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Gong Yunning blinked her eyes. Her long eyelashes were like two thick feathers, contrasting with her beautiful eyes, making them look even more innocent and moving. Her innocent wink made Shentu Jia feel even more guilty.

Shentu Jia's long fingers moved, tentatively touching Gong Yunning's head, brushing aside the hair at the side of her face. There was pity in the gesture, and his voice was a little hoarse.

"Right." Gong Yunning rubbed his palm. A shadow swept past her eyes. She wanted to be angry, but seeing Seventh Uncle being so gentle, she could only lower her head.

Shentu Jia lightly touched Gong Yunning's face, her tears made his palm heat up. Shentu Jia frowned and the panic on his face passed, "Why are you crying? "Aren't you happy to see Seventh Uncle?"

"No, I was thinking about Seventh Uncle. I thought I would never see Seventh Uncle again." As Gong Yunning cried, her nose was slightly red and her lower lip couldn't help but tremble.

She was the darling of Shentu Jia. Seeing her cry like that, Shentu Jia felt extremely bad. He used his thumb to stroke Gong Yunning's face and coaxed, "How could it be? Seventh Uncle won't let anything happen to Yunning. "

"Seventh Uncle." Gong Yunning closed her eyes to enjoy Shentu Jia's warmth.

In this world, there was no one who could comfort her like Shentu Jia.


"Actually, I thought about suicide."

The moment Gong Yunning finished her sentence, Shentu Jia's fingers moved, "Don't talk nonsense."

"I mean it." Gong Yunning simply thought that Shentu Jia didn't believe her. She emphasized her determination, "If I'm really tainted, then I won't live anymore."

"Yunning, whatever happens, you have to stay alive. If you leave, what will happen to Seventh Uncle?"

Gong Yunning was a little kid. Seeing that it was hard for him to talk so much, she said, "Seventh Uncle can still get married and have children. Your darling will be smarter and cuter than me, so she won't be as annoying to you."

Shentu Jia looked at Gong Yunning with a cold expression and said in a domineering tone, "Nonsense."

Gong Yunning stopped talking. Seventh Uncle's personality changed after a while. It was better for her not to provoke him since he was now facing a difficult situation like Wennon.

"Seventh Uncle, when can I leave the hospital? "I hate hospitals."

"Seventh Uncle, will my wounds leave scars?"

"Seventh Uncle and Seventh Uncle, are you really not going to explain what happened last night to me?"


Gong Yunning was a nuisance when she woke up. Shentu Jia was still angry about what she said just now, but she didn't have any discernment and kept sticking to him.

In the end, Shentu Jia could only surrender and place the breakfast Zhuo Shaohuai had bought in front of Gong Yunning. "Make do with it for a few days first. I'll make it for you after you leave the hospital."

"Seventh Uncle, you can cook?" Gong Yunning sat there with a spoon in her hand. Clove licked the spoon a little. Her small action made Shentu Jia's throat tighten. Shentu Jia avoided her gaze and didn't say anything more.

In Gong Yunning's memory, the people who cooked at home were all Nanny Feng. She had almost never eaten Shentu Jia's cooking, so she was very hopeful. Her eating speed was also a bit faster, "I have to hurry. When I leave the hospital, I'll eat your cooking."

Shentu Jia rubbed her hair, his deep eyes filled with love.

Outside the window, Zhuo Shaohuai stared at the exchange between Gong Yunning and Shentu Jia and sighed. "When do you think Jia will let us meet Yunning?"

"About winter." Murong Xi could not help but show a cold humour. The more he looked, the more his heart ached. He really despised Zhuo Shaohuai, this pig of a teammate.

Gong Yunning did not know that someone was looking at her. As she ate, her heart quietly counted the days. Crap, the final exam was tomorrow.

With her appearance, how could she participate?

The teacher had said that in the final exam, the students would gain more confidence. The difficulty level would also be the same as the college entrance exam. They mustn't miss it.

"Seventh Uncle …" Gong Yunning cursed inwardly. With her appearance, it would be weird if her family's Seventh Uncle wanted her to go.

Shentu Jia put down the newspaper and wiped the corner of her lips. Seeing that she was trying so hard to look pitiful, he knew that she had something to ask of him. Shentu Jia felt it was funny, but he was very calm on the outside.

"Hehe, Seventh Uncle, you're the best." Gong Yunning held onto his arm and laughed. Unexpectedly, the wound on her back caused her to gasp in pain. "Hiss!"

"To the wound? Let me see. " Shentu Jia picked her up from the bed and put her on his lap, telling her to lie down.

Gong Yunning felt a bit awkward as she wasn't even wearing her underwear. The moment Shentu Jia took off her clothes, she instinctively pulled the corner of her clothes tightly.

Shentu Jia noticed her little action and his eyes turned a little deeper. He quickly looked at the wound and pulled her clothes back, "It's alright. You take care of yourself for a few days, we'll be discharged from the hospital."

"But I... "Tomorrow there will be the final exam …" Gong Yunning's pleading gaze made Shentu Jia's back itch. He looked away and carried Gong Yunning to bed unnaturally, "I'll go out for a while."

Gong Yunning didn't dare to make a ruckus, but she was very aggrieved. She wanted to call Xiaoyin and ask her to bring back the exam papers, but her phone had been sacrificed the previous night.

Just as she was sitting there in a daze, Gan Shengmei suddenly stared at her in surprise at the door, "Yunning? Didn't you get discharged? How could he be here? Was there something uncomfortable about it? Wounded or what? "

Gong Yunning felt a little dizzy from the way they greeted and greeted each other. She forced a smile, and before she could think about how to respond, she heard Gan Shengmei continue, "Tell me, why did you and the Founder run into each other in the hospital?"

"Auntie, are you saying that Zong Fuqing is also in the hospital?" Wasn't he in trouble yesterday?

When Gong Yunning mentioned Zong Fuqing, she remembered the scene where Zong Fuqing almost kissed her. Her ears turned red.

Gan Shengmei took a glance and saw that there was hope.

It wasn't easy for Gong Yunning to convince her to go see Zong Fuqing. Gan Shengmei had the nurse find a wheelchair to push Gong Yunning out. Before they could get far, they bumped into Shentu Jia.

In Shentu Jia's hand was a plastic bag. He moved as fast as he could, and the sharp light stopped on Gong Yunning and Gan Shengmei's bodies. It was only when he walked closer that the intimidating air around his body dissipated slightly.

"Where is Madam Ning bringing Yunning?"

He asked unhurriedly, glancing sideways at Gan Shengmei. Even Madam Ning, who had seen a lot of things with Mister Zong, let go of the wheelchair unconsciously. The smile froze on her face.

Noticing the atmosphere between the two of them, Gong Yunning hurried to say, "Seventh Uncle, Zong Fuqing is also hospitalized. I'll go take a look at him."

Shentu Jia's eyes darkened. "Have you forgotten what the doctor said?"

"You can't walk around randomly, or else your wounds will be affected." Gong Yunning answered in a low voice, but she didn't give up and wanted to be reasonable. "Seventh Uncle, I'll be fine in a wheelchair."

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