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Zong Fuqing thought about it for a while as he held his phone.

Gong Yunning had been in school for three years. Even her best roommates didn't know her true identity, nor did they know that she was Shentu Jia's adopted daughter. Excluding all the other reasons, there was only one possibility: Shentu Jia didn't have a good relationship with Gong Yunning.

So Shentu Jia didn't plan to care about his niece anymore?

Zong Fuqing was a bit upset, but he also felt heartache for Gong Yunning. He put his phone back in his pocket and told Xiaoyin, "I think I made the wrong call."

Xiaoyin looked disappointed. "What do we do then?" Yunning is going to have surgery now. "

"It's fine. I'll go and tell the nurse that her boyfriend's identity should be useful in an emergency." Zong Fuqing's body did not match his age and was calm. He wanted people to look at him in a different light.

However, this' special view 'was limited to the young girl of the same year.

Shentu Jia arrived at the hospital in less than two minutes. Of course, he could clearly hear Zong Fuqing's words just now. He called Zong Fuqing coolly, "Young Master Zong."

Zong Fuqing called himself Gong Yunning's boyfriend. Facing Shentu Jia, he became a little worried and called out in a low voice, "Seventh Uncle."

Yunning's name was Seventh Uncle, he thought. He was from the same generation as her, so it shouldn't be a problem.

However, Shentu Jia's expression suddenly turned cold at that moment. His expression turned grim, "I dare not say so."

With that, he nodded towards Gong Yunning's roommates and entered the surgery room.

When Zhuo Shaohuai and the others arrived, the sky had just brightened. A few men caught up to someone in the hospital and asked, "Where is Little Yunning? Where's my Little Yunning? "

If Yunning was awake now, she would definitely pretend not to know Zhuo Shaohuai.

Gong Yunning had just finished her surgery and was about to fall asleep when Shentu Jia, who was guarding her bedside, refused to leave even half a step.

On the corridor outside, Xiaoyin advised Zong Fuqing to go back to school. "Classmate, you're tired too. You should go home first. We have to go to class today."

"It's okay. I want to wait for Yunning to wake up." Zong Fuqing gave a faint smile. His handsome profile was plated with the morning's light. His youth was outstanding. If a few girls beside him were to see it, they would actually be willing to accompany them in waiting for Lili.

Zhuo Shaohuai's eyes lit up when he saw Zong Fuqing. He ran over and pointed at Zong Fuqing, asking, "Isn't this our little boyfriend? What happened to Yunning? Did you send her? "Great, a good child."

Zong Fuqing dodged Zhuo Shaohuai's palm that was about to touch his head and stood up with a bit of restraint, "Who are you guys?"

"I'm Lili's Uncle Zhuo, this is her Uncle Murong, Uncle Di. I have the best relationship with Yunning, so you can just follow behind me. " Zhuo Shaohuai put an elbow on Zong Fuqing's shoulder and introduced him to Murong Xi and Di Runliang.

Murong Xi's expression did not change as he rolled his eyes at Zhuo Shaohuai, "Master Jia heard it and came out to take care of you!"

"Hey, don't complain!" Who didn't know that Gong Yunning was an exception to Master Jia's rule? With just a slight movement of the wind and grass, Master Jia could skin him alive. Zhuo Shaohuai touched his neck and felt a chill run down his spine.

The three of them passed by Zong Fuqing and the others. Each of them had an outstanding posture, which attracted a lot of attention.

In the ward, Gong Yunning slowly woke up.

When she woke up, she saw Shentu Jia sitting on the bed. He held her hand and called out to her with a calm and focused expression, "Yunning, is it painful?"

"I'm hungry." Gong Yunningwei closed her eyes as her stomach rumbled.

It was only a tenuous operation, but Shentu Jia saw her awake. She was a man in her late twenties, and her eyes were a deep red.

She was afraid of pain. When she was five years old, she moved around with him. If she knocked on his door, it would hurt.

Now that his girl had grown up, she casually told him that she was hungry after the surgery. He actually missed the time when she was hugging him and telling him where it hurt.

Zhuo Shaohuai entered the ward and followed behind Di Runliang and Murong Xi.

Shentu Jia looked at them with a stern expression and instructed, "Watch Yunning. I'll be back later."

The three of them waited.

As they passed through the corridor, they saw a few small children. Shentu Jia's voice was light and low, "Are you Yunning's classmates?"

However, the modesty in his bones made it difficult for people to climb higher. Other than Zong Fuqing, who dared to look at him, everyone else nodded their heads with lowered eyes.

"I know, thank you for last night."

The students looked up in astonishment. Shentu Jia's stern figure went against the light and disappeared at the end of the corridor.

Time passed minute by minute, like an endless river.

In the end, Zong Fuqing didn't have the time to wait any longer. He stood outside the ward and looked at Yunning on the bed for a while. He couldn't avoid the urging of the year supervisor as he followed Xiaoyin and the others back to school.

In the school, the eight divinities of her elder brother, Gong Yunning, who was escorting her late into the night, had already spread far and wide.

Yinghu villa Mansion.

In the kitchen.

Shentu Jia took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves, stood tall and straight with his long legs, and cut carrots in front of the stove. His cutting technique was very good.

While the soup was being brewed, the phone in his pocket vibrated, but it wasn't his.

Suspiciously, he went out to check, but Shentu Jia answered the phone and didn't say anything.

Gan Shengmei pretended to be Gong Yunning and said excitedly, "Miss Gong? I'm Zong Fuqing's mother. I heard the official said that you were sick last night. Why aren't you being careful? In a girl's home, you must take care of your body when you are outside. "

When she couldn't hear Gong Yunning's voice, she thought she was weak. "If you were my daughter, Auntie would take good care of you," she said.

"Mrs. Zong." Shentu Jia opened his mouth and a sharp light shot out from his eyes without any concealment.

"Huh?" Gan Shengmei was stupefied.

"Yunning wouldn't be your daughter." Shentu Jia was more serious about Gong Yunning.

Gan Shengmei quickly explained, "Master Jia, I didn't mean it that way. I just liked Yunning too much …"

"Beep, beep, beep..."

The phone rang.

Shentu Jia deleted the communication record, took the soup, hung his coat around his elbow and went out.

Gong Yunning was fully awake by then.

The pain from the anesthetic made her weak. She yelled at the people in the ward, but Shentu Jia was nowhere to be seen.

She thought dejectedly, Seventh Uncle last night was actually a dream.

Zhuo Shaohuai saw that she was listless and wanted to tease her to talk, but Gong Yunning was not in the mood. She turned her head and stared out the window, covering her stomach and enduring the pain as sweat dripped down her forehead.

"Say, do you think Seventh Uncle really doesn't want me anymore?" She stared at the birds outside the window and suddenly asked quietly.

The people around him might not know what Shentu Jia was thinking, but Di Runliang was clear that Shentu Jia's every move was because of the little girl in front of him.

He comforted her, "Yunning, you, Seventh Uncle won't abandon you."

Gong Yunning felt a little uncomfortable. She blinked her eyes as if nothing had happened and slipped into the blanket. She replied with a thick "En".

Shentu Jia came in and stood by the door. He was wearing an ink-black suit and carrying a cartoon lunch box. He looked funny, but he was also gentle and reserved.

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