CEO Ex-husband Loves Me/C9 Helping Shen Junyu
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CEO Ex-husband Loves Me/C9 Helping Shen Junyu
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C9 Helping Shen Junyu

"By the way, I remember the HR said the recruitment would start in two days. I'll remind you to send your resume. "

"Okay, I understand. " Hearing this good news, my heart is filled with anticipation.

After I graduated from university, I married into the Shen family. After I got married, I didn't have a job. Granny once told me that as Shen Junyu's wife, if I work outside, I'm afraid it will affect Shen Junyu.

At that time, I was filled with love and naively believed Granny.

Although I often stayed in the Shen family and could not go out, in order to dispel loneliness, I took orders online and did part-time translating jobs.

In the beginning, I only found some part-time jobs on the Internet. Since I only know English and French at the beginning, I was relatively less selective. Later on, I slowly learned French and Japanese by myself, so I chose more and more part-time jobs.

However, because I need to socialize sometimes, there are also some trivial matters. So generally speaking, I don't often translate.

Now, Shen Junyu and I are about to divorce, and we are almost out of financial sources. Thus, I need to be prepared, earn money to support myself, and leave a way out for myself.

. . .

"What, you can't find someone to translate things, what are you doing!?"

"No matter what method you use, I want to see the results in these five days. Otherwise, all the people in the translation department will be fired!"

When I returned home, I found Shen Junyu calling his subordinates in the study. He was very angry.

I saw that he was very upset because of the company's matter and it made my heart ache.

After hesitating for a moment, I couldn't help but walk forward and ask softly, "Junyu, Did something happen recently?"

Shen Junyu only glanced at me and impatiently said, "You don't understand the company's matters. What are you worrying about? Get out. "

After saying that, Shen Junyu poured himself a cup of water and left in a hurry.

I felt a little sad in my heart. In the past few years, although he was very cold to me, at least he had a rough estimate of how I felt. But now, he doesn't even want to maintain his dignity in front of me.

He only left it for me, an undisguised annoyance.

When I returned to my room, the anxious and helpless expression on Shen Junyu's face was still lingering in my mind. My impression of him was always that of a calm and composed person. I never knew that he would have such a side to him.

After tossing and turning, I finally found a number and dialed it.

This is Shen Junyu's secretary, Yang Xu's number. He is a senior who has a very good relationship with me during my university days.

He also knows my identity, so he told me everything that happened. He said that this project requires a document to be translated into Spanish. But two employees in the department who are in charge of Spanish, one of them is on maternity leave. The other one took a leave of absence and wasn't in China. The situation was also very urgent. Moreover, there was also the company's confidential information inside, so it was not easy to get an outside company to translate it.

Actually, this project was very important to the Shen Group. However, at this time, there was no suitable person to translate it for the time being.

Although I don't know much about the business world, I feel that he is different from the past when it comes to dealing with this matter. Perhaps it is because he is going to get a divorce soon and Zhang Zhiyan's child is gone, affecting him. . .

After thinking carefully, "Brother Xu, can you send me the translation and project information?"

Yang Xu was in the way, so he had no choice but to agree. However, he was still worried. "Don't let CEO Shen find out that this is a company's business secret. "

I know he'll agree. " Alright, I won't tell anyone"

After receiving the project document, I closed the door and got busy.

Finally, on the morning of the fourth day, I successfully translated the relevant documents. Looking at the page in Spanish, I couldn't help but feel smug.

For the past three days and three nights, I didn't fall asleep. Although my head was dizzy, I was in good spirits and didn't feel sleepy.

I immediately contacted Yang Xu and sent the translation to him.

When he swept through the translation documents, he immediately called me and kept asking me who completed it.

When I heard his cheerful tone, I told him that I completed it.

He said that he would let someone look at it first and see if the translation was good.

I couldn't help but remind him not to tell Shen Junyu that I was the one who translated it and that I was the one who did it to prevent any more trouble.

Yang Xu also had his concerns, so he agreed first.

After hanging up the phone, I couldn't hold on any longer, so I fell asleep wearing my clothes.

I slept until the night, then I was woken up by a phone call. Resisting my sleepiness, I received good news from Yang Xu with hazy eyes - the documents that I translated were very good, and they were very helpful to the project. Shen Junyu decided to give the external aid a generous reward.

When he said this, his sleepiness immediately left him. "Don't tell me you told him that I translated it?"

When Yang Xu heard that, he said in a silly tone, "Of course not. I told him that I found a very good translator in English to help me. As for the reward, I'll give it to you directly. "

After hearing his words, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Actually, a reward doesn't really matter to me. But now that Shen Junyu mentioned the reward, his mood should be pretty good.

He couldn't help but feel that his hard work these few days hadn't been in vain.

After chatting with Yang Xu, he felt that the pressure in his heart had reduced a lot, and his mood had improved a lot.

Not long after that. . . I received a call. My mood instantly disappeared, from the sunlight to the thunderstorm.

"Mom, do you need me to do anything?" Every time I received a call from Granny, I didn't even dare to cheer her up, afraid that she would be dissatisfied.

Granny said matter-of-factly, "Tomorrow, go to the hospital and take a look at Zhiyan. You must also apologize to her. "

In the face of Granny's harsh and harsh request, I weakly resisted. "Mom, Zhang Zhiyan already said that it was not me who pushed that matter. Furthermore, I have already taken a look at it the last time. . . "

Before I could finish speaking, Granny interrupted me unhappily. "Zhiyan said that it was not you who pushed it, so it was not you who pushed it? You know the truth in your heart!"

"Mom, what do you mean?" This was clearly the tone in which he was certain that he would attack. He angered me and made me brave enough to go back. Granny sneered and said eccentrically, "Don't think that he said that it was an accident. It doesn't matter to you. Oh right, Zhiyan said she wanted to drink pigeon soup. I asked Mrs Lin to buy a pigeon. Remember to cook pigeon soup. Bring it over tomorrow. "

What was this? Even though Zhang Zhiyan did not slander me on that matter, but what kind of mentality is needed to get the wife to make soup for Mo in order to do such a thing?

The previously happy mood was immediately messed up.

Feeling my hesitation, Granny became even more irritable and said angrily, "No matter what, I will get Sister-in-law Lin to keep an eye on you. The pigeon soup must be delivered tomorrow. Also, tell her to come to Shen family when she has time. "

I could only agree obediently.

He woke up early in the morning and looked at the pigeon soup that was being boiled on top of the stove. He silently held back his tears and looked at Mrs Lin who was staring at him by the side. She quietly made the soup. After the soup was done, she put it in the insulation bucket and went to the hospital.

Along the way, my heart felt very stifled. I felt so wronged that I wanted to cry, but I didn't want to cry. I am the only one in the world who is so cowardly. As my wife, I am the only one who is so useless. And I had to make soup for a mistress.

He walked to the door of Zhang Zhiyan's ward and the door was closed. Zhang Zhiyan's conversation with a woman could be vaguely heard from inside.

I knocked on the door and I heard Zhang Zhiyan say in a panic, "Who is it?"

I felt that it was a little strange but I did not take it to heart and still calmly said, "Miss Zhang, it is me, Lin Wanbai. "

A moment later, Zhang Zhiyan's friend came over and opened the door. I took the pigeon soup and placed it on the table beside Zhang Zhiyan's bed. I calmly said, "Granny asked me to bring this over. I hope that you will have more nutrition. "

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