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Gong Yunning didn't dare to utter a word throughout the whole process. She stopped the car and felt even more dizzy. Shentu Jia opened the car door and reached out his hands to hug her.

She covered her mouth, unable to hold back as she spat out one mouthful.

Shentu Jia's suit was extremely dirty.

Gong Yunning thought to herself, "Oh no, she's really doomed today."

The lines on his hard face sunk inch by inch, leaving only the burning anger in his eyes. He grabbed Gong Yunning's wrist and used 20% of his strength, "Gong Yunning, you are really lacking in training."

"Seventh Uncle, I'm really innocent." Gong Yunning raised three of her fingers and swore.

Nanny Feng came out of the kitchen with the soup. She did not know how the two of them were, so she called out softly, "Mister and Miss, it's time for dinner."

Shentu Jia remained silent while Gong Yunning sniffed the fragrance of the dishes. She was a little excited, "Nanny Feng, what delicious dishes did you cook today? I'm so hungry. "

Hungry, of course she was.

Shentu Jia changed out of his shoes and went straight to the second floor. He also brought a lackey with him as he followed behind Shentu Jia listlessly.

"Bam!" The moment he entered the bedroom, Shentu Jia went into the bathroom and slammed the door loudly.

Gong Yunning rubbed her nose. Luckily, she had reacted quickly, otherwise, she would have bumped into him.

Without Shentu Jia's order, she didn't dare to leave and instead laid down on the bed to play on her phone.

Zong Fuqing was worried about her, so she called. Gong Yunning thought for a moment. This bro was quite loyal. She answered the phone, "Silly Zong, can you not be so honest?"

"Miss Gong?" The speaker was a woman, her voice soft.

Gong Yunning sat up straight and probed, "Auntie Zong?"

Would Zong Fuqing's mother call her?

"Yes, I am Zong Fuqing's mother. I heard about what happened today from the Sect Leader, School Supervisor is really stupid. Auntie thought, could I ask you out for a meal or something? It can also be considered to be the apology of our Fountain Elder. "

Gong Yunning was embarrassed. She wanted to reject him, but it was not so good to be in front of her elders. She thought for a moment, then replied perfunctorily, "Sure."

"Then Auntie, can I talk to Zong Fuqing now?"

Gan Shengmei sounded very happy. She praised Gong Yunning for being sensible and let her son, Zong Fuqing, answer the phone. Gong Yunning had a temper. She nagged Zong Fuqing a few times, hung up the phone, and laid on the bed in a daze.

It's been a long time since she's been in this big bed. Three years, right? From the age of 15, Shentu Jia began to raise her. After she went to high school, he just threw her into a boarding school and took her home on a weekly basis. He was always busy with his official duties.

Gong Yunning suspected that her family's Seventh Uncle was avoiding her and distancing himself from her.

She rolled around in the big bed, rolling and rolling, Shentu Jia came out.

He assumed that Gong Yunning was already gone, and had walked out without taking his bathrobe with him. Who knew that …

"Ya!" Gong Yunning exclaimed and quickly covered her eyes to apologize, "Seventh Uncle, I was wrong, I didn't mean to. I didn't peek, this is really a misunderstanding."

"Get out." Shentu Jia put on his bathrobe and jumped up and down in anger.

Gong Yunning ran past him, and Shentu Jia grabbed her again, "Go to the library and stay there. Check every thirty thousand words. Don't eat until you've finished writing."

Since he was about to graduate from his third year, who would still write an exam!?

Gong Yunning feebly resisted in her heart. She held back her blush and said, "I will do as you say."

He narrowed his eyes and ran out, crashing into the door.

Shentu Jia stared at the little gadget randomly, feeling both heartache and laughter. His face that had been impervious to the glaciers for many years revealed a slight smile, and his expression was gentle like water.

After he had changed his clothes, he sat down neatly on the wooden chair behind the desk in the library. He once again had that domineering, domineering look on his face.

"Finished?" A few hours later, Shentu Jia looked at Gong Yunning's pitiful gaze. He regretted asking her to write so many words, but his face was still as stern as ever.

Gong Yunning bit the pen and bargained, "Is eight thousand okay?"

"Next time." Shentu Jia did not make things difficult for her.

The corner of Gong Yunning's mouth twitched. She still had to make up for it the next time she wrote the test. Her family's Seventh Uncle was also very powerful. After respectfully handing it over for inspection, Gong Yunning placed her hands behind her back and waited for Shentu Jia to read the paper.

Shentu Jia, on the other hand, looked at it very carefully, reading it word by word. Gong Yunning admired it once again. The reading and checking ability was the same as reading the work report.

"You said you're not in love?" Shentu Jia put down the exam book, clasped his hands together and examined Gong Yunning.

Gong Yunning touched her nose and shook her head with determination, "Why would I fall for that Zong Fuqing guy? He's no different from me, a bro."

"We can hug and kiss brothers?" A dangerous light flashed across Shentu Jia's sharp eyes, which reflected Gong Yunning's uneasy expression.

"He really didn't kiss me."

"Where did he kiss?"

Shentu Jia raised his eyebrows and asked in a displeased tone.

Seeing that she couldn't hide it anymore, Gong Yunning took half a step back in fright. With a slightly flushed face, she whispered, "I didn't expect him to kiss my palm either."

She just dropped the ice cream on the back of her hand and Zong Fuqing kissed her.

"Left hand? "Which specific location?" Shentu Jia stared at Gong Yunning with his sharp eyes, his gaze filled with anger and suppression. He then asked, "You called Zong Fuqing just now? You miss him? "

Gong Yunning couldn't take the pressure anymore and raised her head to look at Shentu Jia.

The coldness in his eyes, thin as a blade, cut into her body, cut into her heart. He just didn't believe her.

Gong Yunning's eyes were a little red, but she forced herself to hold back her tears and clenched her fists. "No matter what I say, you won't believe me. What else do you want me to do?"


Shentu Jia didn't say anything, and the atmosphere instantly froze. Gong Yunning even felt that her breathing wasn't easy.

"Seventh Uncle." she whispered.

Shentu Jia ignored her. He lowered his eyes, walked to her side and led her to sit on the leather sofa. Then he grabbed her hand and looked at it carefully.

"Yunning, you know, no one can defy me, and neither can you." Shentu Jia's voice was low and dry, and his voice was almost gentle when he said it, but it made Gong Yunning shudder.

"Are you afraid of me?"

Gong Yunning bit her lower lip and didn't answer.

"Yes or no?" He gripped her jaw, the sound rising a notch.

Gong Yunning's belly was filled with tears. It was so easy for Shentu Jia to pay attention to her, but she was wrongly accused. She threw herself into Shentu Jia's arms and bit her lower lip as she cried.

Shentu Jia originally wanted to push her away, but the wetness in his chest startled him. The anger in his heart instantly turned into a pool of water.

He patted Gong Yunning on the back to soothe her.

"Don't bite, it will hurt." When Gong Yunning saw him crying even more, she started to beat him up with her fists on his shoulders, "You didn't want me, you threw me into high school and didn't care about me. Now that you all blame me, do you not want me anymore?"

Yeah, why didn't she think about it? She wasn't his biological son at all, and he would only ignore her because he despised her.

Shentu Jia felt his heart ache.

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