CEO Feels Extremely Flattered/C17 He Knew the Size of Her Body
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CEO Feels Extremely Flattered/C17 He Knew the Size of Her Body
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C17 He Knew the Size of Her Body

"Didn't I tell you to wait for me? Why did you provoke that hoodlum? Do you like to be unruly and cause trouble? "

Lu Xiuyan pounced over and pressed his body heavily on Chi Moge's body.

When Chi Moge met his pair of deep and cold eyes, her eyes actually turned sour and uncomfortable.

Her heart was filled with grievances. Finally, she could not help but cry out with sobs.

"Do you think I want to provoke him? It's you who made me wait for you and stand here without leaving. That's why I have been foolishly standing there waiting for you, and I was almost..."


Lu Xiuyan's warm palm covered her mouth.

When he saw the tear stains on her face, his heart, which had been cold for a long time, suddenly felt moved.

He slowly let go of her hand and gently wiped away the tear stains on her face.

Chi Moge suddenly widened her teary eyes. In her blurry vision, such a scene actually flashed across her mind...

"Moge, don't cry, do you know? When you cry, you look so ugly!"

"I'm not ugly. Besides, I'm ugly... I'll break up with you!"

"I was just joking with you! Don't be angry! If you don't break up, we'll never break up!"

At that time, that warm big boy would use his finger to gently wipe away the tears on her face and finally give her a warm and caring embrace...

Chi Moge slowly closed her eyes. It turned out that in her mind, even in her life, that person would never leave her.

"Is there such a sadness? Don't cry. When you cry, you look so ugly!"

Chi Moge opened her eyes. There was unconcealable surprise in her eyes. After the pleasant surprise, it actually dimmed down.

She knew that what Lu Xiuyan said was merely a coincidence. That warm man had long left her world.


The doorbell rang.

"Hurry up and wash your face!"

Lu Xiuyan got up angrily, but he was panicking inside.

Everyone knew he had a heart of steel, and it was the same for women.

However, this Chi Moge, the woman who had just intruded into his life, had actually caused his heart to be in a mess.

He did not like this feeling. This would only make him feel that he had a weakness and weakness.

Lu Xiuyan went to open the door. The waiter had already brought two sets of clothes.

"Mr. Lu, these are the clothes I prepared for you according to your instructions."

"Okay, give it to me!"

Lu Xiuyan took the clothes and closed the door.

He saw Chi Moge walking towards the bathroom. He quickly walked over and gave her the clothes of a lady.

"Take it and put it on!"

"Thank you, Lu Xiuyan!"

When Chi Moge took the clothes, she could not help but sneeze as her hair and body became cold.

Lu Xiuyan frowned. "Quickly change. Don't catch a cold. When we go back, the old man will blame me for not taking care of you."

"Don't worry. I won't report you."

Chi Moge felt warm in her heart when she took the clothes over. She quickly ran into the bathroom.

She took out the clothes from the exquisite packaging and only then did she realize that there were all kinds of clothes used by ladies from inside to outside.

"How many covers and cups are these? Why are there even ladies' underwear and interior?"

Chi Moge gestured on her body and found that it was just right.

No way. She did not tell Lu Xiuyan what size she was wearing. How could he know?

The more she thought about it, the stranger she felt. Could it be that he had already sent people to investigate her?

Could it be that he had done something to these clothes?

For the sake of safety, she decided not to wear these clothes.

Chi Moge saw that there was a hairdryer in the washroom. She would be able to wear them when she used the hairdryer to dry her clothes later.

After she had an idea, she took off her wet clothes first and changed into the bathrobe in the bathroom. She stuffed all the clothes she had brought into the packaging and wanted to return them to Lu Xiuyan.

"Lu Xiuyan!"

She had just walked out of the bathroom when she saw the tall and straight back. Her face immediately turned red.

Did he have to be so violent?

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