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C9 Negotiation

What happened that year was indeed her fault. And because of this matter, Gu Jianye lost all confidence in Gu Ya.

However, she would never admit it, much less admit it in front of Mo Lingxuan.

In just a split-second, tears formed in her eyes. She looked so delicate and tender! The way she acted made Gu Ya want to crush her dog head on the spot!

"Sister, how can you slander me like this? Have you forgotten that I even begged for mercy on your behalf! "

Heh, she did plead for mercy, but it was only to incite trouble and to plead for mercy!

Hearing this, Mo Lingxuan couldn't help but open his eyes. He threw a contemptuous look at Gu Ya and said silently, "I didn't expect you to be such a person!"

Gu Ya ignored the look in his eyes as he deserved a beating. She rolled up her sleeves, intending to properly argue with Gu Mannni.

However, Gu Mannni seemed to have already anticipated her movements. She quickly rushed to Mo Lingxuan's side, grabbed Gu Ya, and pitifully said, "Lingxuan, what should we do? Elder sister doesn't seem to like me very much …"

Mo Lingxuan, who was enjoying the show, was suddenly dragged in and his expression instantly turned cold.

Lili, however, did not seem to notice Mo Lingxuan's displeasure at all, and continued to play it up: "Lingxuan, I'm so scared. What if my sister says bad things about me in front of you?"

The implied meaning was merely to hint that Mo Lingxuan had fired Gu Ya.

Gu Ya suppressed the nagging disgust in her heart and taunted, "I'm sorry, I don't need to keep sh * t on my mouth all day."

Hearing that, Mo Lingxuan's mood immediately became a lot better. The cold expression on his face almost made him laugh out loud. This Gu Ya is really good at scolding people!

Gu Mannni was so angry that her face turned pale. If Mo Lingxuan wasn't here, she would definitely use all kinds of vulgarities to reply!

The most outrageous thing was that even if Mo Lingxuan didn't help her, he actually ignored her request! Did she still have a little face as a fiancee?

An unnamed anger rushed into her head, and Gu Mannni lost all rationality. She stared at Mo Lingxuan expressionlessly, and said dejectedly, "Lingxuan, have you forgotten that I risked my life to save you? You let Gu Ya bully me like this? "

Mo Lingxuan's expression suddenly froze. The corner of his mouth slowly pulled down and a hint of coldness appeared in the corner of his eyes.

Although he didn't like Gu Mannni, he still felt grateful towards her. Back then, this girl had lost her innocence in order to save him. How could he allow Manny to be bullied?

"Gu Ya is only in her probation period. How could I possibly recruit a woman like her who has too much to do?" Mo Lingxuan glanced at Gu Ya coldly, "As long as she makes the slightest mistake during this trip, she will have to leave in a hurry!"

Only after receiving such a promise did Gu Mannni finally stop throwing a tantrum and leave in satisfaction.

Gu Ya, on the other hand, was frowning slightly, her palms oozing less sweat than they did before. It seemed that she had to be very careful in cooperating this time around!

Half an hour later, the two of them were on the plane one after the other.

Although the two of them sat very close to each other, they had not spoken a single word since they had boarded the plane. They were like two strangers.

Ten minutes later, Mo Lingxuan was the first to break the silence: "Go get me a glass of water."

Gu Ya widened her eyes in surprise. "Are you talking to me?"


Heavens, could there be something wrong with this man's head? Did he take this to be a feudal society? Did he want her to pour water with this kind of commanding tone?

Gu Ya finally recovered from her shock and calmly refused, "I'm sorry, although I'm your assistant, I'm only responsible for my work. If it's inconvenient for you to find someone to take care of, I suggest you hire another life assistant."

Mo Lingxuan squinted his eyes dangerously, and looked at the unmoving woman beside him with mockery in his eyes: "You really have a big front, that's all I got for you to pour me a glass of water!"

Gu Ya glanced at him and waved for the flight attendant to ask for water. After that, she put on her headphones and ignored Mo Lingxuan.

Mo Lingxuan was instantly angered to the point that his face turned pale. If he was a little more irritable, he could probably strangle this woman on the spot!

Did he want water? Ah? He only wanted to order Gu Ya around!

God, what kind of assistant was he looking for? Mo Lingxuan regretted so much that his intestines turned green. He was even more sure that Gu Mannni's words were right. He should fire this damn woman!

Eight hours later, Mo Lingxuan and Gu Ya got off the plane one after another.

As soon as they got out of the airport, a man with a brown beard greeted them warmly. "Are you Mr. My name is Hathanu. "

Hathanu? Wasn't this the target of their cooperation? Gu Ya coughed and prepared to translate.

However, before she could finish her words, a fluent Persian was heard beside her ear: "Nice to meet you, my name is Mo Lingxuan."

Gu Ya widened her eyes in surprise. Mo Lingxuan could actually speak Persian? Then why did he hire a Persian speaking assistant? Was it because he had too much free money?

"Please get in the car, I've prepared a welcoming banquet for you. After you've had your fill, can we talk about cooperation?"

The car sped along, finally stopping in front of a luxurious villa that looked like a palace.

Even though Gu Ya was experienced and knowledgeable, she couldn't help but be shocked by the extravagant amount of money in front of her.

Look at this mirror-smooth marble floor, this castle-structure so exquisite that there was no fault in it, the big shining gold clock by the door, and everywhere she looked, there was money!

When Mo Lingxuan saw Gu Ya's inexperienced look, he couldn't help but sigh. This woman's hair is really long and her knowledge is limited.

"Hey, can you stop looking so shameful?" He whispered into Gu Ya's ear.

Gu Ya came back to her senses and forced a smile. "Mainly because I've never seen such a rich person."

Earthen. Rich. Extreme. Extremely generous.

At this point, she suddenly paused, suddenly remembered something, tilted her head and asked, "Since you can speak Persian, why did you hire an assistant who can speak Persian?"

Mo Lingxuan snorted coldly as a complacent smile appeared on his face. Like a proud rooster, he walked forward with big steps while raising his head. He didn't even bother to look at Gu Ya.

He obviously wanted to give the other party the best impression, so he had to find an assistant who could speak Persian. However, he did not bother to explain it to Gu Ya because he felt that Gu Ya's IQ was not on the same level as his. It would be a waste of his saliva if he were to explain it to her.

After enjoying a table full of delicious food, Hathaway took out a contract and placed it on the table. "If Mr. Mo has no objections, then sign it. I have a meeting to attend later."

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