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The throbbing in Shentu Jia's palm made his heart tighten. Now, he urgently needed to bring Gong Yunning to the hospital.

Shentu Jia dialed Murong Xi's number, opened his mouth and spoke sinisterly and coldly, "The back door of the nightclub is open in less than a minute. You have to bear the consequences."

Murong Xi was frightened, he had never heard Shentu Jia speak to his brothers so maliciously before, even if it was to prepare a coffin it was still a joke. He pulled Zhuo Shaohuai along as he drove out, opening the nightclub's back door.

When they came out, they saw Shentu Jia carrying Gong Yunning. A few ruffians surrounded the two of them, but neither of them dared to move forward and automatically made a path for them.

Due to Shentu Jia's current aura being too scary, it seemed that just by getting close to him, he could be covered in wounds and wounds from the anger on his entire body.

As he approached, Zhuo Shaohuai stared at Gong Yunning, who was covered in wounds. "What's wrong with little Yunning?" he asked, trembling.

Shentu Jia left behind a sentence, "If someone is sick of living, you two can help me send them on their way. I will take Yunning to the hospital."

When he said this, his lips were just touching the top of his head, but they were as cold as knives and as sharp as swords.

The people who bullied Gong Yunning wanted to run away, but Zhuo Shaohuai kept slapping them, and before anyone could say anything, he punched them again. As he fought, he asked what was going on, and the more he fought, the angrier he got.

In Chiang City's most famous Concorde Hospital, doctors had already started taking turns, but today, the Department of Surgery and Emergency Management was suddenly summoned. It was unknown which great Buddha had appeared, but the more complex it became, the more it actually required all the directors of the departments of the hospital to come to the hospital for consultation.

Wang Yazhi was the first to be called out. When she saw Gong Yunning, Dr. Wang immediately cried. "How did this child end up like this after just being discharged from the hospital today?"

Gong Yunning's clothes were tattered and her body was covered in blood. She hugged Shentu Jia and was unwilling to let go. She sobbed intermittently and was unwilling to open her eyes.

Wang Yazhi squatted down to coax her, "Yunning? Yunning be good, I'm Dr. Wang. Let me show you where the wound is. "

It was of no use. On the contrary, Gong Yunning held Shentu Jia even more tightly and cried herself silly. She must have suffered a lot of provocation.

Shentu Jia held Gong Yunning's head in his hands and gave her a light kiss. His sweet voice sounded somewhat hoarse. "Gong Yunning, didn't you see how dirty my suit was after you rubbed against it?"

In a daze, Gong Yunning curled her lips and let go of Shentu Jia's hand.

Staring at this scene, Wang Yazhi felt her throat hurt as she checked Gong Yunning's body. Gong Yunning had the heaviest injury to her back. It was almost the size of a palm. Her skin was scuffed, blood stained, and her legs were bruised. Fortunately, she did not have any fractures or internal injuries.

Relieved that Wang Yazhi was going to change Gong Yunning's clothes, Shentu Jia stopped her. "Sofia doesn't want to see anyone right now. Dr. Wang, please don't tell anyone about her condition tonight."

Wang Yazhi nodded, but she was worried as she watched Shentu Jia carefully coax Gong Yunning to scrub her wounds. Although Gong Yunning had grown up, when Shentu Jia helped her change her clothes, Wang Yazhi could only feel Shentu Jia's sorrow towards her and not a single bad thought.

"Well? Do you still need us to go in? "

"Didn't Master Jia never ask for male doctors to treat that little girl? "Why did you all come here today?"

Wang Yazhi spread out her arms and said, "Master Jia is that precious to me, Gong Yunning."

Under the smoky yellow light, Shentu Jia's silhouette was Wennon. He opened the front of his shirt and held Gong Yunning's hand in his sleeve. He carefully wiped each of her fingers with a warm handkerchief and said, "Yunning, it's Seventh Uncle's fault. Seventh Uncle shouldn't have hit you. It's your fault. Can you …"

He choked, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down. "Yunning, I can't forgive myself."

Gong Yunning's finger moved weakly, but she didn't want to open her eyes at all. Only the tears at the end of her eyes proved that she was awake.

It was already midnight when he finished dealing with the hospital. Shentu Jia waited for Gong Yunning to sleep before heading to the Public Security Bureau.

When I got to the door of the Public Security Bureau, I heard the howling sound of pigs being slaughtered and Zhuo Shaohuai's angry curses, "If I had a gun, I would kill you all!"

Murong Xi said resentfully on the side, "The submachine gun, Roulette gun, damn it, I'm so pissed off!"

The fire that was burning in Shentu Jia's heart lit up when he saw the few ruffians squatting in the corner. His pitch-black eyeballs looked even more like the fearsome Purgatory.

Shiny handmade leather shoes knocked on the floor. Shentu Jia stood by the door of the interrogation room with an icy face. He didn't plan to enter and only asked in a domineering and sinister manner, "You don't want to say who ordered it?"

The captain of the Public Security Bureau was a dark, handsome, fat guy. He answered with a worried expression, "Master Jia, these people are too stubborn. They probably committed quite a heinous crime and went out by chance. They're not willing to cut off their escape routes."

Shentu Jia elegantly handed the coat on his arm to the fat captain. He lit up a cigarette, took two puffs and threw the cigarette butt away. The ruffian squatting in the middle yelled out loudly as he was burned, jumping straight up from the ground.

"Sorry, I didn't make a mistake." Shentu Jia curled the corner of his lips. His expression was very small, but it was very creepy and terrifying to look at.

He brushed the dust off his jacket and swept his sharp gaze over the men. "Let them go," he said flatly.

Zhuo Shaohuai and Murong Xi disagreed. Murong Xi panicked and quickly said, "Jia, how can we just let these animals go?"

Shentu Jia smiled, "Dogs can't stop eating feces, have you heard that?" "Find people to keep an eye on them. If they commit an offense, then arrest them."

Murong Xi understood, but Zhuo Shaohuai didn't. He didn't ask and only asked after staring at Shentu Jia walk away, "Captain, you really want to let him go?"

"Don't worry, these people will die anyway if they fall into Master Jia's hands." The captain was suspenseful.

Zhuo Shaohuai went to the hospital for a long time and couldn't help but ask Murong Xi. Murong Xi just said, "Jia is the real fierce one. If you want to make a person unable to turn over their body, you will know in a few days."

In the morning, in the corridor of the hospital, a couple of them apologized for the rotten idea they came up with yesterday. They were awake the whole night, sitting in the corridor, waiting for Gong Yunning to wake up.

Lili was awake, but she didn't want to open her eyes.

What happened last night was still vivid in her mind. Every time she thought of it, she would feel goosebumps all over her body, and she would feel a lingering fear.

The way Shentu Jia and the girl with the bunny tail stuck together made her feel even more annoyed.

Gong Yunning's back was injured, so she could only lie down and sleep. Her neck was sore from lying down for too long, so she could only slightly narrow her eyes to see if Shentu Jia was looking at her again.

However, when she opened her eyes, she saw a man staring at her with a face full of sorrow. Wasn't it her, Seventh Uncle?

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