CEO Feels Extremely Flattered/C8 At the Moment of His Heartbeat a Perfect Scam
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CEO Feels Extremely Flattered/C8 At the Moment of His Heartbeat a Perfect Scam
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C8 At the Moment of His Heartbeat a Perfect Scam

The car suddenly stopped.

Lu Xiuyan raised his hand to touch his long hair and raised the corner of his lips coldly.

"There's a traffic jam, what bad luck!"

Chi Moge saw that there were many public buses blocking the road. She suddenly turned around and saw the bus stop sign on the side of the road.

There was a conspicuous number on it - Bus 163.

It was here. Was she really going to lure Lu Jing out of the bus? What would happen after luring him out of the car?

Lu Xiuyan took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it. The cigarette instantly curled up and made the perfect outline of his face illusory.

Chi Moge turned her head to look at him and opened her mouth, but she did not know how to tell him.

Lu Xiuyan glanced at Chi Moge and the corners of his thin red lips raised. "You are no different from those women. You are all infatuated."

Chi Moge frowned. Clearly, she had been looked down upon by Lu Xiuyan. Perhaps he would never know that in her eyes, only Baby Haoxuan was the most handsome.

"What kind of expression is that? Am I not handsome?"

It was rare for Lu Xiuyan to say one more word to Chi Moge, and he still had a narcissistic feeling that he was about to explode.

Chi Moge shook her head and looked at the 163 bus stop outside the window.

Lu Xiuyan followed her line of sight and his deep gaze suddenly disappeared.

"Do you know how to drive?"


"You don't know how to drive? Forget it, wait for me in the car."

Lu Xiuyan opened the car door and was about to get off when Chi Moge pulled his wrist. "Wait!"

Lu Xiuyan stared at her outstretched hand. Chi Moge did not let go immediately.

"Grandfather is still waiting for us at home!"

"I met a familiar person. I do not have time to waste with you here."

Lu Xiuyan opened Chi Moge's hand and walked towards the 163 bus stop.

Chi Moge stared at his back. When she saw the woman in a red dress and sunglasses standing at the 163 bus stop, she suddenly felt that something bad had happened.

"Lu Xiuyan!"

Chi Moge opened the car door and shouted.

This shout did not attract Lu Xiuyan's attention. He continued to walk towards Station 163.

Chi Moge bit her lips and got out of the car to chase after Lu Xiuyan.

"Lu Xiuyan, grandpa, grandpa is here..."

She shouted as she chased after him.

This sentence was effective. Lu Xiuyan turned around and saw Chi Moge chasing after him. She looked behind her.

"Grandfather? Where is Grandfather? Who are you lying to? "

Chi Moge ran in front of her and panted," Grandpa was also stuck in traffic. I saw him. We must get home before him, or else he... He would not be happy."

Lu Xiuyan looked at Chi Moge doubtfully. When he thought of something, he turned around to look at 163 bus stop. The woman in the red dress was no longer there.

He grabbed Chi Moge's shoulder. "Did you see the woman in the red dress standing at the 163 bus stop?"

Lu Xiuyan's back was facing the woman in the red dress, but Chi Moge was facing her. She saw that she had left.

She could not say for sure. She felt that when the woman left, there was a mocking and strange smile on her lips. It seemed that this matter had something to do with her and Lu Xiuyan.

She shook her head, "No, you must have seen wrongly."

Lu Xiuyan looked at her suspiciously, then turned to look at the bus stop. Indeed, no woman in a red dress had appeared.

He rubbed the space between his eyebrows. "Did I really see wrongly?"

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