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CEO Ex-husband Loves Me/C2 The Cruel Reality
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C2 The Cruel Reality

"Let's eat. " Shen Junyu carefully supported Zhang Zhiyan and naturally pampered her.

In my world, Shen Junyu will always be a high and mighty man like an emperor. He will always look down on me. When will he be so careful with a woman?

Grief quickly overflowed from the bottom of his heart, like a drop of ink dripping into the water. In an instant, he became dizzy and dyed the cup of water black.

When I took my seat, I found Zhang Zhiyan sitting on the seat beside Shen Junyu. She was just like the mistress of the house. My eyes became teary and I could only sit opposite of them dryly.

Looking at my seat, Zhang Zhiyan curled her lips in disdain and acted coquettishly to the man, "Junyu, I want to drink pigeon soup. "

"Alright, alright. Here, I got you a bowl of pigeon soup. I even specially asked someone to remove the oil. Be careful, it's hot!" The man who was like an iceberg in the past had turned ice when he faced Zhang Zhiyan. His eyes were filled with tenderness, like a hundred torch of steel turning into soft fingers.

When I saw this scene, my heart felt as if it was being twisted by a knife. I ate the food that I carefully prepared, but I always felt that it was like a knife being twisted in my heart. This is the worst meal I've ever eaten. It tastes like chewing wax in my mouth, and it's hard to swallow.

Suppressing all the tears, pretending not to care, he stiffly changed the topic. "I heard that Miss Zhang is holding an art exhibition recently. Do you need me to support you?"

Zhang Zhiyan slowly put down the bowl in her hand and said with a helpless expression, "Mrs. Shen, my art exhibition is probably not the same as your style and taste!" She sized me up with a smile that was not a smile. Although she did not say anything, her mocking gaze was clearly looking down on me.

I touched the apron that I didn't have time to change into and my hands powerlessly pulled it up.

"Also, I don't know why, but there have been too many people coming to the art exhibition recently, and they have almost caused my subordinates to be very busy. But speaking of this, I really have to thank Junyu. Thanks to Junyu's help, I didn't know that I would be so tired if I held the art exhibition alone. "

"Is that so?" I held back the bitterness in my heart and asked, "Hubby, didn't you say that you were busy with work recently?"

Shen Junyu heard my question and replied impatiently, "Lin Wanbai, do you want someone to eat or not?"

Zhang Zhiyan quickly shook Shen Junyu's hand, "Forget it, forget it. Let's eat. Eat. Mrs. Shen, this pigeon soup is indeed delicious. "

Facing all of this, I could only reply dryly, "Thank you for the compliment. I like to drink more. "

Shen Junyu patted Zhang Zhiyan's head. " You need to replenish your health now. Don't keep thinking about maintaining your figure. "

"Hey, I know. You don't need to say it. I know it very well. Oh right, Junyu. Auntie is celebrating her birthday in two days. What do you think I'm going to order?"

" What do you want to prepare? You don't need to prepare anything. You're the person she welcomes the most! "

"Of course not. Auntie was too polite last time. She gave me a set of diamond jewelry. It was too expensive. Junyu, tell Auntie not to give me anything too expensive in the future. "

. . .

Shen Junyu and Zhang Zhiyan's conversation filled his ears. He looked at Shen Junyu taking care of Zhang Zhiyan gently. His eyes were filled with tenderness. From the bitterness in his heart to the extreme pain, he finally became numb. It was as if he was watching two people who had nothing to do with him sweet-talking.

Although I was eating exquisite dishes, my thoughts had already drifted away. I even felt that my soul was in another world, and what remained here was just an empty shell.

From the beginning until the end, I knew that I would never be welcomed by Shen Junyu's family. They had always looked down on me, a sparrow who climbed up a tree, and they despised me very much. They never gave me a good look.

Not to mention, I've been married for three years, and I've never gotten pregnant. To the Shen family, this was a very serious problem.

The three generations of the Shen family had been passed down one by one, and in this huge family system. . . Shen Junyu's performance in this generation of juniors was especially outstanding and dazzling.

Granny's attitude had also changed greatly. From the urging at the beginning to the grumbling now, I had never imagined that one day, we would be able to have a peaceful meal.

Finally, after finishing this difficult to swallow meal, I looked at the time. It has only been a short half an hour, but I felt that it has been as long as three hours.

With the help of Sister-in-law Lin, I mechanically tidied up the dining table while my husband and Zhang Zhiyan were chatting in the living room. When I listened carefully, I could hear some of the women's laughter.

When I finally finished packing and was about to go to the living room to sit down, Shen Junyu called out to me, "Lin Wanbai, I have something to talk to you about. Go to the study room. "

Then the man turned around and gently said, "Zhiyan, you should eat some fruits first. I will settle the matter with her first. "

Zhang Zhiyan smiled elegantly. With a shy expression, she touched her stomach and nodded, "Okay, I will wait for you. "

Seeing this scene, I knew that my dream had finally shattered. However, I held onto a glimmer of hope as I went to the study.

Seeing Shen Junyu sitting at the desk, His facial features were clearly defined, giving people a feeling of coldness and not just kindness. But at this moment, he was facing me like a cold marble. I nervously clenched my fists, and my entire body tensed up.

"Hubby, you called me over. What do you want to talk about?" Facing the tense atmosphere, My heart is beating very fast. It is beating so fast that my chest is hurting. I am trying to use this conversation to ease the tension in my heart.

"Lin Wanbai, let's divorce. " Shen Junyu faced the cautious me and said in a commanding tone.


I was deeply shocked by his words. My limbs stiffened and my eyes widened. I couldn't say anything.

Shen Junyu held a cigarette between his fingers and slowly spat out the smoke. The smoke curled up and blurred the man's evil and cold face, making him look like a devil in the dark, bloodthirsty and dangerous.

"Tell me your condition. " He spat out a mouthful of smoke and said in a deep voice.

"I. . . I don't need this. I don't want a divorce either. " His face was pale, and he pretended to be strong. He clenched his hands tightly, and he didn't even know that his nails had pierced into his palms. "What part of me didn't do well enough? Tell me, I don't want a divorce. I really don't want to. "

He glanced at me coldly without a trace of emotion. "You're not what I want. Furthermore, I'm only informing you, not discussing it with you. "

Hehe, so in his eyes, I'm still nothing in the past few years.

Then, everything is just my wishful thinking. I foolishly thought that I could warm up a stone's heart. Hehe, so all of this is just a pipe dream.

"Tell me the truth. Zhang Zhiyan, is she pregnant?" Ever since she entered the door, she had unconsciously touched her stomach many times. This bright hint was not stupid.


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