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Just now in the car, he already wanted to arrogantly declare his ownership of Gong Yunning. However, due to the fact that his little girl was thin-skinned and Special Assistant Yan was here as well.

Only when he realized that the little person in his embrace was breathing rapidly and was a little unable to catch his breath did he chuckle. "Breathe in, idiot."

Gong Yunning blushed. She didn't dare to look at him at all. She wanted to run, but she was locked tightly in Shentu Jia's arms and couldn't move. She could only press her head against his chest and hear his strong heartbeat.

Her heart beat a little faster. It turned out that she wasn't the only one who was panicking.

"Yunning, you can't like Zong Fuqing. You're mine, and you can't avoid me intentionally!" A low, mellow, and hoarse voice rang out from the top of her head. In such a cramped space, listening to it made Gong Yunning's ears itch. Furthermore, he was still thinking about who was hiding and slandering who.

However, it was fortunate that Shentu Jia's room was dark and he couldn't see her blushing face.

"'I like Zong Fuqing', but she didn't. So what that big sister doctor said was wrong. It's not that she's delusional, but that Seventh Uncle really likes her."

"Seventh Uncle, Zong Fuqing..." "He's actually pretty good. It's just that, you're wrong..." Gong Yunning wanted to explain.

"Enough. I don't want to hear his name again." The sweetness from before was overturned by this sentence, and suddenly disappeared.

"If you continue to protect him, I will definitely destroy him at any cost!" Shentu Jia tightly embraced Gong Yunning as he spoke with a dark expression.

"Seventh Uncle, you're being unreasonable." Gong Yunning was slightly angry, but she acted like she was crying. She didn't even allow him to finish his sentence.

Gong Yunning broke free from Shentu Jia's embrace and brushed away the feeling of aggression she felt just now.

"That's reasonable. Zong Fuqing." Seeing Gong Yunning resisting him, Shentu Jia tightened his grip on Gong Yunning.

"You'd better break up with him. It's better not to meet him in the future." He got angry when he remembered Zong Fuqing.

Since they were not together, how could they be on the same level? Before Gong Yunning could finish her sentence, Shentu Jia had already pressed Gong Yunning onto the bed with a twist of his body.

Due to the soft bed, the two of them fell and bounced up and down a few times.

Shentu Jia looked at the person below him, his Yunning. He was carefully protecting Yunning, who grew up with him. Without any hesitation, he continued to explore the city.

Gong Yunning had not come to her senses just now. Now, she clearly knew in her heart that she, Seventh Uncle, liked him and had a strong desire to monopolize him.

Staring at her frenzied looting, Seventh Uncle was a little frightened. His body weight was so heavy that he was barely able to breathe. He used his slender white hands to push Shentu Jia tightly and kept resisting.

"Seventh Uncle..." "Ugh …" Seventh Uncle, no... "Sure."

Shentu Jia was blinded by jealousy. He started to kiss her. Gong Yunning's neck was lightly sucking on it, and her hands started to move around in disobedience.

The strange feeling made Gong Yunning's body tremble. She felt a little numb, but deep inside her heart, a huge fear rose. She had never seen Seventh Uncle like this.

Seventh Uncle had always been very gentle to her.

Giving up on meaningless resistance, tears dripped from Gong Yunning's eyes as she closed them tightly. "Seventh Uncle …"

His tears dripped onto Shentu Jia's arm, causing his heart to ache. He was stunned for a split-second, wondering what he was doing. Sorry... "Sorry, Yunning."

"It's Seventh Uncle's fault, it's Seventh Uncle's fault..." Seventh Uncle deserves to die. " A man of nearly 30 years old, in a moment of panic want to do a wrong child, do not know what to do.

Shentu Jia could only tightly hold Gong Yunning in his arms and make up for it. Every drop of Gong Yunning's tears was tightly pressed onto Shentu Jia's heart.

Shentu Jia wanted to punch himself. He could not forgive himself for hurting Yunning like this. A thousand cuts and ten thousand cuts were not enough to be regretted. His heart was in intense pain.

Gong Yunning didn't know how long she had been there. Her tears were still on her face and her eyes were tightly shut. Whether or not her nose was twitching meant that she was still awake.

"Let me go." It was a heavy cry, but it was determined.

Shentu Jia let go of Gong Yunning in vain. His posture was even a bit awkward as he staggered out of the room.

"Bam!" Hearing the loud sound of the door closing, her body trembled as she lay on the bed. She was already tired from crying and her eyes were filled with pain. However, that heavy feeling in her heart did not dissipate.

Lili was still in a hurry to see if she liked Shentu Jia, and she was shocked by his actions. A few days ago, he had been like those dandy boys who went looking for the young lady, but now he came looking for her to have some fun with.

Being fond of someone shouldn't be like this. She was already 18 years old and would often listen in school. Some female classmates even said that they were doing random things with their boyfriends …

Every time she heard it, she would feel very ashamed, but she wasn't a child. She understood that, but this matter should be done together with the person she loved, right?

The girls she saw still looked very happy and happy after giving them to the ones she loved.

However, what happened to her? First, she was almost killed by someone, then for some reason, her first kiss was stolen by Seventh Uncle. Then, she almost, almost …

Thinking about it, not only did Gong Yunning's eyes turn red again, she should also focus on her relationship with Seventh Uncle. Perhaps what that beautiful doctor's sister said wasn't entirely true.

However, if beautiful big sister's words hit the mark, what should he do, follow behind Seventh Uncle …

He was his only family.

When Nanny Feng saw Shentu Jia walk out of the house with a gloomy face, she suddenly started to worry. This Mister and Miss Ning were both doing well before. Why would they always get into trouble now?

Shentu Jia drove out the door at a very high speed, his mind in a mess. He's a son of a bitch, and his Yunning's still so young. She was only eighteen years old, and had obviously thought about giving her time. Tell her that Shentu Jia liked Gong Yunning.

He couldn't control his impulse and only knew that she was together with Zong Fuqing. Zong Fuqing might hold her hand and kiss her, causing him to go crazy with jealousy.

In the VIP room of the nightclub, Shentu Jia drank one cup after another. Zhuo Shaohuai glanced at Murong Xi and Di Runliang, hoping that they would tell him what was going on.

Murong Xi and Di Runliang picked up the glass and sipped on it as they stared at Liu Tie. From the looks of it, it seemed like something had happened between him and Little Yunning. It should look very serious.

"Come on, Jia, don't drink alone. Let's drink together, hmm ~" Zhuo Shaohuai stood up to liven up the atmosphere as he stared at their silence.

Shentu Jia, put down the glass cup. The sound was soft and hoarse and sounded very tired, "I'm a bastard!" As he said that, he slammed his hand onto the wooden table, causing the stuff on the table to shatter.

Zhuo Shaohuai stood there and stared at Shentu Jia. He was a bit embarrassed and didn't know what to do.

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