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She tugged at Shentu Jia's clothes and said: "My classmate previously sent me to the hospital, and this time it's because of Uncle Di. Good Seventh Uncle, according to reason, we should all go take a look at him."

This little girl was speaking up for an outsider one after another. She even brought him along. Shentu Jia lightly opened her palm and placed the plastic bag in front of her. Finally, he loosened his grip and said, "I'll go with you."

Lady Ning, Gan Shengmei, heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like she had placed her bet on the right person.

When they arrived at the door of Zong Fuqing's ward, they heard Di Runliang's voice before they even opened the door, "Young Master Zong is so young and has such deep thoughts. He could actually think of using his injuries to stop me from being together with your sister."

"Young Master Di is also clear, you can't compete with Zong Family." Zong Fuqing's voice was clear, but his tone was very mature. It had a complicated feeling to it that he shouldn't have at his age.

Gong Yunning was still fainting. From what she knew from Madam Ning, Zong Fuqing's injury was caused by Uncle Di. But now, it had actually become Zong Fuqing's doing?

Shentu Jia suddenly opened the door with a sharp and domineering tone, "Young Master Di, you can't do it alone. Do you think I can do it?"


The moment Shentu Jia finished speaking, other than Gong Yunning, the other three people had ugly expressions on their faces.

The moment Zong Fuqing saw Gong Yunning, his surprise turned into embarrassment.

He liked Gong Yunning, but how could Seventh Uncle compete with him?

"Yunning …" Zong Fuqing whispered something about Gong Yunning.

Gong Yunning was a bit embarrassed. She rubbed her nose and said with a forced smile, "About that …" "Classmate, you need to take care of your health. In a few weeks, you will take the college entrance exam. Good luck."

After she said that, she pressed Shentu Jia's palm. Shentu Jia understood and pushed Gong Yunning back. He also sarcastically said to Di Runliang, "Brother Di, you want to say goodbye to Young Master Zong?"

When Shentu Jia said this, Zong Fuqing and Di Runliang's expression became even more embarrassed. Di Runliang stood up and followed Shentu Jia and Gong Yunning.

When they arrived at the sickroom, Gong Yunning burst out laughing. After laughing for a while, she found that she had stopped laughing all of a sudden.

Shentu Jia looked at her in confusion, "Are you very happy to see Young Master Zong?"

"No." Gong Yunning waved her hand and stuck her tongue out at him to keep him in suspense. "I'm not telling you."

Di Runliang, who had been depressed for a long time, felt much better when he saw Gong Yunning in her strange way. "Yunning was laughing at you. You said I said goodbye to Young Master Zong."

"Uncle Di, whether you see through it or not, this is the basic principle of a human being." Gong Yunning pretended to be angry as she rummaged through the plastic bags.

"Girl, I helped you, and you still blame me. You, Seventh Uncle, are just an unromantic Yama King. I'm encouraging him to speak coldly towards the end." Di Runliang sat down and pretended to speak lightly as he looked at Gong Yunning.

Shentu Jia sat at the side, his stern face was slightly warm, and his eyebrows raised up slightly to form a small curve. He pinched Gong Yunning's nose, "Don't be too easily trusting, especially towards people with Zong Family."

"Seventh Uncle, Uncle Di, do you have enmity with Zong Family?" Gong Yunning flipped to the plastic bag and found the exam paper for herself tomorrow. She felt warm inside, but there was something more important than this.

Shentu Jia pursed his lips and looked at Di Runliang.

Di Runliang replied, "Not before, but now."

Shentu Jia glanced at him calmly, "Did you really think I was helping you just now?"

The corner of Di Runliang's mouth twitched. He thought to himself, "If you didn't help me, who did you help?"

"I only wanted to frustrate that guy's spirit. There was no need to boast."

Di Runliang understood. His gaze towards Gong Yunning became increasingly strange. Shentu Jia was slightly older than them and also had the most experience. He was also the one with the most mature temperament … If he met Gong Yunning, he would be following a seventeen or eighteen year old boy. And yet, he was trying to intimidate his love rival?

Gong Yunning didn't understand the 'eye contact' between the two of them. Just as she was about to ask, Xiaoyin and Hu Dandan stuck their heads in the door and peeped inside. She was overjoyed and quickly greeted, "I'm here."

Shentu Jia and Di Runliang came out and gave the space to a few girls.

Di Runliang had been staring at Shentu Jia the whole time. Shentu Jia cast a cold glance at him and said, "It's useless looking at me. I won't help you. You must repay the debt of love you owe yourself."

"What about your love debt?"

"What debt of affection can I have?" Shentu Jia retorted, but he still couldn't get rid of that charming figure in the depths of his heart.

"Jia, you're in deeper and deeper trouble now. When are you planning to confess to Yunning?"

Shentu Jia frowned. Was his performance very obvious? The few tough guys at the side had all noticed it? What about Yunning? Did she know?

The two of them didn't continue their conversation. Zhuo Shaohuai and Murong Xi returned from a trip and were very happy to see Di Runliang and Shentu Jia. However, Sun Tie didn't like them and directly turned around to enter the ward.

After Xiaoyin and Hu Dandan finished visiting Gong Yunning, they left after seeing Shentu Jia.

Gong Yunning was lying on the bed, her mood complicated.

Shentu Jia saw that the girl on the bed didn't make a sound, so he stretched his palm and pulled her quilt, "Don't cover yourself."

As soon as he spoke, Gong Yunning felt her heart beat faster, and Hu Dandan's words burned hotter in her ears. "Sofia, does Seventh Uncle like you?"

Gong Yunning didn't know why Hu Dandan would ask such a question. Her relationship with Hu Dandan had never been close.

Shentu Jia thought Gong Yunning had fallen asleep. He brushed her hair with his finger and bent down to leave a kiss on her cheek.

His little face seemed to be burning, and was extremely hot.

Shentu Jia also noticed that something was wrong. Why was it so hot? He slowly rolled up the corner of Gong Yunning's clothes, wanting to see if the wound on her back was broken. Unexpectedly, Gong Yunning suddenly sat up and slapped Shentu Jia's palm away.

"What is it?" Shentu Jia was slightly surprised as he stared at Gong Yunning with a pair of dark, deep eyes.

Gong Yunning couldn't hold it in anymore, but she didn't dare to say it to Shentu Jia, for fear that he might misunderstand her. Gong Yunning couldn't hold it back, but she didn't dare to say it to Shentu Jia, lest he misunderstand her.

Hu Dandan said ambiguously, "Do you, Seventh Uncle, like you?"

After making Gong Yunning uncomfortable for a few days, Shentu Jia told Special Assistant Yan to tell her that he had to stop doing things now. Gong Yunning's reaction was average, but she actually felt a little lighthearted.

Before she was discharged, Gong Yunning tricked Special Assistant Yan into going to the bathroom and sneaking into the mental health intervention room.

The counselor was a beautiful older sister. She asked Gong Yunning in a very cordial manner, "Miss Gong, do you need my help for any questions?"

Gong Yunning looked at her doubtfully, "I just came in, how did you know my surname was Gong?"

"We all knew it when you were in the hospital."

Gong Yunning understood, and after holding it in for a long time, she lowered her head and said, "Elder sister, I suspect that I have a hallucination."

"What are the symptoms?"

"I suspect that I, Seventh Uncle, like me. Which kind of people... "That kind of thing."

"…" The doctor stopped talking.

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