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"Can you be more powerful?" Gong Yunning pouted her lips as she looked at Shentu Jia. She seemed to be unconvinced.

"Of course …"

"Go find your Doctor Wang when you have time," Shentu Jia cut Zhuo Shaohuai off with a single cut and waved at Gong Yunning, gesturing for her to come over and teach her herself.

"Uncle Zhuo, Doctor Wang, Doctor Wang, huh?" Gong Yunning sat on the leather sofa and stared at Zhuo Shaohuai with interest.

"Yes, yes. Let's go." Zhuo Shaohuai pulled Murong Xi, who was laughing by the side.

After Murong Xi had left with Zhuo Shaohuai, Gong Yunning suddenly felt a little embarrassed as she stared at Shentu Jia, who was seriously teaching her how to solve a problem. She had been secretly touching him and staying further away from him, Sun Tie.

If his handwriting wasn't good, would he despise it?

Of course, Shentu Jia felt it. young girl's estrangement from him was so deep that one could not see the bottom of her dark eyes. Was it because of Zong Fuqing?

"Seventh Uncle, I want to go to school. The college entrance exam is going to start in less than two weeks." Gong Yunning said carefully while staring at Shentu Jia.

Shentu Jia frowned. She had just finished the operation and something like that happened again, so he was afraid that she might want to hide by herself.

She thought of another possibility. Did she want to see Zong Fuqing earlier? Under the wooden table, Xin Changbai's hand was tightly clenching the blood vessels in his fist.

"Wait two more days, I'll find a teacher for you to take supplementary lessons." Shentu Jia stared at Gong Yunningying's beautiful face and forcefully suppressed the anger in his heart. In fact, he wanted to teach her more.

"No need, no need. I can learn by myself." Gong Yunning smiled.

"Seventh Uncle, you're not going to work?"

"Go, finish teaching you this question, and then leave." Only then did Gong Yunning realize that Shentu Jia was dressed neatly and properly. He must be going to work.

"Oh, I see." Gong Yunning stared at Seventh Uncle. Can you learn properly here?

Shentu Jia had left early and returned late these few days. Gong Yunning didn't have the chance to see him at all.

However, Gong Yunning was still unhappy. Although she had to avoid Seventh Uncle on her own, she could not see Seventh Uncle, so her heart was empty.

"Miss Ning, Mister said you can go to school today." Special Assistant Yan came to pick her up and bring her to school on the morning of the next day.

"What about me, Seventh Uncle?" She was up early today.

"Mister went to work early in the morning." Special Assistant Yan didn't know why the boss had been so punctual these days. It was obvious that the boss didn't need to go there so early.

In addition, the pressure placed on the group these days was very low. They were extremely cautious and cautious.

Life was not going well for Yan Sheng. He sighed in his heart and sent Gong Yunning to school.

The highest level of the Shentu Corporation.

"What are you planning to do now?" Old Di Runliang had already heard from Yan Sheng that Shentu Jia had been in a bad mood for the past few days. After thinking about it for a while, he knew it had something to do with Gong Yunning.

Ye Zichen smiled wryly in his heart.

"What are you going to do?" Shentu Jia, who was in a well-ironed black suit, stared at the huge floating window and asked as he stared at the ant-like car beneath his feet.

"Me? "I won't let go." Di Runliang stood up and stood side by side with Shentu Jia. He stared into the distance and his gaze and tone were as fixed as always.

"Neither will I." Shentu Jia parted his lips and a beautiful figure flashed in his heart. The color in his eyes deepened.

"She can't be with others. The only person she loves can only be me." When Shentu Jia thought that Yunning might fall in love with someone else, a layer of killing intent flashed in his heart.

He could pay any price for her.

"Then you should always tell her, or you should let him know." Di Runliang lightly patted Shentu Jia's shoulder.

He felt that he was indeed brothers with Shentu Jia, and they both appreciated each other's feelings.

"Is your debt settled?" Shentu Jia raised his eyebrows, I know what to do.

"Shentu Jia, you're awesome." Zong Wanqing had come to quarrel with him about her brother and told him not to look for her again.

It was impossible for him to let go of her. Shentu Jia was purposely rubbing salt into his wounds!

After Di Runliang left, Shentu Jia stood by the floating window for a long time. His upright posture, perfect face, and cold aura made him feel very bad. He had not seen the little girl that stuck to him all day long.

I wonder how she is.

Thinking that she might be hiding herself, or maybe it was because of Young Master Zong Family, the anger in her heart skyrocketed.

Maybe it was jealousy, but that kind of feeling drove him crazy.

He missed her a bit, but Shentu Jia knew that Gong Yunning was hiding behind herself and didn't see her for a few days. It was to give her some space and calm her down.

He should give her time to accept herself.

The college entrance exam was going to start in a week, and the countdown number at the back of the class was getting smaller and smaller. The students in the school were no longer anxious, and instead, they were relaxed.

As soon as Gong Yunning arrived at the school, she heard a lot of gossip, saying that the school grass brother had escorted her late into the night. The two of them were already engaged to be married.

There were even Zong Fuqing's admirers who weren't afraid of death who came straight to her and asked her if she was with them, the god of men. If she said 'blessings', it would be better to cherish it for a long time. There were also those who scolded her.

At the beginning, Gong Yunning had explained, but later on she was too lazy to explain.

As for Zong Fuqing, when he heard this, he did not explain. He just smiled faintly. That bright and clear smile made a lot of girls confused. It also fixed their hearts on the matter of Big Brother Grass and Gong Yunning together.

"Yunning, let's go eat." When it was noon, Zong Fuqing came out on time. He walked up to Lili with a smile on his face. Although he was injured, he was still unstoppable.

"Student Zong, don't think so much. I've made an appointment with my classmate." Gong Yunning smiled in embarrassment.

"Then let's have one." Having been rejected, Zong Fuqing did not get mad nor did he get mad as he continued.

Therefore, these few days, they could always see Gong Yunning, Zong Fuqing, Xiaoyin, and Hu Dandan leaving the restaurant together.

Gong Yunning and Xiaoyin always felt uncomfortable, but there was nothing they could do. Hu Dandan, on the other hand, was always running back and forth for Zong Fuqing with a face full of courtesy.

Gong Yunning and Guan Xiaoyin already knew that Hu Dandan liked Zong Fuqing, but they couldn't see through him.

It had to be a week, Gong Yunning thought, or she would go crazy. As for her, Seventh Uncle, she hadn't seen him for five days.

Shentu Jia asked Yan Sheng to drive the car to Gong Yunning's school. He just wanted to see her.

"Sir, we are here," Yan Sheng told Shentu Jia respectfully.

"Yes, we'll stop here." He didn't have any plans to get out of the car. If he was lucky, he might be able to meet her.

"Is Gong Yunning and Young Master Zong really together?"

"Of course it's true. Young Master Zong has already accepted it."

"Wow, the male goddess is absolutely compatible."

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