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He walked quickly to the bed and opened the lunchbox without a word.

A fragrant smell assaulted his nostrils.

Gong Yunning pointed out the thin blanket, the clear outline of Shentu Jia's facial features, like the arrogant hand of God, every inch of the perfect, brought her endless hope and love. Gong Yunning flexed her fingers and raised it into the air. She turned her head and asked Murong Xi who was standing closest to her with a blank face, "Uncle Murong, am I, Liu Tie? Am I hallucinating? "

"Zhuo Shaohuaison is here, little girl. Don't cry." Murong Xi was less warm than Di Runliang, and far better than Zhuo Shaohuai, to reassure Gong Yunning that she was tearful, and to push Zhuo Shaohuai and Di Runliang out of the room, leaving the room for Shentu Jia and Gong Yunning.

Gong Yunning bit the corner of her lips, unable to smile. Instead, her tears flowed down one by one. She covered her face with a thin blanket and choked with sobs, "Seventh Uncle, don't look at me. I'm sure you'll be ugly to death by now."

"Yunning's always beautiful." Shentu Jia sat down, leaned forward slightly, and gripped Gong Yunning's hand through the thin quilt. He slapped it, filling her soup.

Gong Yunning had just finished her surgery and had just met her closest kin. She was too hypocritical as she sniffed and called Shentu Jia in a soft voice, "Seventh Uncle, I need a hug."

"Alright." Shentu Jia stared at her with red eyes and his heart softened. He slowly picked her up in his arms and told her to rest her head on her elbow and feed her.

There was a female nurse who came to hang up the water for Gong Yunning. After wandering around the door for a long time, she didn't have the courage to open it.

Not long after that, several female nurses gathered at the ward's door and excitedly talked about Shentu Jia.

"Have you seen a picture?"

"When I heard that it was the fifteenth birthday of Shentu Family's adopted daughter, with flames blooming all over the sky and waves overflowing on the shore, a man was standing on his side with a little girl in his arms at his elbow. The little girl was carved from jade as she pointed her finger at the sky. As for the man, his eyes were warm and cold as he stared at the girl. "

Thousands of lights filled the sky, unable to match his handsome yet noble profile.

When Gong Yunning heard this, she nearly choked and coughed lightly.

Shentu Jia frowned and was about to get up when Gong Yunning grabbed his sleeve and shook her head with a happy smile. "Actually, I'm pretty happy that they said that."

"What are you happy about?" Shentu Jia stared at Gong Yunning's innocent face and asked while enduring the urge to kiss her.

"Just happy." Gong Yunning went into suspense, patted Shentu Jia's palm and took a sip of soup. She pursed her lips. Shentu Jia had already passed a wet towel over to wipe her mouth.

Gong Yunning was a little embarrassed. "Let me do it myself."

Shentu Jia insisted.

Gong Yunning rubbed her nose against Shentu Jia's chest. The tip of her nose had a faint smell of tobacco, sweet and sweet, a smell that no one could replace or compare with. She let out a sigh of satisfaction, "Seventh Uncle, which restaurant did you buy soup and rice from? I've been eating this for three years and I'm not tired of it. "

Shentu Jia's expression did not change, "Special Assistant Yan bought it. I'm not sure either."

He had cooked for her for three years, and she knew nothing about it. Shentu Jia had not told her before, and now he didn't have such a plan.

The female nurse came in just in time and said respectfully, "Miss Gong, it's time for the IV drip."

Gong Yunning drew back a little. "Sister Guardian, can you be a little more gentle?"

She was afraid of an injection.

Before she was adopted by Shentu Jia, she had a serious illness. She ate medicine every day to recuperate, and even after living with Shentu Jia, she had used medicine to recuperate.

The nurse said gently, "Miss Gong, don't worry. It will stop hurting so soon."

However, the nurse underestimated Gong Yunning's condition.

The vein on the back of her hand was so thin that it was hard to see, and when the needle went in, the gurgling blood oozed from the back of her hand.

Gong Yunning was so frightened that she turned her face away. She bit Shentu Jia's clothes and shouted in a soft voice, "Seventh Uncle, Seventh Uncle."

"I'm here." Shentu Jia lightly patted her back. His originally soft tone turned icy cold when facing the nurse, "Get out, it's your head nurse's turn."

It was clear that he was not a harsh person. He was just emitting a strong aura from his entire body. It was so white that it could crush anyone. The nurse's hands were trembling as tears welled up in her eyes, and she was shaking as she walked out.

It turned out that in the picture, the gentle and extremely beautiful man only treated his girl, Wen Nong.

After changing to a senior nurse, Gong Yunning was finally given a potion.

However, her tiny face had turned pale and she didn't seem to have any spirit. Shentu Jia saw the pain in her eyes and called for a doctor. He cut straight to the point, "Yunning looks terrible."

As if facing a great enemy, the attending doctor wanted to uncover Gong Yunning's clothes and take a look at the knife's edge. He had just reached out his hand when he was grabbed by Shentu Jia. "Are all the hospital's female doctors dead?"

He didn't die because he was afraid of Master Jia.

The male doctor didn't dare to say anything and only nodded his head before leaving.

Wang Yazhi is a physician from the emergency department. She was called over to the top shift by Dr. Sun from the digestive surgery department, but she was not afraid of Shentu Jia. She did her duty to Gong Yunning, and after a round of examination, she instructed, "Little girl, are you in high school? As parents, you should pay more attention. Don't let your child eat those dirty things outside and rest up. If the wound hurts, I'll help you relieve some of the pain. "

Shentu Jia's face was filled with unhappiness. He looked very old? First, the School Supervisor misunderstood that his surname was Gong, then it was Doctor Wang who misunderstood that he was Gong Yunning's father.

Seeing his expression, Gong Yunning quickly said, "Thank you Auntie, I, Seventh Uncle, will take care of me."

"Is that so?" Wang Yazhi asked casually. She caressed Gong Yunning's soft and tender hands and complimented, "You're such a good girl. You can remove the stitches in a week or so and rest up for a few more days."

"En, alright, I understand. Auntie, you are so nice." Gong Yunning's pretty eyes were brimming with smiles as she spoke with a sweet tone.

Only two people were left in the ward, but Shentu Jia didn't say anything. Gong Yunning, who was about to fall asleep, narrowed her eyes and asked, "Seventh Uncle, you won't be angry with Dr. Wang, right?"

"Nope." Shentu Jia answered calmly.

"Seventh Uncle, you're still young."

Hearing that, Shentu Jia raised his eyebrows as if he was interested.

"He looks like a big brother." Gong Yunning's eyes were blurry and her voice was as soft as a mosquito.

Shentu Jia's lips and tail twitched at the same time. He suddenly asked, "Yunning, if Seventh Uncle finds a girlfriend as old as you, would you find it strange?"

Gong Yunning thought for a moment. She and her future aunt were standing on both sides of Shentu Jia at the same time. Aunt was holding Seventh Uncle's arm.

At that time, he would no longer be qualified.

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