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Shentu Jia was full of spirit and concealing his love for Wen Nong. He couldn't help but ask, "Yunning, in these three years, have you ever hated Seventh Uncle?"

Gong Yunning stood outside the window, bent her index finger towards Shentu Jia, and whispered into his ear, "Seventh Uncle, these three years, I've only thought about you, never blamed you, and never hated you."

Shentu Jia pursed his lips and rubbed Gong Yunning's hair. "Let's go in."

"Yes." Gong Yunning put on her backpack and ran like mad.

A horn sounded from behind her. She stood still and slowly walked forward. She didn't forget to turn around and wave at Shentu Jia.

After she entered the door of the bedroom, she ran even faster and climbed up the stairs. She pushed open the bedroom door and rushed towards the washroom.

Xiaoyin slept on the bed and had the best relationship with her. She worriedly knocked on the door. "Yunning, are you alright?"

"It's fine. I might have eaten something bad." Gong Yunning kept her voice low, but her small abdominal pain was unbearable. Thick layers of sweat were seeping out from her forehead.

Xiaoyin laughed softly, treating it as a normal little act of teasing and teasing, "You said that you can eat dirty stuff even if you don't care about the details of the day? Let me find some medicine for you. "

"Alright." Gong Yunning didn't even have the energy to bicker.

As he waited, his cell phone vibrated.

For the first time, her family's Seventh Uncle sent her a message.

"You ran so fast, didn't your feet hurt?"

Gong Yunninghui said, "It doesn't hurt."

After sending it, she felt that it was a bit cold, so she asked him, "Is Seventh Uncle in the group? Do not work late, take care of your health. "

"We're here, I'll pay attention."

Separated by the screen, Shentu Jia could clearly depict Gong Yunning staring at her phone in a daze. She had beautiful facial features, and under her eyebrows was a pair of eyes filled with water. When she stared at you, it made people lament.

Yan Sheng knocked on the door a few times, while Shentu Jia stood by the floating window and didn't ask him to come in. Liu Tie was on good terms with Shentu Jia, but he didn't dare to have a higher or lower level relationship in the group.

"Right." Shentu Jia turned his head, the deep and sharp light was firm and powerful.

Yan Sheng was worried about Master Jia's health. For the past few years, Master Jia had been working hard at the office, working hard for the group, and there was not a single person in the group who was unconvinced.

He made a cup of coffee and placed it on the table for Shentu Jia. Then he asked with a curved lips, "Master Jia, how are you doing going to school today? How is Miss Ning? Did you get praised by the school before you were asked to take action yourself? "

"You really have a lot of questions." Shentu Jia glanced at him and leaned back a little. His laziness added to his arrogance.

Yan Sheng smiled coyly and found a comfortable posture as he leaned against the desk on the side.

"Most of the areas around the Chiang City University have the name of Zong Family. If Master Jia wants to get it, it might be a bit awkward."

"No need." Shentu Jia You You's eyes were as black as ink and his tone was even more arrogant, "Buy it straight away."

Yan Sheng wasn't able to sit still, "What did you say?"

That kind of golden land could cost hundreds of millions to buy, was it for fun?

Furthermore, people with missing Zong Family would sell.

Shentu Jia Bai thought of the boy who stood in front of Gong Yunning during the day and raised his eyebrows. "I will be personally responsible for this project."

Yan Sheng looked at Shentu Jia in surprise, and suddenly laughed meaningfully, "We, Miss Ning, are going to college in Chiang City?"

"Yours?" Shentu Jia opened his eyes and spoke in a clear tone.

"…" Yan Sheng tactfully changed the topic, "About that, Master Jia, if there's nothing else, I'll get off work first."

He ran away gloomily.

Around midnight, Shentu Jia went to the resting room to sleep. He checked the message on his phone and found nothing.

He looked at the time, afraid that he would disturb her, and his desire to speak vanished without a trace.


At the same time.

Gong Yunning was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Other than Xiaoyin, who came with them out of her own free will, the other two scolded her a little, blaming her for being pampered. She was even more envious of her.

The stretcher was taken down from the ambulance, and Xiaoyin was too weak to run, except for Zong Fuqing, who was still following the nurse as she pushed the bed. "Sofia, Sofia, don't be afraid, it's okay, we're in the hospital right now, the doctor will check it for you immediately."

In her dizziness, Gong Yunning held Zong Fuqing's hand tightly, tears falling down from the pain. Her eyebrows were deeply furrowed as she called out, "Seventh Uncle, Seventh Uncle, I'm in so much pain …"

Zong Fuqing held her hand back and kissed her lips, "It's okay, it's okay. Yunning, I won't let anything happen to you."

The doctors and nurses at the side of the room recognized their young master. They were terrified, but they found it funny. How old were these two people? An acute appendicitis was like they were about to die.

One of the attending doctors comforted Zong Fuqing, "Young Master Zong, about her condition, she will be fine after the surgery tonight."

"Better, or watch out for your black muslin hats." Zong Fuqing was just over 19 years old and was born in a very complicated environment in a Wealthy Class family. When he became angry at such a young age, he already had a trace of the hostility of someone in a higher position.

The doctors looked at each other in dissatisfaction.

Not long after Gong Yunning was pushed into the operating room, she was diagnosed with acute appendicitis and a nurse came out to get her relatives to sign her name.

Xiaoyin anxiously cried, "What should we do?" Yunning has been in school for three years, but I haven't seen her guardian.

Zong Fuqing's heart skipped a beat and he asked the nurse, "I'm his boyfriend, can I?"

When he said this, he mustered all the courage he had had in nineteen years. He clenched his hands into fists at his sides, and his ears were a little red.

Hu Dandan became even more jealous when she saw him act this way. She said, "Of course not. It's not like your boyfriend is your relative."

Zong Fuqing hit her hard.

Hu Dandan quickly added, "Look for Yunning's phone. Maybe we can contact her family."

"There's still five minutes before the operation. You can prepare as soon as possible." When the nurse saw this scene, she reminded him warmly.

Xiaoyin's hands were shaking. She directly gave Gong Yunning's phone to Zong Fuqing, "The first one in her message is her, Seventh Uncle. Try it on the screen."

Zong Fuqing held his cellphone, feeling a little scared. He had met Gong Yunning's Seventh Uncle before. He was an elder who was difficult to get along with.

But the phone was still dialed.

He seemed to be the young boyfriend of a guardian interviewer, sweat dripping from his palms.

The other party didn't ask him to wait any longer. He answered the phone with a lazy and noble voice. "Yunning can't sleep?"

Zong Fuqing was surprised for a moment. The tone of Shentu Jia, the tone of Wen Nong's voice, and the cold arrogance he felt during the day were like two different people.

He tried his best to keep his breathing steady, "Hello, Uncle Shentu. I'm Zong Fuqing. Yunning is currently in the Gastroenterology Department of the Concordance Hospital. Can you …"

Before he could finish his words, a busy tone came from the phone.

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