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It was not something she understood. If she wanted to part with him, she could easily give up.

"Stop crying. It's my fault. I shouldn't blame you." Shentu Jia coaxed, his eyes filled with tenderness.

Gong Yunning ignored his Wennon. She sniffed and mumbled for half a day before saying in a low voice, "Seventh Uncle, I miss you."

Shentu Jia hugged her arm and tightened it. At first, he was also ruthless enough to throw her into the dormitory school, but now three years had passed.

He hadn't had a good three years.

He always felt that something was missing. No matter where or when, Little Yunning would always show up in front of him and call him Uncle Shentu.

Since Shentu was a person with the same surname, he didn't like to call her that. Thus, he asked her to call him Seventh Uncle.

The descendants of the Shentu Family Clan flourished, and Shentu Jia was ranked seventh. Among his peers, the oldest already had a grandson, and the youngest was still in kindergarten.

"Seventh Uncle is also thinking about Yunning." Shentu Jia gave her a light kiss on her forehead as his skin made contact. The two of them were stunned for a moment and when their eyes met, Gong Yun Sect's face flushed red first.

Maybe it was because they had been separated for too long, but she wasn't used to being so intimate with Shentu Jia, but she also wanted to enjoy his embrace.

However, Shentu Jia felt it was funny. His handsome face was full of pride. "We, Yunning, are shy."

Gong Yunning was too embarrassed to show her face. With a dark expression, she replied, "I can kiss her back."

She made a ruckus and rushed forward to kiss him on the cheek, as mischievous as when she was a child.

Shentu Jia hid. Gong Yunning didn't play the cards according to the rules. She smiled as she held Shentu Jia's neck and kissed him on the lips.

That was her first kiss.

Gong Yunning felt bitter inside, so she retreated, covering her mouth and frowned, "Seventh Uncle, are you a man?"

Shentu Jia's face sank. "What do you think?"

Wasn't she able to see whether he was a man or not?

Gong Yunning blushed again, but that wasn't what she meant. She stomped her feet and said, "Seventh Uncle, I mean, you raised me and I called you uncle. You are my elder, kissing your elder can't be considered as not kissing for the first time, right?"

Shentu Jia raised his eyebrows. This girl was too logical. When he saw her covering her mouth with her hands, a sharp look appeared in his eyes. He nodded and didn't make any comments.

Gong Yunning patted her chest as she beamed. "That's good then. My first kiss is for those I love."

"Like who?" Shentu Jia's eyes were cold. The pure pink color of a young girl in his adolescence was present on Gong Yunning's face. Deep down inside, a storm was raging.

She licked her lower lip and answered honestly, "Not yet."

"But I'm looking for someone like Seventh Uncle." Gong Yunning intimately held Shentu Jia's arm, leaned her head against him and began to act coquettishly.

However, Shentu Jia's expression didn't look too good. He took his hand out from Gong Yunning's arms and said, "Let's go downstairs for dinner."

Without hesitation, Gong Yunning followed him downstairs.

Nanny Feng thought that since the two of them had quarreled, Shentu Jia had punished Gong Yunning.

"Miss Ning, I made a round soup of beef bone and cinnamon for you. Come back with difficulty, you can make up for it." Nanny Feng was very attentive and fond of Gong Yunning.

Gong Yunning took the bowl politely and tasted it. She praised, "It tastes so good. Nanny Feng, you're so good. If you could have gone to college with me, that would have been perfect."

"Miss Ning likes it. I'll bring it to school after I stew it." As Nanny Feng chatted with Gong Yunning, she completely left Shentu Jia, a living person, behind.

Shentu Jia ate in a very gentle manner, neither fast nor slow.

Gong Yunning stared at the spiced beef in front of Shentu Jia, pouting, "Seventh Uncle, I want to eat there."

Her face was full of joy. A pair of big eyes were filled with hope under her thick and limpid eyelashes. The bowl had already reached in front of Shentu Jia.

Shentu Jia ignored him, not even sparing him a glance.

Gong Yunning retracted her hand in frustration and stared bitterly at Shentu Jia, trying to recall what she did wrong. Finally, she put down her bowl and said, "Nanny Feng, I'm not eating anymore. I'll go upstairs to do my homework."

The moment she stood up, she heard the sound of Shentu Jia putting down the chopsticks. Her deep voice was mixed with a thick sense of anger, "Sit down."

Gong Yunning clenched her hands. Her family's Seventh Uncle could not understand Seventh Uncle's current character. Sometimes he was so good and sometimes he suddenly got angry. They could not even understand what he was angry about.

"Seventh Uncle, if you are angry because I am too attached to you, then I will try to grow up and not stick to you in the future. It is not impossible for me to choose between the college entrance examination and the province I choose."

Nanny Feng saw that the two of them were at loggerheads, so she hurriedly tried to persuade Gong Yunning, "Miss Ning, mister feels sorry for you, but why would you leave?"

This was the truth.

However, how could Shentu Jia endure Gong Yunning's disobedience and betray him. He stopped his hand on the table and tapped the table with his fingers. His sharp gaze caused Gong Yunning's hair to stand on end.

She pouted and said, "If you're angry about my love affair, I'm very sorry. I'm not in love at all. The school is making a fuss about it."

Gong Yunning analyzed all the reasons why Shentu Jia was angry, but she didn't think that Shentu Jia would be angry because she said that she would look for a boyfriend in the future.

Of course Shentu Jia wouldn't say it out loud. This kind of reason was too stingy. He was an elder, how could he let her live?

However, the little self-restraint he was so proud of had turned into dust the moment it touched Gong Yunning.

"Sit down and finish your meal." Shentu Jia took Gong Yunning's bowl, gave her her favorite dish and put it in front of her.

Gong Yunning was stupefied.

In his heart, he ran through thousands of f * cking horses.

She sat down obediently and enjoyed her food, and talked a great deal, as if nothing unpleasant had ever happened.

After a long discussion, Gong Yunning explained vividly, "It is said outside that little Yunning is Master Jia's darling and Master Jia's lifeblood. I see, Seventh Uncle, you are my top-notch and my lifeblood. I have no temper. What do you mean by that?"

Shentu Jia pursed his lips and did not reply her.

Gong Yunning spoke with her upper body, "If I had to say it, I should just be mad at you. I should just ignore you, just like how you threw me at school, and leave you in some nursing home for a few years. I should just ignore you and anger you to death."

Shentu Jia's originally calm expression collapsed like a landslide.

For the past three years, his heart had been struggling.

Gong Yunning's chopsticks stopped and she licked her greasy lips as she said in panic, "Seventh Uncle, I was just talking nonsense with you. Don't take it seriously."

"Eh?" Shentu Jia let out a sarcastic laugh.

Gong Yunning became even more flustered, "filial piety comes first. Seventh Uncle, when you are old, I will return the favor to you. How can I send you to an institution for the elderly? You're the most important person to me in the world. "

The more he said, the more ridiculous it became.

Shentu Jia's face turned dark. He stared at the table full of dishes, unable to eat. His heart ached as he waited for Yunning to finish eating. Then he went upstairs and locked himself in the library.

Half of the heavy curtain was exposed, and Shentu Jia was standing next to the window. The cuffs of his shirt were rolled up, revealing half of his well-built arm. He was holding the phone with a serious expression.

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