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The moment Shentu Jia saw them, he immediately understood the purpose of their visit.

For a moment, Zhang Man was speechless. Yeah, Shentu Yan actually touched Gong Yunning, who Shentu Jia held in his palm. Although she hated them too, it was obvious that Shentu Yan was stupid.

"They're all part of the same family. Jia, A Yan definitely didn't mean to hurt her …" Shentu Jia's fourth uncle Shentu De opened his mouth and extinguished the cigarette in his hand. The fat on his stomach rose and fell with his actions.

"Is it intentional? There will be a law to deliver the verdict. Please go back." With that said, Shentu Jia held onto Gong Yunning's hand and walked inside the mansion while staring at them in confusion.

"Yunning, I... I know it's slightly wrong, but for the sake of the family, I'm begging you, Seventh Uncle... "Please forgive me." Chang was really worried, and she grabbed Gong Yunning's arm. She saw how cold Shentu Jia was, and how tears were about to fall.

Now, her family had no money and no influence. She couldn't think of anyone else she could find other than Shentu Jia.

"Hiss …" Gong Yunning gasped. Due to Zhang Man's exertion and the fact that her body was still injured, it caused her arm to ache.

"Let go!" Shentu Jia stared intently at Zhang Man's eyes. In an instant, his entire body was filled with hostility. His voice was cold and ruthless. He couldn't help but make people tremble.

Zhang Man was shocked by this anger. Her expression gradually stiffened. She quickly let go of her palm.

"Seventh Uncle, just help Fourth Young Madam!" Gong Yunning said carefully. She had felt it all. As a mother, Zhang Man's pleas for her daughter were really pitiful.

Shentu Jia pursed his lips into a straight line as he glanced at Gong Yunning. Without saying a word, she completely forgot her reason and dragged Gong Yunning inside.

Staring at Shentu Jia about to leave, Shentu De panicked a little. He didn't want to lower his head and beg him, but...

"Shentu Jia, Shentu Jia, you …" Wu Junyi stared at the two and was about to enter the mansion, but he was stopped by the guard by the door.

"Shentu Jia, just you wait. With how heartless you are, there will be no good ending." Shentu De shouted angrily at the figure in front of him.

Originally, he thought that after his big brother died, Shentu Family would be his. He never would have thought that there would be another Shentu Jia, and this brat was even harder to deal with than his parents.

However, it's fine. Your parents will end up with you. Your family will reunite. Shentu De's fat lips curled up into a mocking smile.

Since Shentu Jia's path was blocked, he had no choice but to go to the Grand Elder's place and take a look, hoping that the old man would have some conscience. Shentu Yan, that idiot, had nothing but a small brain. His way of doing things was not as clean as he had initially been, Shentu De thought to himself.

"Let's go, don't cry." Shentu De stared at Zhang Man, who was crying on the side, and said impatiently.

In the villa.

Gong Yunning felt like she said the wrong thing, as her face darkened even more.

But he was also very proud of himself, and he didn't do anything wrong, as he had been in the car just now. He even put on a face for himself, and after thinking about it, his eyes reddened.

"Teacher, Miss Ning is back!" Nanny Feng greeted the two happily when she saw them enter the door.

Shentu Jia nodded to Nanny Feng and walked into the library with Gong Yunning in tow.

Nanny Feng also noticed that something was off between the two of them. One of them had a black face, while the other had red eyes. These two really made people worry. Nanny Feng had grown up staring at Shentu Jia and Gong Yunning, treating them like her own sons and daughters.

In the study hall, Shentu Jia stared at Gong Yunning's reddened eyes and her pursed lips. He felt his heart ache and didn't say anything heavy. What was going on?

"Ai," Sighing helplessly, Xun Er slightly opened her mouth.

"Sofia, have you forgotten what Shentu Yan did to you? You're still pleading for mercy on his behalf? " He rubbed Gong Yunning's hair to reassure her that he was not angry with her.

That's right, Gong Yunning's body went stiff. She had completely forgotten. That was … Shentu Yan bit her lower lip, and her face turned pale. She was terrified for a split-second.

If something really happens... In the end, she didn't even dare to imagine it. She didn't want to recall those memories anymore.

"I... "I didn't think that much just now, but I feel that Fourth Young Madam is rather pitiful." So he was doing it for himself. Gong Yunning's heart warmed a little as the fear in her heart was washed away.

Shentu Jia curled his lips. His little Yunning was just too kind.

"Yunning, I won't let anyone who hurts you get away." No one knows how important you are to me, Shentu Jia. Staring at the innocent person who also has the air of a little woman, his eyes are filled with love, but his voice is also firm and domineering.

You won't let him off? Although this was for himself, what if he made a mistake one day?

Slightly tugging at Shentu Jia's clothes, her watery eyes were filled with hope, or could not help but want to ask, "Seventh Uncle, if one day I made a mistake, what would you do? Will you not want me?


Resisting the urge to kiss Fang Xin, she chuckled, "Stupid girl, you're not the same."

Gong Yunning was lost in thought as she listened to Shentu Jia's laughter. Seventh Uncle didn't smile much; he usually looked cold and gave off a feeling of being unapproachable. However, when he smiled, he looked really nice, mature and warm.

And... Moreover, he even said that he was not ordinary. When he met his serene eyes, they were filled with love and affection. He was somewhat surprised, and his heart skipped a beat. He was also a bit moved.

Gong Yunning felt as if her heart was about to jump out of her chest. Gong Yunning let go of Shentu Jia's clothes and ran out of the library in a fluster.

Shentu Jia stared at the fleeting image and wanted to laugh. What happened?

Shy? Or something else.

Gong Yunningfei ran back to her room and closed the door. Leaning against the door, she touched her heart that was still beating crazily. "No way, Gong Yunning, you can't let your thoughts run wild. The doctor said it already, Seventh Uncle feels sorry for himself as a daughter. Don't jump around, don't jump around."

She turned on the warm lights in the room. The room was full of girls' powders. Gong Yunning jumped onto the bed. "Hiss …" "It hurts!" This leap of Gong Yunning's forcefully pulled her wound, causing her to tremble in pain. Her small face that was made of jade was pinched together, causing her to feel heartache.

Gong Yunning lay quietly on the bed, thinking about what the psychiatrist had said and Seventh Uncle … She couldn't be like this with herself. She was already 18 years old this year, so she should maintain a certain distance from Seventh Uncle.

Maybe she really should put her attention to other people's bodies. Who was it, Zong Fuqing?

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