CEO Ex-husband Loves Me/C8 Mother's Disapproval
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CEO Ex-husband Loves Me/C8 Mother's Disapproval
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C8 Mother's Disapproval

After marriage, as long as there are any problems in our family, we will ask Shen Junyu for help. The Lin family relies on my father's life-saving grace. Now, they are like vines, entangling themselves on the towering tree of the Shen family.

I also know very well that the Shen family doesn't lose any money to us. On the contrary, we owe them too much.

"The divorce agreement will be written in a few days. I will inform you when the time comes. " When Shen Junyu turned around and returned to the ward, he turned his head and sneered, "Lin Wanbai, you still have a few days to think about it. Think about what you want from me. "

Watching Shen Junyu's tall back walk further and further away, only then did I know that my tears had unknowingly flowed out.

This time, we are finally going to say goodbye.

Regarding whether or not I should tell my mother about the divorce, I have always been hesitant. After hesitating for a while, I decided to sue my mother first today.

When I reached my mother's house, I pulled my mother to sit by the table. I wanted to tell her about the divorce, but before I could say it. . . My mother happily said, "Wanbai, recently my mother thought about it. I'm probably too bored at home. That's why I went to gamble. Mom, in order to quit gambling, I'm going to travel around the world. "

Mom said it with a smile that almost split her mouth.

She was so happy that she suddenly felt reluctant to tell her that her daughter was going to get a divorce soon.

"Mom, I have something to tell you. Don't be angry. " She gave him a preservative shot first. Before she could say anything, she felt very uncertain.

However, it seemed that the preservative needle did not have much effect. My mom disapproved and said, "Wanbai, what do you want?"

Facing my mother's smiling face, I stammered, "Mom, Junyu and I. . . We are going to divorce. "

"What?" My mom slammed the table and immediately stood up in shock.

"How did you get a divorce? After so many years, didn't the two of you come over?" After the initial shock, they asked questions like machine guns, each more incisive than the last.

Yes, divorce, but I have no other choice.

"All these years, I have never had a child when I married into the Shen family. I don't want to stay here any longer. " I dare not tell her all the reasons. I can only say that I want to divorce.

I also guessed that if I say so, then the consequences will be that my mom's cannon fire will be concentrated on me.

"Aren't you still young? If you work harder, you'll be able to get pregnant! Even if you can't get pregnant, Isn't there still a test tube baby? Even if the test tube baby was unfortunate? Isn't there still surrogacy? No matter what, I will acknowledge Junyu as my son-in-law!" My mother's very straightforward words deeply hurt my heart.

Because of this, I resolutely told my mother," Mom, I have made up my mind. I want a divorce. "

My mother rubbed her temples and angrily said, "Child, why are you so stubborn?! No, I don't agree with a divorce. "

I can't tell you that other than you and grandfather, everyone else wants me to divorce. I can only swallow my bitterness and pretend to be firm. " No matter what you say, I will divorce. "

In the following period of time, my mother bombard me one after another, hoping that I will change my mind. During this period of time, my mother also tried to contact Shen Junyu, but she did not manage to contact him successfully.

Finally, when I walked out of my mother's home, I felt like I was about to collapse.

I walked on the road and didn't want to go back. I was so depressed that I didn't know what to do. After a long time, I contacted Mi Rui and went out to gather and chat.

Mi Rui, my best friend. She had been playing since she was young and had a very close relationship. I have a lot of things that I will choose to tell Mi Rui.

After receiving the call, Mi Rui drove over to pick me up. The moment she saw my solemn expression, she knew that I had something on my mind. Without saying anything, she found a restaurant that was more private and relaxed her mood.

The two of them sat in the private room, eating and drinking. They always felt like they had returned to their carefree days in the past. When he was drunk, he could not resist the desire to talk to Mi Rui, so he told Mi Rui about what had happened in the past few days.

After listening to the causes and effects of the past few days, Mi Rui was very angry. She was so angry that she wanted to go and confront Shen Junyu.

I hurriedly held her hand and said bitterly, "It's useless. From the beginning until the end, he never loved me. "

Mi Rui felt very speechless, "All along, you guys slept in separate rooms. Now that he cheated on you, Zhang Zhiyan even had a child and you have to tell her about the divorce! How could Shen Junyu be like this? Could it be that he can be so amazing just because he has money?! "

I drank another mouthful of wine and said with misty eyes, "I always knew. We are not from the same world. It is just that I firmly believe that my wait will be fruitful. However, the result is like this. . . "

In the past, Mi Rui told me not to put all of my heart on Shen Junyu foolishly. However, my heart has already been released and I can't take it back.

I always felt that I was a good wife and good mother in Shen family. I foolishly waited for him to turn around and see my sincere love for him. I would also be moved by this kind of love.

However, I was wrong. I was wrong about my understanding of him.

Even if the scenery ahead of Shen Junyu was not good, he would not turn his head around and carefully look at my scenery.

Mi Rui touched my head and said indignantly, "You guys can also stay together. As long as you tell the truth to the media and let everyone know that they have let you down, you can force Shen Junyu to not divorce!"

"Is that interesting?" I shook my head helplessly and tears fell.

Facing my despair, Mi Rui also felt helpless and comforted, "Actually, it is also good that you get a divorce. You are still young and can find another one. Oh right, do you still remember Lee Zhe? At that time, he chased after you relentlessly. When I met him previously, he also mentioned you. "

As he spoke, I vaguely recalled that there was such a person in university. Although I did not have much of an impact in my life, I had a deep impression of him!

I kept drinking non-stop until I completely finished drinking. After that, I had no choice but to open up a room and sleep in a hotel next to the restaurant.

The next day, after getting rid of the hangover, I had a splitting headache and asked Mi Rui about it. Regarding my future life, do you have any good ideas?

She suggested that no matter what, I should find a job first. She also analyzed some of the divorce matters with me and told me if I wanted to. It would be very difficult to return the million to Shen Junyu. Furthermore, I have a mother who spends a lot of money.

Of course, I also hope that I can get some money from Shen Junyu through divorce so that my remaining life will not be so burdened.

Regarding the matter of money, I told her very directly that I won't take his money. I will work hard to return this one million.

She told me: "Recently, the company is hiring translators. With your ability, you don't have to worry at all. "

According to what I know, Mi Rui's South Sea Publishing Firm mainly releases all kinds of works. In terms of translators, I used to study in Spain. After I graduated, I learned a little bit of Japanese and French. To me, translating works isn't a big problem.

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