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The two girls were discussing excitedly outside Shentu Jia's glass window. They didn't know that the person in the car had a sinister look in his eyes and anger all over his body.

"Sir." Yan Sheng obviously heard it and called Shentu Jia anxiously.

Shentu Jia's eyes were locked on a certain spot outside the window. Yan Sheng followed Shentu Jia's gaze and looked over. Not only was he shocked, he said, "Miss Ning."

Beside him was Zong Fuqing, who was leaning on a cane.

Shentu Jia had already opened the door and got out of the car. He walked towards Gong Yunning. His posture was still mature and cool, but his steps were a bit hurried.

"Young Master Zong, please let go of your hand." Shentu Jia met Zong Fuqing's gaze. His eyes were filled with anger, and the warning was obvious.

Zong Fuqing's body trembled. He was shocked by the powerful aura and felt a chill down his spine.

"Seventh Uncle." Gong Yunning stared at Seventh Uncle, whom she hadn't seen for a few days. Her eyes were a little wet. She murmured softly and hurriedly let go of Zong Fuqing's hand.

Xiaoyin went to the bathroom with Hu Dandan. She couldn't just leave Zong Fuqing, who was carrying a walking stick, alone. Furthermore, Zong Fuqing used all his strength to push himself against her, as if they were hugging.

Zong Fuqing came back to his senses. He cleared his throat and stood still. Then, he bowed his head towards Shentu Jia. "Seventh Uncle."

He liked Gong Yunning. Although he knew that Seventh Uncle hated him, he still had to do his best. It took him a while to get rid of the two of them, but he didn't expect Shentu Jia to appear right after they left.

Shentu Jia's expression turned even more sinister, the surrounding air also suddenly cooled down. His lips pursed into a straight line, "You forgot what I said that day at the hospital."

Zong Fuqing choked and his smile gradually stiffened.

"Please stay away from my family's Yunning." At the end, Shentu Jia deliberately bit down heavily.

"Seventh Uncle, that's not …" "It's not what you think." Gong Yunning saw this and was anxious. Seventh Uncle seemed to be very angry.

"Shut up!" Shentu Jia's eyes suddenly darkened as he chastised in a cold voice.

Gong Yunning Yunning felt a twinge of pain in her heart. He had told her to shut up, that he had never said a word to her since she was little, and now, when he told her to shut up, his eyes suddenly reddened and he could not speak.

Zong Fuqing looked at Gong Yunning with a pang in his heart. He also looked at Shentu Jia boldly. Director Shentu, Yunning, she didn't do anything wrong. "

"There is no need for outsiders to interfere in my family matters." Shentu Jia's face was gloomy and his aura was pressuring others.

Shentu Jia pulled Gong Yunning's hand, turned around and walked away. His body was full of hostility, making people unable to get close to him.

"Yunning!" Zong Fuqing reached out with his right hand, shouted Gong Yunning, and gripped it tightly again. Shentu Jia, her Seventh Uncle, was incapable of contending with him.

Gong Yunning's petite body was dragged along by Shentu Jia. Her eyes were red as she bit her lower lip.

"Seventh Uncle, where are you taking me? I still need to go to class." Gong Yunning's palm was in pain from Shentu Jia's pulling, and her voice sounded choked with sobs.

"Going home." Shentu Jia only said two words and carried Gong Yunning into the car.

There were many people on campus who knew Gong Yunning and were pointing at her. Nobody knew what this woman who hooked up with the Colonel was thinking and speculating about.

The air in the car was so still that Gong Yunning pursed her lips tightly and stared out the window at the passing scenery. She didn't want to cry and didn't know how she had offended him.

"You like Zong Fuqing." Staring at Gong Yunning's appearance, Shentu Jia felt his heart ache. However, the words of the two girls still lingered in his mind. He couldn't suppress the anger in his heart.

When Gong Yunning heard his questioning tone, she became even more determined. She didn't even spare him a glance as she ignored him.

However, in Shentu Jia's eyes, her silence was tacit agreement.

Shentu Jia pulled her arm and made her turn around, forcing her to stare at him, "Gong Yunning, are you admitting it!" A pair of blood-red eyes stared at Gong Yunning.

"Seventh Uncle, like I said, it's not what you think." The soft voice carried a thick sobbing tone.

Why did he have to look like this? His parents felt that their daughter would be like this even if she was in love for a long time, so there were still others … The reason. Gong Yunning was shocked when she thought up to here. Why would she have such wild thoughts about her own Seventh Uncle?

"If it's not what I thought, then who the hell is it? Do you really think I'm blind!?"

"Gong Yunning, I'm telling you, you're mine. You can only be mine!" Shentu Jia's blood-red eyes were bottomless, and the godly light seemed to want to devour everything as its voice was strong and firm.

Ever since he had discovered that his heart was occupied by that little creature, he had never planned to let go of her. Even if he had to pester her for the rest of his life, he wanted her to stay by his side.

What did he mean? Could it really be as Hu Dandan had said …

The car suddenly stopped and Gong Yunning's body charged forward. Shentu Jia instinctively went to stop her to prevent her from getting hurt.

Gong Yunning's heart warmed. She stared at Shentu Jia, who clearly showed that he was finished. In the end, she was still worried for her own safety.

What if he really likes me? But I'm with him, he's Seventh Uncle, and I thought that the day she gets married and has kids will be sad for me, sad for me.

She would also be afraid that she would no longer have the qualifications to take his arm and hide in the crook of his elbow while acting coquettishly, but she never would have thought that the person standing next to him was herself.

Gong Yunning followed Shentu Jia. He seemed to be his father, but Gong Yunning was very reliant on him. But did she like him? Gong Yunning felt unsure of herself.

"Sir, Miss Ning, we're here." Special Assistant Yan's voice broke Gong Yunning's train of thoughts.

Since Yan Sheng had been by Shentu Jia's side for so many years, he naturally knew his Boss very well. He had been very quiet throughout the journey, not disturbing the two of them.

Within the Yinghu villa Mansion.

"Follow me." Without waiting for Gong Yunning's reply, Shentu Jia dragged her upstairs, closed the door, and completed it in one go. They entered Shentu Jia's room. Gong Yunning could tell with her eyes closed that he was the only one in the room.

Shentu Jia pressed Gong Yunning against the wall, tightly locking her in his embrace. He lowered his head slightly and lightly held Gong Yunning's soft lips. His palms were still pressed against Gong Yunning's back, as he was afraid that the wall would get too cold.

Gong Yunning's body stiffened and her mind buzzed. She hadn't expected that … Unexpectedly, she, Seventh Uncle, could... Kiss her.

Shentu Jia glanced at Gong Yunning. Seeing that she did not resist, he deepened this kiss and plundered every part of her beauty.

When he saw her touch Zong Fuqing's palm just now, he was so jealous that he went crazy. If Zong Fuqing wasn't disabled now, he might have punched her until the teeth were all over the floor.

Her lips were as soft as her own. Shentu Jia was very careful and allowed her to inhale as if he was afraid of hurting her.

Now that she was his, the feeling was clearer.

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