she was doing.

"Sigh, Big Sister, why aren't you paying attention to me?"

Gu Ya swept a cold glance at her. "Isn't it because you have a mother as shameless as you!"

When these words came out, the two people present were simultaneously shocked.

Gu Mannni didn't expect Gu Ya to scold him so easily, while Mo Lingxuan was shocked by her curses. Gu Ya was good at scolding. Not only was it a short and precise scolding, she had even scolded two people.

Gu Mannni's smile froze and she started to feign tears, crying as she said, "Sister, I know that you accidentally caused our company to lose millions of yuan. Because of that, Mommy said a few words about you, so you're unhappy. But Mommy did it for your own good!"

Gu Ya's expression turned increasingly cold. She directly hit Gu Mannni with the magazine in her hand as she glared at her, "Stop mentioning what happened back then. Do you think I didn't know that you framed me?"

A hint of panic flashed across Gu Mannni's eyes. She immediately looked towards Mo Lingxuan. Seeing Mo Lingxuan was dozing off with squinted eyes, her panicking heart immediately calmed down.

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