CEO Ex-husband Loves Me/C4 I Can't Say How Much Suffering I Have to Suffer
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CEO Ex-husband Loves Me/C4 I Can't Say How Much Suffering I Have to Suffer
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C4 I Can't Say How Much Suffering I Have to Suffer

I don't have a job. How can I have so much money with me? My expenses were all paid by Shen Junyu. But to my mother, everything that belongs to Shen Junyu should naturally belong to me.

"Mom, didn't I tell you not to gamble anymore? Why did you still go? This time, the amount is so huge!" Hearing my mom's tearful cries, I was completely at a loss. I don't know what to do.

"Wanbai, didn't we have Junyu? Help me talk to Junyu properly. Please help him, hurry up! " Seeing that I didn't agree after a long time, my mother started to plead.

After all, their bloodlines are connected. I think I should first explain the situation to Shen Junyu and see if he is willing to help.

"Mom, wait a moment. I will contact Junyu first. " Actually, I don't know if he will help, so I can only hope to contact him.

The moment the call connected, I anxiously shouted, "Shen Junyu, I beg you to help my mom. She owes a lot of gambling debts, and she has come looking for me. "

My nervousness caused me to lose my mind. I even forgot that our relationship had ended verbally last night.

As expected, the other party remained silent.

"Sorry, I, I know I shouldn't have disturbed you at this time. However, I don't know what I should do. If you're really busy, I'll think of another way. . . " He was too disappointing. Even though he knew Shen Junyu was sick of him, he still kept troubling him when something happened.

"I'll be right back. Wait for me. " I thought he would refuse, but he actually agreed to it.

After that, I asked about my mother's exact situation. Where is she now? We'll go over immediately and tell her not to worry.

Not long after. Shen Junyu called me and told me to go downstairs to the villa's entrance.

I immediately jogged over and sat in his car.

He was the only one who came back. I sat in the front passenger seat and felt very nervous.

His face was dark, and he said coldly: "Why did this happen again? Where's your mother? "

When he heard the word" again, " I shuddered. Actually, Shen Junyu is already very impatient with my family's matters.

Yes, "again. " Ever since his father passed away, he had been instructed by his grandfather to take care of my family. If anything happened to my family, my first reaction would be to look for Shen Junyu and see what he could do.

Perhaps, he was already very impatient.

My heart felt bitter. I dryly said, "My mother is at home now. Those creditors are at the door, and they keep knocking on the door. "

After understanding the general situation, Shen Junyu took out his phone and made a call to explain some things.

He spoke in a low voice, although I'm not sure what he was talking about. However, his calmness affected me and made me feel much calmer. When I look at him, I feel inexplicably at ease.

When we rushed over to my mother's side, the creditors at the door had already left. Only the remnants at the door reminded us of the intense conflict just now.

Opening the door, I saw my mother talking to Shen Junyu's assistant, Lu Jianqing, energetically. In contrast, Assistant Lu's face was expressionless, and there was a look of contempt in her eyes. However, Ms. Su Mei, who was enjoying the joy and excitement of surviving the disaster, did not see it at all. She continued to warmly entertain Assistant Lu.

Assistant Lu was the first to discover our existence. He went forward and bowed slightly. He politely and sincerely said, "CEO Shen, Madam, hello!"

Hearing Assistant Lu address me respectfully, I was actually a little flustered. I was very afraid that Shen Junyu would tell him right now not to call me Madam, but when I saw that he did not say anything to stop me, I was very grateful to him.

I quickly ran forward and pulled my mother's hands up and down. I looked from left to right and asked softly, "Mom, are you alright?"

My mom touched my hand and said excitedly, "Good girl, Mom is fine. Thanks to Assistant Lu, she helped me chase away the debt collectors at the door. "

My mom looked at her son-in-law who had arrived. In the blink of an eye, her previous excitement changed from being cautious. She said to Shen Junyu with a fawning tone, "Junyu, it's rare for you to come to the house. Why don't mom go buy some vegetables and personally cook some of your favorite dishes?"

Shen Junyu only swept a glance at Su Mei who was fawning over him and said coldly, "There's something I need to do. Not today. "

After saying that, Shen Junyu ignored us and looked directly at Assistant Lu. He asked in a low voice, "How's the situation?"

Assistant Lu went forward and said earnestly, "Director Shen, the matter has been resolved now. Contact the casino. They won't come and disturb Ms. Su anymore. "

"Okay, I understand. You should also pay attention to other things later " After Shen Junyu received the reply, he gave me a deep look and indicated that he had something to do. He then left with Assistant Lu.

When he saw the look in his eyes, he felt a wave in his heart. I know very well that he has deeply troubled my family's trivial matters and he also hates me as his wife. Looking at the deep features of that Roman sculpture and the aura that came with it, the love in his heart was immediately extinguished, leaving only a slight bitterness and helplessness.

Enduring all the discomfort, he turned around and discussed with his mother, "Mom, why don't we just eat something and eat something first. "

My mom looked at me for a long time with a look of disappointment. She said angrily, "Why didn't you leave Junyu to eat at home just now? He wanted to leave, but you didn't ask him to stay and just let him go? "

I silently looked at my mother. There were countless words that I wanted to say in my heart, but I saw the deep exhaustion hidden under her old and domineering face. She held back the words that she wanted to say.

"Mom, don't say anymore. I'll go and see if there's anything edible in the fridge. After you finish eating, rest well. Don't think about anything else. Have a good sleep. "

While eating, my mom still didn't choose to let me go. She told me about the outstanding qualities of this son-in-law, Shen Junyu, and asked me to cherish Shen Junyu. She asked me to quickly get pregnant and give birth to a child, and a series of other things that made me please him.

"Mom, let's not talk about it for now. " When I heard these bitter words, I couldn't help but interrupt her.

"Hey, hey, hey. I can't help but say a few words to you. " My mother heard my words. She rolled her eyes at me impatiently and said in a strange tone, "You can be so amazing just by marrying into a rich family. Every time I look for you to take some money, it will be very difficult. Every time it is Junyu who gives me money, what about you? You have grown up so much. How much did you give your mother?! Also, you came back alone. Why didn't you drive? Every time, it was either a bus or a taxi. There's no such thing as a rich wife!"

In the face of these words, I felt a lump in my heart. I couldn't help but swallow the words that were about to come out of my mouth, leaving behind a stomach full of bitterness and helplessness.

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