CEO Ex-husband Loves Me/C5 Once Again She Was Disappointed
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CEO Ex-husband Loves Me/C5 Once Again She Was Disappointed
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C5 Once Again She Was Disappointed

To me, the so-called rich wife is not important. I only wish to live happily with Shen Junyu.

I also want to have a child that belongs to me, and I also wish to have a happy and happy family. However, when I disregard Shen Junyu's wishes and accept Old Man Shen's arrangement to become his wife, it is already impossible for us.

How proud was Shen Junyu? In the end, his marriage partner was arranged to become a useless person like me. His pride would not suffer a setback. Only I, this fool, firmly believed that he could develop feelings for me for a long time, and make him change his impression of me.

All of these things couldn't be told, and he could only swallow the bitter fruit of his own suffering. In the end, all of his words turned into one: "Ai!"

He had returned to his own home after a long time. Looking at the old facilities here, he secretly missed them. This small stool. . . I used to sit on it and change my shoes; the bookshelf was full of my practice books; That set of tables and chairs, the family of three used to eat there. . . Unfortunately, things are different now.

He helped tidy up the house, "Mom, take care of yourself. I'll go back first. "

When she saw that I was about to open the door and leave, my mom anxiously pulled me back and told me, "Wanbai, remember to listen to Junyu more in Shen family. You must make him happy and give birth to a child at the same time. Women will have to depend on their husbands in this lifetime. "

I know my mother's good intentions very well. However, everything sounds very ear-piercing. I can only helplessly agree.

Seeing my dead face, my mother was furious. "You! How many times have I told you? Right, Thanks to my son-in-law's help this time. I'm very grateful to him for letting him see when he has the time to come back. I'll personally cook for him. "

Seeing the smile on my mother's face, he understood her actions very well. However, I cannot tell him that Shen Junyu will probably never come to my house again.

All of this forced me to muddle along. "Mom, Junyu has been quite busy recently. Let me ask him when I have time. "

In the end, I had no choice but to escape from that house in a hurry.

When I walked downstairs with heavy steps, I saw a familiar figure. It was Lu Jianqing.

Lu Jianqing strode over. "Madam, CEO Shen asked you to get in the car. "


I shouted in my heart. I turned my stiff head and saw a familiar car. It was a Maybach parked by the side of the road.

He was shocked by the sudden surprise. Was it because I still have some status in his heart? But when I thought about it, even after waiting here for so long, I still didn't want to go up and stay for a while. This also showed me his disgust towards me. From the bottom of his bones, he didn't want to stay with us for a bit longer. He didn't want to come into contact with us.

Grief and joy interweaved, but at the same time, he sat in Shen Junyu's car uneasily. Before he could express anything, he was shocked by Shen Junyu's frosty face.

"Grandfather called just now and asked us to go to the hospital to see him. "

His words were the best fire extinguisher, extinguishing all of my thoughts just now. "Okay, I got it. "

I didn't even need to look at his expression. I could feel his cold expression and impatience in his eyes.

Before he arrived at the hospital, Shen Junyu received a phone call. The atmosphere in the air was like a warm spring breeze. Seeing his gentle facial features, Shen Junyu said gently and carefully, "After seeing grandpa, I will go and pick you up. Be careful on your way. Remember to put on more clothes and be careful of catching a cold. "

When he spoke, his eyes contained infinite tenderness. His voice was a little low and hoarse, but it carried a charm that could not be described. Although he did not speak sweet words, it was very normal words of concern, but every word that came out of his thin lips was like spring returning to the earth. His entire person felt warmth and care. . .

Before this, I didn't know that Shen Junyu would treat a person so gently. Perhaps I will never be able to enjoy this kind of gentleness in my entire life.

After the phone call ended, he turned his head. His face, which was like a spring breeze, turned expressionless in the blink of an eye. He said without a trace of emotion, "I will not tell grandpa about the divorce today. We will talk about it after Mom's birthday after some time. "

I was still secretly hurt. For some reason, I suddenly felt like I finally came. I felt relaxed. "I got it. "

Looking at the scenery outside the window, I knew very well that I was about to move out of the Shen family. Furthermore, I moved out very quickly.

Zhang Zhiyan was carrying Shen Junyu's child, so he definitely wanted to give her a name. Furthermore, even if Zhang Zhiyan could wait, the child in her womb could not wait. After a long time, everyone knew the origin of this child.

"You don't have to worry. I will tell grandpa that I took the initiative to ask for a divorce. " I looked at Shen Junyu and softly said.

I always knew that grandpa's health was not very good. I have been staying in the hospital all this time. He had wanted to take care of some of Grandpa's health these past two days, but he was afraid that his emotions would be too agitated, which would cause Grandpa to see a thing or two and affect his physical condition.

In the entire Shen family, this grandfather is the only one who treats me sincerely and passionately. Because of this, I don't want him to be sad.

When Shen Junyu heard my words, he was very satisfied with my tactfulness. He didn't say anything else and closed his eyes to rest.

I quietly enjoyed the music playing in the car. After looking at the scenery outside the window for a while, I turned my head slightly and stole a glance at Shen Junyu's Roman carved face. Tears welled up in my eyes.

This is a man that I have loved for eleven years. However, for eleven years, he did not let me get close to this perfect god-like man. I know, I should give up and end this endless love marathon.

Old Man Shen has always liked me and sincerely thought for me. Because of this, even though my father-in-law and mother-in-law are extremely dissatisfied with me, they can only complain and secretly complain about my useless wife.

When I went to the hospital to see my grandfather, I found that his spirit was very good. He kept asking me how I've been recently, whether I'm happy or not, whether Shen Junyu bullied me.

I looked at Shen Junyu, who was standing at the door of the ward. I saw him raising his hand to look at his watch. I know that Shen Junyu couldn't wait to find Zhang Zhiyan.

In this situation, I could only force a smile and tell my grandfather, "Everything is fine with me, and why would Junyu bully me? I don't have enough time for his treasure. "

Although it was the same reply, my grandfather was still very happy to hear it.

"But, when will you give birth to a great-grandson for me? I've been looking forward to it for a few years. " Grandpa pulled my hands and couldn't help but complain.

My child!

When I thought of the child, I couldn't help but think of the child in Zhang Zhiyan's womb. If I had a child in this lifetime, I'm afraid I wouldn't have a child with Shen Junyu.

In these three years, Shen Junyu hasn't even entered our marriage room once. How could he possibly have a child?

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