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C10 A Coincidence Plot

Zhang Zhiyan smiled happily when she saw the insulation bucket. She said softly, "Sorry, I was just changing, so I asked you to wait for a while. Regarding the pigeon soup, help me send my regards to Auntie. "

Seeing Zhang Zhiyan so gently talking to me, shame slowly overflowed from the bottom of her heart. She could not help but dodge her gaze and hurriedly said, "I still have some other matters to attend to. I will be leaving first. "

Without waiting for Zhang Zhiyan to persuade him to stay, he hurriedly left the ward.

After taking a few steps, he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to convey his mother-in-law's words. Although he was unwilling, he had no choice but to turn back.

Just as he arrived at the door of Zhang Zhiyan's ward, he heard the sounds of conversation inside.

The female voice was saying, "Zhiyan, do you think she heard the content of our conversation just now?"

"Hmph, do you think she would be like that if she heard it? She definitely did not hear our conversation just now. It really is the heavens helping us. . . That's not it, she didn't even hear our conversation. " Zhang Zhiyan smiled and said in a relaxed manner.

Hearing this, the female voice immediately agreed and said with some flattery, "Yes, Zhiyan, your luck is too good. Originally, I was worried about how to deal with this unknown biological father's child, but now it's better. He's going to have an abortion once he falls. There's no need to think of any other way. "

"Hahaha, I really have to thank that woman Lin Wanbai. She was born to help me. Look, didn't she help me deal with this invisible bomb?" Zhang Zhiyan said proudly.

When I heard this, I was very angry. The child isn't Shen Junyu's. This is too much.

"Oh right, Zhiyan, I'm very moved. Why don't you use this matter to slander that woman this time? If you slander her, you can settle this once and for all once and get rid of her?" The delicate female voice sounded again, with some curiosity in her flattery.

"You don't understand this, right? Food needs to be eaten bit by bit. Now that I have achieved one goal, I should take it step by step. Don't worry. Furthermore, this abortion. . . I even increased Shen Junyu's guilt towards me. As for Lin Wanbai, that stupid woman. . . She didn't lie to me and lied to everyone to thank me. " Zhang Zhiyan's proud voice came from the ward, but it was as if I was in an ice cellar. I felt so cold that I trembled.

I don't want to hear the conversation between these two women anymore. Clenching my fists tightly, I left the ward with a pale face.

I never knew that the person Shen Junyu deeply loved was actually like this. He was so scheming and shrewd. I can't believe that she was just an artist. Her acting skills could even win the award.

With mixed feelings, she found a seat and sat down, trying to clear her thoughts.

After an unknown period of time, I saw a female walk out of Zhang Zhiyan's ward. She twisted her snake-like waist, drew exquisite makeup, and elegantly walked out. She was probably Zhang Zhiyan's best friend.

I always felt that even though Zhang Zhiyan became the Little Brother, she did not use the time of the abortion to slander me. That meant that she still had some conscience and was willing to compete with me for the position of Mrs. Shen openly. However, I never thought that she would be so despicable.

Also, she actually lied to Shen Junyu. She said that a child who did not know whose father the child was belonged to was Shen Junyu's. Now, she even used the abortion to obtain Shen Junyu's guilt and sympathy.

Zhang Zhiyan, this woman was really too scheming.

Suddenly, I really want to tell everyone the true colors of this woman. But thinking about it, I don't have any evidence. The conversation just now. . . I didn't record it, so I couldn't bring out any concrete evidence to prove that everyone had been deceived by her. Words without proof. Plus, my popularity in the Shen family can't compare to Zhang Zhiyan, who was once pregnant. They will only think that I am jealous of Zhang Zhiyan. I am even slandering her, and don't want to divorce Shen Junyu.

After thinking about it, I still have not come up with a solution.

I had no choice but to give up and think of a way.

On the way back, I passed by Crystal Prosperous Fountain. Looking at this restaurant, I couldn't help but think of the time when I had dinner with Shen Junyu.

Walking into the restaurant, he scanned the restaurant and found that there were still a lot of people. This restaurant was quite famous in S City. The environment and dishes were all very good, making people sigh in admiration.

After a long time, in the empty dining hall, looking at the surroundings of the restaurant, there was a kind of sadness. Looking at this restaurant, it gathers the ancient elements of China and modern technology, ingeniously blending China's culture into it, at the same time showing us the unique characteristics of East and West culture blending together.

I still remember the last time I came here, I ate in a private room. In my memory, there were dragon scale carvings and fashionable LED lights everywhere in the private room. It was ancient and beautiful. But now, I'm the only one eating.

I heard someone calling my name while I was secretly injured.

"Lin Wanbai, why did you come to eat alone?" There was a man in front of her who looked familiar but did not remember him for a while.

When he saw me looking at him doubtfully, the man said straightforwardly, "Lin Wanbai, I am Lee Zhe. Do you remember me?"

My God, S City is too small. We can even meet here.

He looked at Lee Zhe's expectant expression. I can feel his love for me that has yet to be given up. I feel a little guilty and don't want to continue looking into his eyes. In a low voice, I said, "Hi, Lee Zhe. Long time no see. What a coincidence!"

Seeing that I did not dare to look into his eyes, Lee Zhe closed his eyes. A trace of gloominess flashed across his eyes, and then a warm smile appeared on his face. He said happily, "It has indeed been a long time since I last saw him. I didn't think that it would be such a coincidence. I ran into you here. Oh right, it's rare to meet you. They might as well have a meal together. He was an old friend, after all. It's been a long time since we last met. "

I couldn't refuse Lee Zhe's invitation, so I agreed in the end.

In the end, he turned around and went to the private room of the Crystal Prosperous Pavilion. Looking at the familiar environment and looking at Lee Zhe in front of him, his eyes suddenly turned bitter. His figure seemed to overlap with Shen Junyu's, but at the same time, it was different.

Lee Zhe's feelings towards me are just like my feelings for Shen Junyu. They are so persistent and full of love, whereas Shen Junyu loves Zhang Zhiyan, not me. This kind of four-sided relationship is like a thread that is entangled together, it is impossible to understand it clearly.

I feel as if I am sitting on pins and needles as I rectify the meal. Even though Lee Zhe was extremely polite, I was afraid that I would give him a false hope, feeling that I would have a good impression of him.

Although I know that my love no longer exists, and I am also spurned by my true love, I really love him. I hope that he will be happy in the end. Of course, I will expose Zhang Zhiyan's true colors before that.

As for Lee Zhe, I only have guilt for him. After so many years, he still hasn't given up on his feelings for me. I am really sorry. I also hope that he can marry the person he loves as soon as possible.

After dinner, he rejected Lee Zhe's good intentions and returned home alone.

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