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C16 Special Trip

She had just come out of Bo Yiyan's apartment. Why didn't he mention that he wanted to eat there earlier? He had come for no reason and even acted as if he had already made an appointment earlier.

"It's about time." However, it was as if Bo Yi Yan didn't notice the astonishment on her face. He slightly bent his arm and waited for Tang Chu Yue to come over and take his hand.

Tang Chu Yue was grabbed by the shoulder, but could not leave. In fact, she herself was reluctant to go, so she just stood there in a daze.

Tang Xin Ran immediately reacted and automatically reached out her hand to grab his arm. She smiled and said: "Elder sister already ate today. Daddy told her to come back for dinner." "Aiya, sis, why didn't you say anything."

After finishing her sentence, she was surprised to discover that Bo Yichan did not shake her off. She could not help but reveal a proud expression on her face as she raised her eyebrows at Tang Chuyue.

Tang Chu Yue could feel her provocation. She could only shake her head helplessly. Bo Yi Yan was still looking at her, so she could only bite the bullet and reply, "I've already eaten."

"Chu Yue, you truly are impolite. Mister Bo specially came to pick you up. How can you be so rude?" Rong Pei frowned, trying to persuade her with false intentions. In reality, she was still blaming Tang Chu Yue.

Tang Ming De also frowned and was a bit displeased with Tang Chu Yue's lack of cooperation. He couldn't help but raise his voice: "Chu Yue, do you still have a home tutor? How do you talk to people? Young Master Bo came all the way here to take you out for dinner, so why are you following him?

"Mingde, stop talking about Chu Yue." "She's not in good health lately. Her face is pale, she has already eaten so much at night that she can't digest it if she goes to eat more. What if it breaks her body?"

Rong Pei looked at Tang Chu Yue and smiled apologetically at Bo Yan, "Mister Bo, why don't you stay at home and have some food as well."

"I've already booked a restaurant, so the place Mr. Bo chooses is definitely the best. It's not good to waste Mr. Bo's attention." Tang Xin Ran looked at Rong Pei with a blaming look, "How about this, I'll go with you!"

Then, she raised her head and looked at Bo Yiyan, her eyes filled with anticipation. She was already used to using this move. There was no man who could escape her gaze that was full of expectation, like a little deer.

When Bo Yi Yan's gaze fell on Tang Chu Yue, his eyebrows slightly raised. He then gave Tang Chu Yue a secretive look before coldly snorting.

He didn't say anything, and the others couldn't find any words to say either. The air was momentarily awkward from the silence.

Tang Mingde cleared his throat. He couldn't tell whether Bo Yiyan was happy or not. Just as he was thinking whether he should call Tang Xingran back, Bo Yiyan unexpectedly nodded his head and said: "Yes."

Seeing the look in his eyes, an inexplicable thought appeared in Tang Chu Yue's mind. She had no time to confirm with him before Bo Yi Yan brought Tang Xin Ran out of the room.

"Mr. Bo is too polite. Originally, you came to fetch your sister for dinner. I shouldn't have followed you over, but I really can't bear it. Oh right, where are we going …"

Tang Xin Ran's excited voice came through the door. Tang Chu Yue only saw the two of them gradually disappear into the night as a wave of depression suddenly surged into her heart.

Her expression darkened and she dejectedly wanted to return to her room.

He released her hand and snorted. "I told you, anyone who comes into contact with our family will like her. Those with eyes can see who is the swan flying in the sky and who is the duck walking on the ground. "

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