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C1 Wake up

My husband and I have been married for three years, but he rarely comes back. Today, he called me and asked me to prepare Insect Grass, Wolfberry and Dove Soup. He specifically instructed me to remove the oil. Although I was puzzled by this instruction, I still did as he said.

After all, ever since I got married until now, the number of times he took the initiative to contact me can be counted on one hand. Furthermore, every time I go to the Shen family's mansion, my heart is filled with anxiety.

When I faced my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and the rest of my relatives, I was so nervous that I didn't know where to put my hands.

Furthermore, there has always been a rumor in the outside world that my marriage with him was a mistake. Some people even bet on when we would divorce, and everyone felt that I wasn't worthy of him. I am like a gray-haired girl in a fairy tale, And he is the king, looking down on all life from above.

Not only is there pressure from the rumors outside, but Granny also dislikes that I want to be a "woman without any background," who has no looks, has no academic qualifications, and has no background. As for my husband, he will always be facing me with a cold face.

Hahahaha, it's ridiculous to think about it. When I saw him the first time when I was young and ignorant, he was rooted in my heart.

At that time, I had a crush on Luochuan High School's famous school grass.

Three years in high school, four years in university, nearly eight years in secret. Every day, in my dreams, I would marry his lover.

In the end, his dream actually came true, but this was achieved at the cost of my father's life. My father, Lin Ruoxiong, a firefighter, happened to save Old Master Shen in the sea of fire when he faced the Burning Prairie Fire.

However, due to the intensity of the fire, his father's injuries were too severe and could not be treated. Before he died, my father was the most worried about me. He was afraid that after he left, my mother and I had a hard life and hoped that we could live a better life in the future.

Facing his savior, Old Man Shen impulsively made a decision on the spot. He wanted me to marry into Shen family and become Shen Junyu's wife.

I have never tasted anything like it since I was young. In a flash, eleven years have passed. I have loved him for eleven years, and I have become his wife for three years.

However, I always knew that I had never stayed in his heart for the past three years. I knew that he was actually somewhat blaming his grandfather for making him marry me.

But no matter what kind of attitude he treated me with, I still did my duty, being a good wife. I hoped that one day, he would have some feelings for me.

"Madam, Assistant Lu said that Director Shen is coming back from the company!" Mrs Lin stood at the kitchen door and reminded me.

"I know, I'm almost done here. There's still a soup. "

He happily brought his favorite Insect Grass Wolfberry Dove soup to the restaurant. Of course, he didn't forget to remove the oil.

He looked at the table full of dishes. Actually, it was very fruitful. For him, I am working hard to become a good wife.

Shen Junyu hasn't returned yet. I let out a breath, took off my apron, and planned to take a shower first. I will change into beautiful clothes and then put on makeup.

I smell like oil and smoke, and I'm covered in sweat. Tsk, I don't want to maintain this image to see him.

Just as I was about to return to my room, I heard the doorbell ring and saw that the door was slowly opening.

My sight passed through the living room. The first thing that entered my eyes was my husband's exquisite face. His tall figure instantly attracted countless rays of light the moment he appeared at the door.

The man was dressed in a dark suit with a tall and slender figure wrapped under it. His deep and dark eyes embellished his Roman statue-like facial features. His gaze was sharp and spirited, like a Nighthawk patrolling its territory in the darkness. His aura was oppressive, and he exuded an aura that disdained all living things.

Shen Junyu, my husband, is also the man I love deeply.

Although it had been more than three months since I last saw him, However, he has never changed. He is still as cold and handsome as before, attracting everyone's attention.

Subconsciously, he wanted to shrink himself into a ball, afraid that he would see his embarrassing side.

Forcing myself to be spirited and gathering my courage, I still walked up to him, wanting to take the briefcase from him as a wife.

However, he turned his body sideways and looked into the darkness behind him. A woman walked out from the darkness.

She was wearing a white, loose bat sweater, a pair of simple jeans, and a pair of white shoes. However, even if she was wearing simple clothes, It was as beautiful as a show. Bat Sleeve's sweater had always been very fat, but this time, It reflected her slender figure even more. Her pair of slender and straight legs wrapped in jeans made her body shape even more perfect. Coupled with her fair and flawless skin, Her thin lips were as delicate and delicate as roses, and she was as beautiful as a peerless beauty.

She held Shen Junyu's hand, and a rare smile appeared on Shen Junyu's face.

I have never seen that kind of smile, nor have I ever had it.

At that moment, I felt as if my heart had been tightly gripped, and then loosened. Before I could even exhale, I was thrown down from the sky and fell to the ground. I could still vaguely hear a loud bang.

Is it pain? I can't even describe the word pain.

That woman, I know, I always knew who she was!

Zhang Zhiyan, a famous painter throughout the country, was top-notch in terms of figure, appearance, and academic qualifications. No matter which level I am at, I am unable to compare to the Heaven's favoured daughter.

The scene of the two of them standing together, a perfect match, and a beautiful girl, has deeply stung my eyes.

"Miss Zhang, hello!" Aunt Lin's greeting, which is very familiar with each other, calms me back to my senses.

With great difficulty, I walked towards Shen Junyu and Zhang Zhiyan with legs that did not seem to belong to me.

"Miss Zhang, long time no see. I didn't expect you to come today. " I tried my best to restrain myself and tried my best to maintain my calm. I stretched out my hand, maintaining a calm and elegant voice as I spoke insincerely.

Zhang Zhiyan glanced at me as if she saw the oil stains on my hand. She gently touched it and quickly retracted it.

On her beautiful face, there was a proud expression as she slowly said, "Madam Shen, it has indeed been a long time since we last met. Why do I feel like you have become even more haggard!"

I pursed my lips and didn't say anything else. I turned to Shen Junyu and said, "Hubby, I'll help you get your bag. Hurry up and eat. The food is almost cold. It's not good for your health. " When Shen Junyu heard that, he sized me up coldly. As if he didn't know me, he passed the bag to Sister-in-law Lin.

My face turned pale. I held back the humiliation, and tears almost fell from my eyes.

In the face of a master who flaunted his power, I felt like an outsider.

Zhang Zhiyan lifted her beautiful lips and smiled proudly. Her eyes were filled with pride and ridicule as she looked at me. Then, she smiled elegantly and elegantly. She skillfully hugged Shen Junyu, who was beside her, and said coquettishly, "Junyu, I'm hungry!"

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