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CEO Ex-husband Loves Me/C7 The Child Was Gone
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C7 The Child Was Gone

Shen Junyu didn't listen to my explanation and didn't care about me. He carried Zhang Zhiyan and left. In an instant, I was the only one left.

The bloodstains in the hall were bright in color, reminding me of what just happened.

I was very afraid. I struggled to get up from the ground, but I fell again. I looked at my broken knees and arms, and blood was slowly flowing out of my forehead. All the bones in my body were moaning in pain.

Tears kept flowing out of my eyes. I resisted the urge to let him fall and limped out of the villa.

This time, Shen Junyu will definitely not let me off. He will definitely hate me to death! He must think that I intentionally hurt their child because I am jealous of Zhang Zhiyan, right?

That's right. There's also Sister-in-law Lin and Sister-in-law Lin. Did she see that just now? "Mrs Lin, Mrs Lin, where are you?"

After hearing my heart-wrenching screams, Mrs Lin arrived late. When she saw the bloodstains in the hall, she was shocked and asked carefully, "Ma'am, what is this blood? What's wrong with your wound?"

Upon hearing her surprised tone, I knew that Mrs Lin did not know about what had just happened. The fire of hope that I had just ignited was also extinguished.

I looked at Sister-in-law Lin in despair. Seeing her curious eyes, I felt tired. I understood the doubts of others, but I was only tired and did not want to speak anymore. "Sister-in-law Lin, pack up first. Oh, right. Give me the first aid kit. "

After treating the wounds on his body and looking at the clean living room, he didn't have any thoughts. He only felt a deep sense of exhaustion and didn't know what to do.

Suddenly, an ear-piercing ringtone rang. It was Granny's phone call.

Looking at this phone call, I guessed that something must have happened to Zhang Zhiyan's child. Mom already knew about it and could also foresee the storm after this phone call.

A thought flashed through his mind and he indifferently picked up the phone.

Granny's tone was very firm as she unilateral informed me, "Lin Wanbai, come to the Shen family immediately. Right now, right away!"

I know that once we arrive at the Shen family, there will definitely be a rain of blood and foul winds. Although I don't want to go, I have no choice but to go. I had no choice but to call a taxi and rush over.

Just as I entered the Shen family's villa, Granny angrily slapped me twice. She even scolded me as she slapped me. "What did you say on the phone? Ah! Didn't you agree to return the favor before, but now you're going back on your word? Lin Wanbai, your Lin family's tutoring is really good. You can even do such despicable things!"

" Zhang Zhiyan's child is gone now. Do you feel very happy? You, this woman, are really vicious! "

When he heard that Zhang Zhiyan's child did not have any news, his heart could not help but thump. Zhang Zhiyan's child was indeed gone!

I numbly looked at Ye Yun Lan, allowing her to hit and scold me.

"I will make Junyu divorce you as soon as possible. I don't want to see you ever again. " Ye Yun Lan was tired of scolding and beating, so he angrily left.

I stood in the middle of the villa with a blank expression. My face was pale, and the butler of Shen family was looking at me with ridicule.

I looked around. This is the life of a wealthy family. The husband doesn't like it, the in-laws don't like it, and the servants look down on it.

The next day, I carried a box of fruit baskets and dragged a body full of wounds to the hospital. I wanted to take a look at Zhang Zhiyan's condition, and I also wanted to explain to Shen Junyu about the situation that day.

When I arrived at the ward, I only saw Zhang Zhiyan lying on the hospital bed with a pale face and drinking soup.

She saw me go over and said gently, "Junyu pushed you because he was worried about me. I hope you don't mind. I have already explained to him that it wasn't you who pushed me, but I fell down myself. The child had an abortion, and it has nothing to do with you. "

She had never thought that Zhang Zhiyan would actually say that.

I always thought that Zhang Zhiyan would definitely use this matter to say that I deliberately pushed her. After all, I couldn't bring out any evidence at all. This could also speed up the divorce between Shen Junyu and me.

But now, she is denying all of this. What is going on?

Could it be that Zhang Zhiyan is really very kind?

Zhang Zhiyan touched her stomach and said with a sad look, "Actually, my body is still fine. It is just that the child is gone. I am very sad, and Junyu is even more sad. Although I did not say it out loud, I can see it clearly from his expression. Later on, I found out that his eyes were red. "

It could be seen that Shen Junyu really attached great importance to this child. This child was gone. He must be very sad. Can he believe me? Will he still think that I did it on purpose and use any means necessary to stay in Shen family?

"Who allowed you to come here?" While I was chatting with Zhang Zhiyan, Shen Junyu suddenly came back.

He wore a black windbreaker and hurried in. When he saw me, his face turned cold and he looked at me sharply.

I was enveloped by this kind of suspicion and cold gaze. My limbs stiffened and I was so nervous that I didn't know where to place them. In the end, Zhang Zhiyan helped us out.

Shen Junyu seemed to not want me to stay in Zhang Zhiyan's ward for another minute, so he took me out of the ward. In the hospital corridor, his deep glasses stared at me and said coldly, "What happened that day? Why did Zhang Zhiyan fall?"

He looked at me with such a scrutinizing gaze, just like how he treated a criminal.

"That day, Miss Zhang came to the villa and said that she was helping you get the documents. I told her that the study room was on the second floor and that she accidentally fell when she went up. I really didn't push her. Everything happened too fast. I didn't even have a chance to stop it. "

However, my reply only received a cold snort from Shen Junyu. Obviously, he didn't believe it.

I also know very well that he doesn't believe me. Moreover, the only third party in the villa, Mrs Lin, also doesn't know what happened. I don't have concrete evidence to prove my innocence.

"I don't want to listen to nonsense. I will get a lawyer to draft a divorce agreement. It will probably be fine in a few days. " Shen Junyu took out a lighter and cigarette from his pocket. After lighting it, he said coldly.

"After the divorce, I will give you the villa you live in. I will give you another five million. " Shen Junyu took a deep breath and told me the conditions after the divorce with a very calm look.

Shen Junyu's face was expressionless. His calm eyes and his light words were like a heavy punch to my chest.

"I, I don't want this money. I only need to divorce you. Furthermore, I will give you the one million yuan that my mother owes you as soon as possible. " The temptation of money that he gave me actually isn't important to me. Furthermore, I'll only feel humiliated.

"Hmph, you said it yourself. I don't want to hear the Shen family bullying you. " Shen Junyu straightened his body and said with an unhappy expression.

I bit my lips, feeling that I have defended my last dignity in front of him.

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