CEO Feels Extremely Flattered/C3 You Have to Pay the Price for Angering Me
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CEO Feels Extremely Flattered/C3 You Have to Pay the Price for Angering Me
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C3 You Have to Pay the Price for Angering Me

Lu Xiuyan raised his eyebrows and pushed Andy to the ground. He reached out and grabbed Chi Moge's thin shoulder.

"Who do you think you are? Why are you threatening me with your grandfather's words?"

Chi Moge was badly frightened and her body almost curled up into a ball. But she knew the purpose of her visit this time and she had no choice but to do so.

She bit her lips and gathered her courage to look at the angry and embarrassed Lu Xiuyan." It was my grandfather who asked me to pick you up and go back with you. "

Lu Xiuyan narrowed his eyes and reached out to grab her chin, pulling her into his arms.

Although Chi Moge could not see his bare chest, she could feel that the skin on his exposed chest went through her clothes and burned her skin.

Chi Moge did not like the feeling of being in close contact, nor did she like the strange feeling of Lu Xiuyan pinching her chin. Hot breath sprayed all over her face.

She struggled, but Lu Xiuyan's hand strength was too strong, and it was about to tear her jaw apart.

"Lu Xiuyan, let go. Did you hurt me?"

"Did I hurt you? Don't you like me very much? Do you want to marry me? Don't you want me to love you fiercely and hurt you? Only then will you feel comfortable, won't you?"

As Lu Xiuyan spoke, an empty hand moved from her waist to front of Chi Moge like she was playing a piano.

Chi Moge looked flustered. Her hands randomly hit his arm and she struggled even harder. "Lu Xiuyan, don't touch me... I am not the kind of woman you think I am."

Lu Xiuyan seemed to enjoy Chi Moge's lonely and helpless look and struggle. His hands, which were moving around Chi Moge's body, suddenly grabbed Chi Moge's neck and rushed forward. He pressed Chi Moge against the cold wall.

"You are not that kind of woman? What kind of woman are you? You have already disappeared for more than ten years, why did you appear in front of grandpa at this time? "

Chi Moge felt that her breathing was about to stop. She used both of her hands to slap Lu Xiuyan's strong arms around her neck. Both of her legs were jumping in the air. She was also kicking randomly, struggling on the verge of death.

"It was grandpa who found me. Lu Xiuyan, if grandpa knew that you did this, he would be unhappy."

Lu Xiuyan's strength was getting stronger and stronger. It made Chi Moge's face turn red, and she was on the verge of death.

He moved closer to her beautiful face and said with a mocking smile, "You think too much. Grandpa loves me so much. Why would he be unhappy because of an outsider?"

Chi Moge smiled bitterly. She knew that the first time Lu Xiuyan saw her, he would hate her so much that he would want to kill her.

But she did not want to do that either. It was just that she had no choice.

"Lu Xiuyan, what are you doing? What did you do to Little Nuan?"

The old man's roar was so old that it was deafening.

Lu Xiuyan furrowed his brows and looked at Chi Moge. He questioned her, "It was you who did this, right?"

Chi Moge's breathing almost stopped. How could she have the chance to speak? She took out her phone from her pocket and shook it in the air.

"Lu Xiuyan, why aren't you letting go? If you hurt Little Nuan, I will peel off your skin!"

Chi Moge felt the phone in her pocket vibrate when Lu Xiuyan grabbed her neck and pushed her against the wall. A call came.

She quickly thought of something and wanted to ask for help. She swiped her finger and picked up Grandfather Lu's video call.

She was holding the phone and swaying in the air. Grandfather Lu not only saw the messy clothes, skirt, and sexy beauty in a red nightdress, but also saw Lu Xiuyan pinching Chi Moge's neck with his hand.

Lu Xiuyan's lips pressed against Chi Moge's ear, blowing hot air into her ears.

"Chi Moge, you have guts. If you anger me, you will be played to death by me. Aren't you afraid?"

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