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"Well, sister, isn't this kind of psychology abnormal? I've been troubled for a long time. I was worried that it would affect my college entrance exam. " Gong Yunning was on the verge of tears. If it wasn't for the fact that she was a doctor on the other side, she really wouldn't have been able to say it.

"Then does Miss Gong like you, Seventh Uncle? The kind you're talking about. " the doctor asked curiously.

Gong Yunning's face turned red, her gaze dodging a little. "Seems …" "Yes."

"But it doesn't seem to be …"

The beautiful elder sister smiled and comforted her, "Miss Gong An, you are in your puberty right now. It is normal for you to have a pink imagination of an attractive man, so you don't have to worry too much about it. I believe that you, Seventh Uncle, love and love your daughter the way you do. As for you, you should take it slow and relaxed.

Gong Yunning raised her eyebrows with a face full of distrust. "Really?"

After she left, the psychiatrist let out a breath of relief and walked into the inner room. He stared at the Young Master sitting in his wheelchair and said: "Young Master Zong, I've already done as you instructed."

Zong Fuqing moved the wheelchair. His handsome face had a complicated expression on it. He nodded and called Hu Dandan.

Since Hu Dandan had chosen the right move, the next half step would depend on if Xiaoyin was willing to help him.

On the other side.

Gong Yunning was stupefied while she was in the car. When she got out of the car, she realized that she was in the Public Security Bureau.

Seeing her confused expression, Yan Sheng answered, "Miss Ning, Mister is inside."

"Did I, Seventh Uncle, commit a crime?"

"…" The corner of Yan Sheng's mouth twitched.

The moment Gong Yunning stepped into the Public Security Bureau, she immediately rushed over. If it wasn't for Shentu Jia, who acted quickly to protect her, she would have been scratched on the face by Shentu Yan's nails by now.

It was a familiar embrace and a familiar smell. Gong Yunning was stunned and did not move. She called to him softly, "Seventh Uncle?"

Shentu Jia's vicious eyes were filled with love only when he looked at Gong Yunning. He lifted her onto his lap and asked, "Do you remember who else you talked to at the nightclub the other day?"

"Other than you guys, there's only … "She is." Gong Yunning pointed at Shentu Yan, then at the few ruffians behind Shentu Yan, her expression turned ugly. The horrible scene from that day seemed to happen right in front of her. Gong Yunning fearfully leaned closer to Shentu Jia.

Shentu Yan had lost her image, her hair was disheveled, and her makeup was in pieces.

Those ruffians had nothing to do during the week. They said that they were being watched by others and could not allow any harm to happen. So, they threatened Gong Yunning with that incident and asked her for money.

Shentu Jia no longer wanted to give them money. Where did she get that much money to waste on idle people? She had no choice but to find another group of people to deal with this bunch of ruffians.


There was a murder.

"Gong Yunning, how old are you for a girl to be so close to you, Seventh Uncle? "Shameless!" Shentu Yan scolded him bitterly.

Shentu Jia clearly felt the person's body stiffen, and the hand that held his shoulder also gradually fell off.

Shentu Jia's gaze darkened. He patted Gong Yunning's shoulder and comforted her gently, "Don't be afraid."

"Seventh Uncle." Gong Yunning called out to him, but there was already a hint of tears in her voice.

Why wasn't she afraid?

She was worried that Seventh Uncle and herself would be pointed at by others and scolded as incest. Like Shentu Yan, she clearly knew that Shentu Yan was spouting nonsense, but Gong Yunning still couldn't help but feel terrified.

Shentu Jia pressed his head against hers, his fingers caressing the back of her head as he asked, "Did Shentu Yan lock you by the door that day?"

"I don't know." "She showed me the way, and when I went back the door was locked. I don't know who did it."

Zhuo Shaohuai interjected on the side, "I already told you how the back door locked when I went out to find you guys. So it was you who did it."

Shentu Yan quickly shook her head. "Cousin, I drank too much that day. I was kind enough to lead the way for Yunning. I really didn't lock the door."

"Did you not call these people as well?" Shentu Jia asked.

Shentu Yan still shook her head.

The fat captain ridiculed them and said to the ruffians, "You guys know that now you've killed people, at least ten or eight years. Plus, you guys have a criminal record, and the situation is serious. Master Jia has given you the opportunity to make a comeback.

