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"Little Aunt." Gong Yunning added the latter half of the sentence in her heart, "Little Aunt, what the hell."

Shentu Yan laughed until her flowers were shaking, "Look and see. You know so much. It's fine, just wait for Seventh Uncle to follow me. I will take care of you later."

"Then can you tell me how to get out of here?" I'm lost. " Gong Yunning smiled honestly. She couldn't bear to be further away from Shentu Yan. The fragrance of her perfume almost made her want to hit him.

Shentu Yan rolled her eyes and counted her thoughts. She pointed to the road paved with jade tiles and said, "I got lost in the beginning. Ah, I walked all the way to the door from there."

Gong Yunning exerted her strength into her calves and pulled her backpack as she ran.

Shentu Yan called out to her from behind, "Why did you run so fast?" I still haven't asked you where you are, Man Seventh Uncle. " She only remembered to tease Gong Yunning and forgot that Gong Yunning was the most attached to Shentu Jia. Where Shentu Jia went, she would go. Could it be that Shentu Jia was also here now?

Gong Yunning ran around the corner and headed forward suspiciously. There was no one at the entrance, so she wasn't sure if it was the right way out or not.

Bold enough to walk to the end, Gong Yunning pushed the door open. Fresh air greeted her and she came out.

But the darkness before him...

Was it the back door?

Gong Yunning observed her surroundings and could not help but retreat. Her hands gripped the backpack belt, and sure enough, Shentu Yan had no good intentions. She pointed out a road sign that could not even be seen clearly, was she going to turn back?

Pull down, safety is more important. Gong Yunning was determined to go back the way they came, but the back door was locked. She couldn't see inside, so she just kept knocking on the door, which was useless.

Gong Yunning admitted her defeat, and muttered, "Those with Shentu Family are all dead liars."

She headed for the brightest spot on the street and was about to walk out of the alley when she heard a rustling sound behind her. Gong Yunning became alarmed and felt for her cell phone in her pocket.

"Ta!" Drip! "Tap!"

There was the sound of footsteps.

Gong Yunning walked faster, and the sounds behind her became louder and more concentrated. She didn't dare to turn her head, so she quickly and familiarly pressed the number 1 in her pocket. Shentu Jia was worried that it would be inconvenient for her to make a call while she was out.

The sound of the phone being connected was very loud in the quiet alley. Behind him, a man's voice shouted, "Fuck, she's calling 110!"

When Gong Yunning heard this, she felt bad. She was discovered that her phone had not connected yet. Seventh Uncle, Seventh Uncle, please don't fall into Wennong Village. Even my phone won't be answered, Gong Yunning thought to herself.

Fortunately, the screen was still lit, so she wanted to get up to pick them up when someone behind her suddenly grabbed her ankle. Gong Yunning suddenly raised her leg and kicked, but when she turned around, she found that all five or six of them were dressed like ruffians, their eyes flashing with a dirty and vulgar light.

Gong Yunning swallowed her saliva. Her throat was dry from the pain. She backed off and shouted, "Leave! You guys leave!"

The leader of the group wore a green, shoddy earring on his right ear. He looked at Gong Yunning with disdain as he ran a hand along her calf, "Where do you want us to go?" Your aunt told us to take good care of you. "

Shentu Yan?

Gong Yunning trembled as she bit her lower lip, trying to pull back her foot. However, her legs were suddenly lifted and moved forward. Her clothes were thin, and her back felt a burning pain from being pulled against the ground.

"What are you doing?" Let me go! There's a monitor at the back, aren't you afraid? " Gong Yunning's teeth were chattering in pain and fear. Her strength was not a match for these people.

"That woman Shentu Yan is always a bit old. I never expected her to send us such a lively one today. Don't fight with me for it. I'll go first." The ruffian who touched Gong Yunning just now angrily opened his mouth as he half squatted down and took off his own clothes.

Gong Yunning's head buzzed. She kicked the man's heart, crawled up and ran towards the light. The call she made was already connected, but Gong Yunning couldn't reach it. She could only scream, "Seventh Uncle, Seventh Uncle, save me!"

Before she could finish, her mouth was covered, and no one knew where to drag her.

On the other side, Shentu Jia had just walked out of the nightclub after receiving a call for help. There was a perfect emergency brake on the one-way street. Shentu Jia drove the car back.

His heart was beating like a drum. He had never felt such fear before. Even when he was left behind by his parents, Shentu Jia had never felt such fear. The blood in his body flowed backwards uncontrollably.

Gong Yunning had already disappeared from the alley, and one of the ruffians ran back to pick up Gong Yunning's phone. Just as he lowered his head, he was kicked away by someone with such force that he vomited three mouthfuls of blood.

"Did a girl just pass by?" Shentu Jia Fei ran over and covered the front of the little ruffian's clothes, and actually lifted him up.

"No …." "No, I just saw someone drop his phone and wanted to pick it up." The little scoundrel fearfully replied. Their people hadn't gone far, and no one had ever seen such a beautiful girl before. They couldn't help but rush over. If this man passed by now, then something bad would definitely happen.

Shentu Jia put down the person and picked up Gong Yunning's phone. After walking a few steps into the alley, he heard the person who was beaten up just now shout, "Someone's coming. Run!"

Shentu Jia couldn't help but increase his speed. He was certain that since that person called out to his companions, they shouldn't be far away.

After walking a few steps, Shentu Jia stopped.

Gong Yunning was crying, "Seventh Uncle, Seventh Uncle, save me …"

Her voice was hoarse and full of energy. The girl's scream was mixed with the man's rough laughter and it hit Shentu Jia's eardrums.

A few men in the corner surrounded Gong Yunning, who was curled up on the ground, and were pulling at her clothes.

Gong Yunning pushed him away, trembling all over. It was unknown if there were wounds on her body that were stained with blood. Gong Yunjiang yelled, "No! Please don't! Seventh Uncle, save me! Seventh Uncle …"

If Shentu Jia had a gun now, he would definitely kill these rascals.

However, when those ruffians saw that he was only a single person, they clenched their fists and were eager to give it a try.

Shentu Jia held Gong Yunning and stood up slowly. In the dark, his body was filled with a murderous aura. He looked like a storm coming in the future, frightening everyone who saw him for no reason.

None of those people dared to actually get close to Shentu Jia.

Shentu Jia clapped his hands on Gong Yunning's back. Gong Yunning hid in his embrace, shivering and crying, "Seventh Uncle, it hurts."

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