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The top three students of the whole year, Gong Yunning, were invited into the School Supervisor's office.

The year director earnestly said, "Gong Yunning, the college entrance exam is next month. With your current results, you might not be able to get into Yanzhou University, let alone the United States."

Who said she was heading north to Yanjing and out of the United States? Gong Yunning thought.

Seeing that Gong Yunning was not moved, School Supervisor stroked his glasses and went straight to the point. "I have already contacted your guardian.

Gong Yunning's eyes lit up. If she knew that being in a relationship would allow her to be informed of her guardian status, she would have done the same thing two years ago.

Zong Fuqing thought that Gong Yunning was afraid. He stood in front of her and said manly: "School Supervisor, this is not Gong Yunning's fault. I forced her to do this."

Even if the School Supervisor didn't believe his words, Gong Yunning didn't believe it either.

This was because they weren't even together. After Zong Fuqing said it, why did she feel like it was getting darker and darker?

At this moment, the office door rang.

The man by the door was well-dressed. He had tidied up his hair and he had a sharp gaze. One of his hands was in his pocket as he walked in, bringing with him a domineering and cold aura.

School Supervisor was a little confused, seeing that the man's clothes were extremely expensive, he cautiously asked: "Are you Young Master Zong's relative?"

Shentu Jia looked at Gong Yunning and Zong Fuqing, who were standing at the foot of the wall, and said, "No."

Gong Yunning hid behind Zong Fuqing and reminded Zong Fuqing in a low voice, "Brother, can you not speak later? My uncle is very powerful.

"I will protect you." Zong Fuqing squeezed Gong Yunning's palm to reassure her.

Gong Yunning's face was filled with black lines.

Of course, their small actions couldn't escape Shentu Jia's eyes. His pair of beautiful eyes were filled with the cold storm rain, tightly locking onto Gong Yunning. He parted his lips and said in a clean and low voice, "Come here."

Gong Yunning shuddered once more.

"You want me to hug you?" Shentu Jia emphasized on his impatience.

The people at the side felt a little dizzy from the conversation between the uncle and nephew pair, but they were forced by Shentu Jia's arrogance and did not dare to interrogate them.

Gong Yunning was a thick-skinned person, so she was not afraid. Since primary school to middle school, she had been ridiculed and ridiculed by others. In high school, Shentu Jia had protected her by appearing very little. Instead, he had instigated her rebellious mentality.

Now that she had graduated from senior year high school, she had to fight for a little bit of sovereignty for herself. If her family's uncle continued to raise her after four years of college, then she would cause trouble and make him not dare to do so.

The reality was very hard. The moment Gong Yunning saw Shentu Jia's gloomy face, she became terrified.

She shook her head, "Seventh Uncle, I've already grown up, so there's no need for me to hug you."

"Yes, I've grown up, my skin is itchy, and my wings are hard." Shentu Jia followed what she said, but started to walk towards her.

Zong Fuqing was afraid of Shentu Jia, and the man gave off a feeling of superiority, but he was also afraid that Gong Yunning would be punished, so he could not help but call out, "Uncle, Yunning is really very obedient."

Shentu Jia stared at the boy, who was much younger than him, from a high vantage point. "How have Young Master Zong's parents been recently?" he asked plainly.

"Huh?" Zong Fuqing was obviously not in his best condition and did not reply.

Shentu Jia grabbed Gong Yunning's wrist and tugged hard, and Gong Yunning was in his arms. Shentu Jia put a hand on her shoulder to stop her from moving, saying, "I'll take Yunning to visit some other time. I'll take my leave first."

He was being too polite, if it was anyone else, Shentu Jia didn't know if this person would be able to stand here and talk to him.

Gong Yunning wasn't tall enough to reach Shentu Jia's shoulder. She staggered and followed him, "Seventh Uncle, you're hurting me."

"You know pain?"

How could she not know the pain? Human body. Gong Yunning thought to herself, but she didn't dare to resist. Her uncle was really angry now, and she was afraid of the lion's beak being plucked.

School Supervisor was still in a dazed state. Seeing that Shentu Jia was about to take Gong Yunning away, he shouted at him as if he was afraid that his family would explode, "Please wait a moment Mr. Gong."


Gong Yunning suddenly wanted to laugh. She held it in so much that her shoulders trembled. She glanced sideways at Shentu Jia. His expression turned even worse.

Shentu Jia looked at School Supervisor's chest plate, "Mr. School Supervisor, it's Shentu Jia."

The School Supervisor Room exploded.

What kind of person was Shentu Jia?

The head of the Shentu Corporation, the head of the six great clans.

With just him alone, he was able to flourish over the ancestral businesses left behind by Shentu Zheng. It was not an exaggeration to say that he had control over half of Chiang City's GDP.

How could he be Gong Yunning's guardian when his surname was Shen Tu?

School Supervisor walked over while licking his face. He glanced at Gong Yunning and could not help but praise her, "Master Jia, Miss Gong has been very diligent in her studies. She only needs to do it properly during this month.

"Thank you, School Supervisor for your trouble, my Yunning is not at Jinghua Yanzhou University, she is in this city." Shentu Jia, Yan Mu, and School Supervisor were at a loss for words.

Gong Yunning felt dejected, but she could not suppress the smug expression on her face.

School Supervisor was unwilling to let it go and insisted on showing how concerned he was with Gong Yunning to take care of her. He took out his mouth of a teacher and continued: "Can I, Master Jia, borrow half a step to speak?"

"Speak here." Once again, Shentu Jia was quite embarrassing. He didn't feel apologetic at all. He just wanted to bring Gong Yunning home quickly and teach her a lesson.

Seeing that School Supervisor's expression did not look good, Gong Yunning hurriedly tried to smooth things over, "School Supervisor, my uncle is busy with work everyday, just say it quickly."

School Supervisor stroked his glasses and looked serious, "About the relationship between Miss Gong and Young Master Zong, I wonder what attitude you two guardians have? All in all, our school clearly forbids romance, especially with people like Miss Gong and Young Master Zong who are open to the public … Cough cough, the public kissing and hugging phenomenon, we are even less allowed to indulge in adultery. "

Kissing and hugging?

School Supervisor was really bad, Gong Yunning was almost pinched to the point that her shoulder was broken. She endured the pain, wanting to explain, but Zong Fuqing rushed over again and interrupted her: "School Supervisor, I kissed Gong Yunning on my own accord, it's none of her business."

"…" Gong Yunning was completely speechless.

Is that a kiss?

He grabbed the back of her hand and kissed her mouth. Every single one of them was older than her. Could she have some basic knowledge?

Shentu Jia frowned, anger was brewing in his eyes, his face was gloomy, "School Supervisor, I will handle this matter, so I won't trouble you. The children's college entrance examination is coming soon, please grasp the importance of the school, don't do anything that would damage the school reputation. "Goodbye."

With that, he left with Gong Yunning.

Gong Yunning was thrown into the car. Shentu Jia fastened her seat belt and drove at a fast speed without saying a word.

The daily half an hour drive took them only ten minutes to arrive at the villa at Hanyang Lake.

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