CEO Feels Extremely Flattered/C11 I'll Definitely be More Handsome and Cooler than Him When I Grow up
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CEO Feels Extremely Flattered/C11 I'll Definitely be More Handsome and Cooler than Him When I Grow up
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C11 I'll Definitely be More Handsome and Cooler than Him When I Grow up

Lu Changqing smiled and waved at Chi Moge, "Little Nuan, come and sit."

"Okay, grandpa!"

Chi Moge had only walked a few steps forward when she heard Lu Xiuyan say mockingly, "Grandpa, you should call her Moge. Call her Little Nuan. I feel that she is a liar. You are willing to be cheated by her."

Lu Changqing's face changed, but Lu Xiuyan raised his eyebrows and looked at Chi Moge. He did not see the old man's face.

"Besides, you cannot randomly pick up a beggar or a liar on the road and let her enter the Lu family's gate. Let me marry her, right?"

Lu Changqing's face became darker and darker. He saw the embarrassed look on Chi Moge's face. She held her walking stick and was about to hit Lu Xiuyan's shoulder.

Chi Moge held Lu Changqing and gently advised, "Grandfather, you are not in good health, so don't be angry. This is the first time Xiuyan saw me today. He is not familiar with me. I don't blame him for saying that."

She raised her head and looked at Lu Xiuyan. "Besides, I am used to people calling me Moge. Grandfather can call me Moge in the future!"

" What a sensible child. Good... Grandfather will call you Moge in the future... "

Lu Changqing looked at Chi Moge with a kind smile on his face. When he looked at Lu Xiuyan, the corner of his mouth couldn't help but twitch.

"You little rascal, what nonsense are you saying? What beggar? Liar? Moge is your wife, you must marry her."

Lu Xiuyan dodged quickly enough. Lu Changqing's crutch did not hit him.

He changed to a sofa chair farther away from Lu Changqing and sat down. His long legs crossed over each other, and he placed them on the black tea table in front of him.

Lu Xiuyan still looked at Chi Moge with cold and disdainful eyes. "Is she the only one like this? Grandfather, how can you think that she is worthy of such an outstanding me? Besides, I have already told you, I..."

" Shut up! Little Yan, regardless of whether you agree or not, you have to be responsible for their mother and son."

Lu Xiuyan looked at Chi Moge in shock and anger, "What... Be responsible for them and their mother? Nothing happened between us?"

Lu Changqing looked behind Lu Xiuyan and his expression changed faster than flipping a page. His anger immediately dissipated. He smiled and waved his hand, "Little bun, come to grandpa's side."

Lu Xiuyan followed Lu Changqing's line of sight. His chin was about to fall to the ground.

The short-legged guy who walked closer and closer to him had a cute little face, but when he pursed his little mouth, he looked stubborn and cool.

In other words, he had a feeling that he had seen him before, as if...

"Xiuyan, do you think he looks familiar?"

Lu Xiuyan put his crossed legs down from the coffee table and carefully watched this short-legged guy walk towards him.

"I think..."

Lu Changqing rolled his eyes at Lu Xiuyan.

"You were like this when you were young. Who would have thought that you would grow up to be so annoying? The little bun is more likeable."

Lu Changqing smiled and waved at the baby with short legs.

Little Haocheng walked past Lu Xiuyan and stared at his handsome face for a while. He snorted and walked over.

"It's not that big of a deal. I'll definitely be cooler and more handsome than him when I grow up!"

When Lu Changqing and Chi Moge heard this, they could not help but laugh.

After Chi Moge laughed, she realized that some people's faces were about to turn green. She nervously looked over and saw that the overbearing and hot-tempered man had clenched his fists.

"Haocheng is not sensible. He just casually said it. Lu Xiuyan, you don't have to take it to heart."

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