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CEO Hubby, Don't Be Clingy/C11 How about a Bet
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C11 How about a Bet

"Mister Bo, you …" Tang Mingde frowned, even though he admired this young genius's background. He guessed that his family background was pretty good, and that it was worth befriending.

However, Bo Yiyan had repeatedly brushed off his face. It was as if she did not put him in her eyes at all.

Tang Mingde had never been looked down upon before. He wanted to regain his face, so he immediately raised his eyebrows and coldly asked, "You're here to propose to my Tang Clan. Aren't you afraid that I'll refuse?"

"That's right, I think you're not serious either. Not every cat or dog would marry a daughter of the Tang clan. Our temple cannot tolerate a young genius like you. We won't agree to this marriage." Joppi also stood up and agreed, her words extremely unkind.

Originally, she did not want Tang Xingran to be looked down upon by others, but now this Bo Yiyan was obviously speaking up for Tang Chuyue, which made her even angrier.

Upon hearing this, Bo Yiyan turned his head and swept his gaze across the people in the room. His eyes were ice-cold, yet full of confidence.

He didn't explain anything and just strode back into the living room. He took out a stack of papers from his briefcase and handed it to Tang Mingde, "Naturally, I didn't come empty-handed. This is the betrothal gift I prepared."

Tang Mingde lowered his head in disdain. He didn't think that these pieces of A4 paper were anything big.

After glancing at it with his head lowered, his expression immediately changed. He raised his head again, and his eyes were already full of flattery: "Bo, Young Master Bo …" "You, you …"

"A contract worth thirty million yuan. If you agree to the marriage, then this is the Tang clan's." Bo Yiyan explained in a concise manner.

"You are the eldest son of the Dong Chen Bo Family... Young Master Bo, how could you … " Tang Mingde's voice even drifted up. He originally thought that this person had some background, but he didn't expect him to have such a background.

Dong Chen Bo's family was the leader of this city. Business often joked that a sneeze from the Bo family's old man would shake the entire city's stock market.

"I've come to notify you guys this time because I hope that everyone will give me face." Bo Yiyan completely ignored Tang Mingde's flattery and hugged Tang Chuyue, who was acting as a backer, with one arm: "If you really don't agree, then my fiancée and I will take our leave."

The meaning behind his words was very clear. He was only here to notify Tang Mingde not to ask for help. It didn't matter if Tang Mingde agreed or not.

Before she could finish her sentence, Bo Yiyan forcibly grabbed Tang Chuyue and shoved her into the car.

After the car had left the Tang Clan's main entrance, Tang Mingde's shrill voice rang out from behind as he hurriedly said, "Agree! This kind of thing, of course we'll agree!"

"What are you talking about!" Joppi did not know the truth, but when she heard Tang Mingde's words, she screamed and came over to tug at his sleeve.

Tang Mingde turned around to look at his wife. With a troubled expression, he waved the contract in his hand, "Hey, you, you should look at this …"



The same question was being asked at the same time.

Rong Pei was surprised, but Tang Chu Yue was furious.

"I didn't promise you that. You're just talking to yourself!"

While feeling heartbroken and at a loss, Tang Chu Yue was brought back to her apartment by Bo Yisan. At this moment, Tang Chu Yue finally came back to her senses. The first sentence she heard was, "Let the wedding be set for next month."

"Huh?" She looked at Bo Yi Yan, flabbergasted.

"Ah what? If I remember correctly, your family should have already accepted my betrothal gift. " Bo Yi Yan swept a glance at her. "If you want to go back on your word, it's too late."

"I... "I just …" Tang Chu Yue was momentarily at a loss for words.

At that time, she was truly caught off guard. The indifference of her loved ones, the black and white framing, and the dirty water that was everywhere only made her feel chills. At this moment, Bo Yiyan appeared in front of her like a ray of light, helping her to ward off the slander.

Although Tang Chu Yue was unwilling to admit it, when she saw Bo Yi Yan standing in front of her, she absentmindedly thought that she had really met her knight and her final destination.

The next moment, she was taken away by this person.

He couldn't react in time, so he couldn't blame her.

"It's not just that, this is your best choice." Bo Yiyan helplessly shook his head. This woman was quite daring, but she was still a little lacking in foresight. If it were anyone else, they would have already been as entangled as an octopus by now.

But perhaps that was the reason he had paid so much attention to her.

This was because her current appearance was simply too similar to someone's appearance …

When he recalled the scene from his memories that was starting to turn unreal, his eyes turned dark.

Before he could understand, he heard Tang Chu Yue's dissatisfied voice: "On what basis are you saying that!"

This damned woman was truly ungrateful.

Bo Yi Yan frowned and made a 'tsk' sound.

Tang Chuyue stretched her neck out. She had no idea what this person was trying to do, but she was very clear on one thing. That was, this Bo Yiyan did not like her at all.

In her opinion, this so-called marriage proposal was just a boring game played by this rich young master.

"Hmm?" Bo Yiyan raised an eyebrow.

"I'm still young, what right do you have to say that you're the best choice?" Tang Chu Yue was startled by the dark gaze that suddenly swept over her, but she did not retreat.

"Heh." Seeing how stubborn she was being, Bo Yiyan sneered and bent down to take out a folder from under the tea table. She threw it in front of Tang Chuyue with a 'pa' sound.

"You can take a look and see if you have any other choices."

Tang Chu Yue strangely picked up the folder. After she opened it and read a few pages, her face immediately paled: "This …"

"This is a matchmaking partner that your family has prepared for you. Since you won't marry me, you can only marry these kinds of things." As he spoke, his eyes narrowed, "Don't tell me you still believe that you have a future?"

Tang Chu Yue's hands trembled. She knew all the people in the folder. They were all business partners of the Tang Clan. Moreover, they were all business partners that were over a hundred years old. They were no longer able to find a proper woman to be their wife.

She subconsciously wanted to shake her head, but the image of Director Liu suddenly appeared in her mind.

She was well aware that Tang Mingde would really arrange for these people to be assigned to her.


"I... My father, he will respect my opinion. " She spoke with a guilty conscience, but she still had a sliver of hope in her heart. "I'm his daughter. If I force him to do so with my death …"

"How laughable." Without waiting for her to finish her sentence, Bo Yiyan coldly cut her off, "Do you think that your life is worth a lot in his eyes?"

"I …" Tang Chu Yue opened her mouth, not knowing how to reply.

She could clearly see the struggle in the depths of her eyes. She couldn't help but feel a surge of anger. Even an outsider like her could clearly see what that family member had done to her. However, she still covered her eyes and ears, refusing to see reality.

However, after his rage, he couldn't help but feel a pang in his heart.

He thought of that overweeningly arrogant Tang Xingran … They were clearly a family, but their treatment was as common as the clouds and mud. Even in such an environment, Tang Chu Yue was able to maintain her kindness and trust in the hearts of others …

The expression in Bo Yiyan's eyes darkened as he made up his mind.

Then, he raised his eyebrows and leaned back against the sofa. His long legs rested on his other leg. He reached out and knocked on the tea table, calling back the absent-minded Tang Chu Yue.

Tang Chu Yue turned her head in puzzlement. She then saw a playful smile on the corner of Bo Yi Yan's mouth. "Since you don't believe me, why don't we make a bet?"

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