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Gong Yunning could feel that he liked being by himself, but he was not as mature, mature, or refined as him, Seventh Uncle. Gong Yunning could feel that he liked being by himself, but he was not as mature, ironed, or refined as him, Seventh Uncle.

Who else could it be? The other boys in the school were even worse than Zong Fuqing.

Thinking about that, Gong Yunning fell asleep. During that time, Shentu Jia came to see her once, wanting to apply some medicine to her wounds. However, she slept like a pig, so he couldn't bear to disturb her.

After tucking her under the quilt, he returned to the library to work. Because of Yunning's matter, he had delayed a lot of things for the group.

Shentu Jia was sitting on a leather chair with his legs crossed and his mouth full of genuine French. He had a serious expression on his face as he discussed the situation with his partners in the video.

It was said that serious men were the most handsome, but Gong Yunning was absolutely certain that serious men like Shentu Jia were the most handsome.

Time passed quickly, as if a moment later the sky had become covered with a layer of black canvas.

The sweet girl that he remembered smiled and said to him, "Seventh Uncle, you look really nice in this color."

"Nanny Feng, go call Yunning down for dinner." Shentu Jia came to the table, but he didn't see the figure that he had in mind.

"Sir, Miss Ning just finished her meal." Nanny Feng thought that the conflict between the two of them still hadn't resolved yet.

Especially when she offered to call for her husband to come down for dinner, Miss Ning said quickly with a smile. No need. He quickly ate a few mouthfuls before returning to his room. It seemed that he didn't really want to meet his teacher.

"Yes." Shentu Jia answered and stared at the table full of dishes. young girl was no longer beside him, but rather, he didn't know what to eat.

If he was the only one at home, Gong Yunning definitely wouldn't have waited for him to eat alone. Was she hiding herself? Thinking up to here, Shentu Jia felt that something was not right. He ate a few mouthfuls and then went upstairs to the library.

Did she know?

Is it too obvious?

Or, she really did like that son of Zong Family.

With this thought in mind, Shentu Jia was a little angry. His pupils contracted as he stared at Ye Ming with eyes that were like pearls, making people unable to understand what he was thinking.

He turned around and went upstairs to continue his work.

Nanny Feng stared at Shentu Jia and only ate a little. She sighed. As expected, without Miss Ning, Mister wouldn't even be able to eat.

At this moment, Gong Yunning was sitting in front of her desk, shaking her small and exquisite head. Her pen was lightly tapping on the table, her expression serious and serious. On the wooden table was her mock exam paper.

At the side, there were a dozen of the dishes that she had made.

There were only two weeks left before the college entrance exam, so she was still very serious.

There was only one paper in front of him, and it was filled with questions. Gong Yunning's subject wasn't the only one, it was pretty good. However, this algebra was her weak point.

Gong Yunning closed her eyes, feeling dizzy. 'Didn't I sleep in the afternoon? Why do I feel like sleeping now?' Pull down, pull down, we'll talk about it tomorrow.

Gong Yunning got into her own bed in a daze, covered her head and went to sleep.

"Hur Hur Hur Hur, this is little Yunning's exam paper, the words are so ugly." A devilish laughter entered Gong Yunning's ears. It was a little noisy, and she felt a little irritated. Who had disturbed his sleep?

Gong Yunning slowly opened her eyes. There was no one in the room, but the door was open.

He got out of bed and walked up the stairs to take a look.

Three men, in the palm, that... Isn't that her exam paper! What are they doing, Zhuo Shaohuai, is still laughing.

His face alternated between red and white as he felt somewhat embarrassed.

"Hey, little Yunning, you're awake. Come over here quickly. The uncles are looking at your simulation. Hur Hur, your calligraphy is really ugly." Zhuo Shaohuai saw Gong Yunning's warm greeting.

"Go wash up." Shentu Jia knew that Gong Yunning had woken up. He looked down at her messy hair. Gong Yunning, who was still confused after being woken up, looked dissatisfied. He, who was sitting on the leather sofa, smirked.

"Who asked you to come into my room and take my exam papers?" Gong Yunning stared at the three men and was a little angry. She casually entered my room and took my exam paper, yet she still dared to mock me.

Gong Yunning finished her sentence and turned to leave, leaving the stupefied man alone in the wind.

"Little Yunning, you're mad!" Zhuo Shaohuai lightly touched Murong Xi. Although Little Yunning was cute and well-behaved, he was still scared when she got angry. In the end, young girl had played tricks on them when they were young.

Shoes in the sink, mustard in the meal, back to the Bastard, can you imagine a group with a higher back with "I am the Bastard" on it, strolling around the Bastard?

The most important thing was Shentu Jia, Murong Xi, and Di Runliang. They all knew that no one had reminded him.

"You laughed the loudest just now." Murong Xi reminded Zhuo Shaohuai out of kindness.

Zhuo Shaohuai threw himself onto the leather sofa with a look of helplessness on his face as he shouted, "Shentu Jia, save me!"

Shentu Jia ignored him. His gaze was locked on Gong Yunning, who was walking into the living room.

"Yunning, Uncle Zhuo didn't do it on purpose. You're going to take the college entrance exam soon, I'll teach you some lessons." Zhuo Shaohuai smiled at Gong Yunning, trying to curry favor with her.

"Are you sure?" Murong Xi who was at the side slightly opened his mouth.

"You don't have to cause such trouble. Although my studies aren't as good as yours, I can still teach Little Yunning …" Zhuo Shaohuai paused slightly. "However, Yunning, your level is far worse than yours, Seventh Uncle."

"Where's I, Uncle Di?" Gong Yunning stared at Zhuo Shaohuai's chatty words and decisively changed the topic.

"I'm late for something." Actually, Di Runliang went to find Zong Wanqing. He had his own matters to settle.

When Gong Yunning heard Shentu Jia open his mouth, she responded faintly, "Oh."

Then he turned to the men and said seriously, "Move back and don't casually come into my room. Take my things." Ye Zichen sneaked a peek at Shentu Jia.

Shentu Jia was stunned, and felt a pinch in his heart. She was just telling him to listen.

'I can't, who can? ' Shentu Jia adjusted his mood, but his gaze was still calm, without a trace of emotion.

"I made a few mistakes for you." Shentu Jia put the exam scroll on the wooden table. His long fingers looked really pretty.

How many were there to shout? Gong Yunning took a look at the algebra paper. The questions that Gong Yunning didn't know how to answer were basically all marked by Shentu Jia.

"I won't ask." Shentu Jia's tone was firm and domineering.

Little Yunning, you received a double degree at Chiang City University, and at the same time, you also received a master's degree from Princeton University. Zhuo Shaohuai stared at Gong Yunning's perplexity and said proudly, As if he were the best.

Gong Yunning had been by his side all these years, but she had no idea about this. Gong Yunning was slightly dazed.

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