CEO Hubby, Don't Be Clingy/C18 Quick Handle Releasing
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CEO Hubby, Don't Be Clingy/C18 Quick Handle Releasing
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C18 Quick Handle Releasing

Tang Chu Yue tilted her head and directly received the slap. Tang Ming De's strength was too great, causing her to directly retreat two steps.

There was a roar in her ears and she could feel the taste of blood in her mouth.

But Tang Chu Yue didn't care. She turned her head to look at her father and her arrogant stepmother. She bit her lips and stubbornly shook her head: "I won't go. I definitely won't go!"

"How is he not worthy of you? Let me tell you, he has seven companies under his name. His current wealth is ranked in the top ten of our city!" If you marry her, she will cooperate with our family. You ate our family's food and used our family's food. I didn't raise you to such a big extent just for you to pay me back! "

He took out his cell phone and prepared to make a call.

Tang Chu Yue covered her face and looked at Tang Ming De, but Tang Ming De didn't even look at her and only turned his head to look at her with concern.

Tang Chu Yue's eyes flashed with a trace of despair as a thought appeared in an instant. Her gaze fell on the fruit knife on the table, gritted her teeth and pounced forward. She grabbed the fruit knife and flicked it away, aiming it at her neck.

"What are you doing!" Tang Mingde heard the sound and looked back to see that she was furious.

"I won't marry those people. If you want me to marry them, I'd rather die!"

"Aiyo." As soon as she had said this, Jupe laughed out loud. "What skill do I think you have? "One cry, two make three and hang themselves."

"Then go to hell, you unfilial daughter. You don't care about your family at all, you don't care about your father at all, you only care about yourself. Mr. Bo doesn't like you anymore, yet you are still dreaming here. If you want to die, then die, useless trash! "

Tang Chu Yue didn't listen to his ridicule and only looked at Tang Ming De. She did not believe that her father would not care if she lived or died.

"You're going to die?" Tang Mingde pointed at Tang Chuyue's nose and cursed, "I'll tell you, Tang Chuyue, you're going to die today. I also want to carry your corpse to the Hong family!"

With that, he ignored Tang Chu Yue and said to Rong Pei, "Quickly tell Director Hong!"

Tang Chu Yue bit her lips, her heart already numb.

Was this what she was waiting for?

Her father, who was yearning abroad, had actually treated her like a chess piece …

"You said before that I was a member of the Tang Clan …" Tang Chuyue said with a trembling voice, "Liar."

"He's not dead now? Hmph, I thought you had guts. " Jopi squinted at her and snorted. "This trick of yours is useless against us."

After saying that, she suddenly changed her tone, "Aiya, Director Hong, I was the one who took care of you. Yes, yes! "Minta's wife, I thought you said before that you wanted to get married now too …"

When Tang Mingde heard that the call had connected, he looked over with concern. They had once again forgotten about Tang Chu Yue and made her into a background.

Tang Chu Yue coldly looked at the gorgeous living room. The luxurious crystal chandelier, leather sofa and wool carpet …

All expensive luxury goods constituted a seemingly harmonious family.

She had thought countless times that she was here, that her family would have a happy meal and chat with each other.

But now she was finally able to truly feel that she did not belong here. Her so-called home was just a placebo that she had imagined herself to be in her lonely life.

No one valued her. Tang Chuyue felt that rather than being a chess piece in Tang Mingde's hands, she was more like an animal waiting to be sold for prices in this house.

Tears welled up in his eyes, blurring everything in front of him. Tang Chu Yue's hand loosened and the fruit knife fell to the ground, making a slight sound.

Tang Mingde turned his head, saw the marks left on the wooden floor, and cursed, "What are you doing? Now I'm happy, I'm telling you, this floor can be custom-made! "

Tang Chu Yue could not hear his words clearly. She felt that everything in front of her was very strange and staggered back two steps. Seeing that she was about to leave, Tang Ming De walked over and grabbed her arm.

But at that moment, the door behind them opened.

"Let go." A cold voice pierced through the eardrums of the people in the room.

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