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Shentu Jia really did call.

Gong Yunning had never been so fierce before, let alone so much less beat her up. Tears filled her eyes. She clenched her teeth and forced herself not to cry. She stared at Shentu Jia and stressed, "I didn't lie. You didn't believe me."

When Shentu Jia's cold gaze met with Gong Yunning's face that seemed as if she was about to cry, he stopped and walked out of the room.

Seeing him leave, Gong Yunning burst into tears.

As she cried, she actually fell asleep. When she woke up, it was already 8 PM. Nanny Feng walked in slowly, hoping to see if Gong Yunning had woken up. When she saw Gong Yunning's swollen and red eyes, her heart ached. "Miss Ning, what happened to you?"

"I'm fine. Nanny Feng, what about him?" Gong Yunning asked. She wanted to get off the bed, but she felt a burning pain in her fart. Seventh Uncle was too harsh on her.

Nanny Feng naturally knew that she could not get off the bed even after half a day of questioning. She hurriedly said, "After Teacher sent you back, you left. Miss Ning is looking for you. I'll call Mister right now."

"I don't care about him." Gong Yunning was lying on the edge of the bed, her palms under her chin, her dark eyes wandering about. No one knew what she was thinking about.

Since Miss Ning and her husband were at loggerheads, Nanny Feng couldn't say which one was right and which was wrong. She rubbed the medicine on Gong Yunning, stared at the clock on the wall, and whispered anxiously into Gong Yunning's ear, "Aiya, where did you go so late?" What's the use of dinner? Is there a connection to drink? "I can't get through to her phone either."

Gong Yunning touched her finger and took out her cellphone. Not a single missed call or message was received, and when she thought about Seventh Uncle asking if he was looking for a woman, Gong Yunning felt unsure, so she said sulkily, "Who cares. Maybe he is with his girlfriend a month ago."

She was talking when the phone rang.

It was Murong Xi.

"Uncle Murong." Gong Yunning was slightly disappointed.

Zhuo Shaohuai scrambled for the phone, "Also, I'm here for you, Uncle Zhuo. Hur Hur."

"Oh? Then enjoy yourselves. I'm going to sleep. Goodbye Uncle Murong, Uncle Zhuo." Gong Yunning was not in the mood to talk, so she was able to deal with the situation.

Murong Xi opened Zhuo Shaohuai, "Special Assistant Yan is on a business trip. Come over to pick up your Seventh Uncle. He's drunk and won't disturb your sleep."

Gong Yunning was flustered. She wanted to tell Shentu Jia why he wanted to talk to her alone. However, when she heard Shentu Jia was drunk, she quickly replied, "Alright, give me the address. I'll come over immediately."

Murong Xi was worried about her, so he told her again and again to be safe before he hung up.

In the VIP room of the nightclub, Shentu Jia finally opened the door and entered. He was wearing a suit and was sitting upright. Even in a noisy and relaxed environment, due to his appearance, the atmosphere became cold and gloomy.

Shentu Jia turned around Zhuo Shaohuai, who had a bad idea, and coldly said, "If there's nothing else, then I'll be leaving."

"Don't go, didn't you lose your love?" Zhuo Shaohuai stood up excitedly.

"Lost love?" Shentu Jia thought about it seriously for a while and felt that it made some sense. However, how could a brute like Zhuo Shaohuai know about it? He looked at Murong Xi's action of rubbing his nose with a guilty conscience and understood.

Zhuo Shaohuai was scared when he saw Shentu Jia's face that was as hard as a coffin board. He changed his mouth while licking his face, "I mean, you only remember to work overtime all day. You don't have much interest in life. No girl would like a stiff boy like you."

"No?" Shentu Jia's beautiful eyebrows frowned and his eyes darkened.

Zhuo Shaohuai admitted it straightforwardly, "Murong said you and Little Yunning are at loggerheads. We thought that if you were drunk, Little Yunning would definitely not ignore you. We even remembered her just now."