Hearing that, Shentu Yan panicked and kicked the man closest to her. "Don't spout nonsense, otherwise you'll be in a lot of trouble."

However, those people didn't expect that they would accidentally kill someone. On one side, they were being stared at by Master Jia. On the other side, they were being forced by that bitch Shentu Yan. After weighing the pros and cons, the man in the lead stood up.

"Master Jia, be generous. Everything was done at your sister's behest. If she didn't find someone to mess with us, we wouldn't have accidentally killed her!"

Shentu Jia looked at her coldly, his anger rising, his lips curling slightly. "Yunning, do you think Seventh Uncle should let them go?"

The dregs of society, no mercy, how to forgive? Gong Yunning thought for a while, but when she saw Shentu Yan glaring fiercely at her, she started to worry. Shentu Yan was Seventh Uncle's cousin after all.

"Seventh Uncle …"

Shentu Jia rubbed her hair, then led her out, with a cold voice, he said, "Now that we have all the witnesses, please follow the procedures, Captain."

Gong Yunning clenched Shentu Jia's fist tightly. She didn't know that Shentu Jia was really ruthless. She only felt a kind of fear from the bottom of her heart.

If she did something wrong one day, wouldn't Seventh Uncle be so merciless?

"What are you thinking about?" Shentu Jia turned to Gong Yunning and asked her. Yan Sheng had just reported to him that Gong Yunning had gone to a psychiatrist.

Gong Yunning avoided Shentu Jia's hand that wanted to carry her into the car and got in by herself, so she said, "I was wondering if Fourth Grandpa and the rest will cause a ruckus with you."

"They dare?" Shentu Jia and Ling Lie were speechless as they sat beside Gong Yunning.

Gong Yunning thought about Shentu Jia's cold attitude towards Shentu Yan and the coldness she felt when she mentioned Fourth Grandpa. For a moment, she was lost in thought. Her fair hair was tightly knitted together, and she was troubled by many matters.

Shentu Jia's eyes turned darker. She had something on her mind.

Her long fingers gently caressed the top of Gong Yunning's eyebrows. Bending slightly, she pulled Gong Yunning into her embrace and rested her chin on her soft and smooth hair. Her voice was quiet and gentle. "Girl, anything you want to say."

Gong Yunning was slightly shocked. She felt a little humiliated and said, "Seventh Uncle, I think you like me?" Or am I afraid that you will be so heartless to me?

"Mm …" Gong Yunning nodded her head with all her might, and all her small emotions turned into a whimper.

Shentu Jia felt Gong Yunning was hiding something from him, so he didn't say anything. His pupils contracted as he let go of Gong Yunning and leaned against the back seat of the car. The temperature in the car dropped abruptly.

Yan Sheng stared at the two in the back seat in the rear-view mirror and shook his head.


"Yes, sir." Mr. Yan Sheng started the car. The matter between Mr. Wu and Li was not something that he could manage on his own.

Gong Yunning looked at the scenery outside the glass window and felt even more embarrassed. She didn't dare to look at the person beside her. Once she got home, she got out of the car and walked home anxiously.

"Quick, quick, they're back!" A middle-aged couple hurriedly ran towards the car.

"Yunning …" A middle-aged woman dressed like a flower showed her branches. She smiled at Gong Yunning politely, the thick makeup on her face almost falling off.

"Fourth Grandmother, Fourth Grandpa." Gong Yunning greeted the man and woman in front of her politely. The ones who greeted her were Shentu De and Zhang Man, Shentu Jia's fourth uncle's family.

As soon as they received Shentu Yan's call, they rushed to Shentu Jia's villa, hoping that he would let go of their daughter, after all, this was their only daughter.

"Fourth uncle, what brings you here?" Shentu Jia, who was behind Gong Yunning, got off the car and elegantly packed his clothes. He opened his mouth without any expression.

"Jia, A Yan is your sister. Please let her go." Seeing Shentu Jia hurriedly open his mouth, Zhang Man's face was full of worry.

"What do you mean I let her go? I didn't do anything. Instead, it's Shentu Yan. You guys should be clear about what she did." Shentu Jia narrowed his eyes. His face was filled with dissatisfaction.

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