CEO Hubby, Don't Be Clingy/C15 I'm Here to Pick You up
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CEO Hubby, Don't Be Clingy/C15 I'm Here to Pick You up
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C15 I'm Here to Pick You up

"Mr. Bo, what are you talking about? "I, I just …" Tang Xingran was pointed out and stood up in fear. She also threw Tang Chu Yue's bag on the ground.

Tang Chuyue heard the sound and stood up. She didn't see clearly what Tang Xingran had done, and only noticed that Bo Yiyan was standing by the door.

When Tang Chu Yue saw that person, she felt a bit uncomfortable and subconsciously took a step back.

This time around, it was as though Bo Yiyan didn't see her. He only strode forward and stopped beside Tang Xingran.

Tang Xin Ran raised his head to look at Bo Yi Yan and took a deep breath.

After which, she shifted her gaze downwards, looking as if she was looking at Tang Chuyue's bag.

Tang Xin Ran looked over and felt very embarrassed. He smiled and bent over to pick up his bag. He put it to the side and tried his best to explain: "I didn't see it clearly at the beginning. I thought it was mine …"

"Is that so?" Bo Yi Yan sneered.

"Hey, what's the use of taking a bag? It's not worth anything." Tang Xin Ran blinked her eyes and pretended to be calm.

Tang Chu Yue listened for a while and finally understood the situation. She walked over and snatched her bag. Lowering her head to look, she discovered that there wasn't anything missing. She also looked at Tang Xin Ran in confusion.

When Tang Xin Ran saw her anxious expression, she couldn't help but coldly snort and say: "What do you mean by this? Don't tell me you really think I'm a thief!"

"I'm just checking my things. Don't think too much." Tang Chuyue lowered her voice.

There was nothing missing, so she couldn't say anything.

"Aiya, why is Young Master Bo here? Look at you, we haven't done anything yet. Come, come, sit over here, I'll go pour some tea for you. Last month, my friend just went to Sri Lanka and brought me back some black tea. It's very fragrant! "

Seeing the awkward atmosphere surrounding them, Rong Pi also jumped in fright. Seeing this, he hurriedly rushed over, intending to pull Bo Yiyan away for a cup of tea.

When she reached out her hand, Bo Yi Yan stealthily avoided her.

A look of embarrassment flashed across her face, but she quickly covered it up with a smile.

She tactfully didn't say anything. Her eyes rolled and she immediately smiled as she went over and hugged Tang Chu Yue. Her other hand also held onto Tang Xin Ran as she lightly leaned on the two of them.

Tang Xingran creased her eyebrows, while Tang Chu Yue's entire body felt uncomfortable.

On the other hand, Rong Pei was secretly pinching her daughter's hand. Tang Xingran glanced at Boya Yan and understood her intentions.

She could only take a deep breath and endure it. She held Tang Chu Yue's hand with a smile and said: "Sister, don't be angry. I didn't mean to. "Mom buys so many bags every day, I don't know which one she uses, I was just looking for lipstick, sorry about that."

Tang Xingran said in a spoiled manner, her face was full of apology. But inside the words, she was blaming Tang Chu Yue for being stingy.

Tang Chu Yue felt helpless. She was actually mocked by others before she could say anything.

Tang Xin Ran grabbed her arm and shook it, causing Tang Chu Yue to feel goosebumps all over her body. She calmly shook off Tang Xin Ran's hand and said with an indifferent expression: "I'm just not used to people touching my things. Don't mind me."

"Aiyo, why are you standing and talking? Why are you sitting here? Come, come." Tang Mingde stood off to the side. Seeing that Bo Yiyan was also standing there without saying a word, he hurriedly went over to greet him.

Bo Yi Yan ignored him and turned to look at Tang Chu Yue. With a slight raise of his eyebrows, he said, "I'm here to take you out for a meal. You can leave now."

"What?" Tang Chu Yue was at a loss.

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