Hearing Gong Yunning's name, Shentu Jia Bing's stiff face gradually relaxed as he sat down.

Murong Xi poured the wine and Zhuo Shaohuai snapped his fingers. Suddenly, three to five women came in from outside.

Bunny Tail Girl, maid, maid uniform...

The fingers of Liu Tie's hand holding the wine cup turned slightly white. He raised his head and drank a cup of wine. He stared at Zhuo Shaohuai and Murong Xi and said, "Yunning is still young, you don't need her to come to this kind of place."

Just as he stood up to leave, the woman dressed in the fiery-red rabbit tail dress charged over. The two of them accidentally fell backwards, and the girl with the rabbit tail coincidentally laid on Shentu Jia's body.

Shentu Jia grabbed onto the woman's restless hands. His eyes were filled with anger and he looked as if he had swallowed a mosquito. He was extremely disgusted.

The woman cried out in pain, "You're hurting me!"

Coincidentally, Gong Yunning, with her backpack on her back, opened the door and walked in.

She had imagined 30,000 scenes in the underworld where she, Gong Yunning, tyrannically took Seventh Uncle away. She had also predicted how she would bully Seventh Uncle when he was drunk to get revenge, but she had never thought that she, Seventh Uncle, would be like those good-for-nothings, playing with women!

Gong Yunning instantly blushed, her eyes turning red. She stared at the three men, gritting her teeth as she said, "Stupid scammer, you're all swindlers."

Murong Xi exclaimed, "Oh no."

"Stop." Seeing that Gong Yunning was about to run away, Shentu Jia shouted for her to stop.

Of course, Gong Yunning didn't want to listen. She puffed her cheeks in anger and turned around to look at Shentu Jia. His hand was still gripping onto the woman's wrist. The woman was still wearing that kind of cool clothes …

"I'm not going to listen to you anymore, you liar." Gong Yunning left as she refused to listen to Shentu Jia and ran away.

Shentu Jia gritted his teeth in anger. The strength in his palms increased. He suddenly stood up and the girl with the rabbit tail shouted, "Ah! My palm! My palm is broken! "

All the girls that wanted to get close to Shentu Jia turned pale.

Shentu Jia coolly swept Murong Xi and Zhuo Shaohuai, "If anything happens to Yunning, the two of you should prepare your own coffins in advance."

Zhuo Shaohuai had been doing two bad things in a day and all of them landed on Shentu Jia and Gong Yunning. Zhuo Shaohuai was shouting "Darling is bitter" as he hugged Murong Xi and drank with them.

In the corridor, Gong Yunning walked in quickly. She didn't remember the direction she was heading. Now that she was going out, she had no idea which way she should go.

The music from the outside of the nightclub was very lively. On the corridor, there were also some ambiguous figures of men and women. Gong Yunning was wearing a ponytail and a backpack. She was dressed in simple and innocent clothes, which were out of place here.

Just as she was deep in thought, a woman called out to her in surprise, "Gong Yunning?"

Looking up, Gong Yunning subconsciously frowned. The one who spoke was Shentu Yan, the person who Shentu Family disliked her the most.

"You're not going to sell it now are you?" Shentu Yan drank too much and couldn't help but taunt as she stared at Gong Yunning. "I know many rich young masters. Do you want me to introduce them to you?"

Gong Yunning clutched her backpack belt tightly and retreated a few steps back, but was blocked by Shentu Yan again.

According to seniority, Gong Yunning even called Shentu Yan Little Aunt.

Gong Yunning didn't want to see anyone related to Shentu Jia. She only wanted to leave this place that was filled with smoke and miasma. She lowered her eyes, unwilling to speak.

Shentu Yan didn't like how Gong Yunning looked like she owed everyone in the world. She stretched out her palm to lift Gong Yunning's lower jaw and arrogantly said, "If you call me Little Aunt, I'll let you go."

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