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Therefore, under her selfishness, Gong Yunning shook her head and said, "Of course it's strange."

Shentu Jia was stunned for a long time. He only sighed when Gong Yunning fell asleep in his arms. He kissed the corner of her lips and said, "Sleep."

A week later, on a Saturday, Gong Yunning's wound was removed.

Coincidentally, the piece of land that Shentu Jia had discussed with Zong Family had also officially been put on the agenda for today's negotiations.

Zong Bokang was in his forties and wore gold-rimmed glasses with a somewhat paunchy belly. He was accompanied by a few burly bodyguards, giving him an aura of grandeur.

However, the person who opened the negotiation room after waiting for a long time was not Shentu Jia.

Yan Sheng, alone, had the courage of a hero. He handed the contract to the Sect Leader on the table and said, "Boss Zong, this is the sincerity of Shentu Group."

"Hmph, that kid, Shentu Jia, doesn't really put people in his eyes. My Zong Family is so bad, and it's also my Chiang City …" Zong Bo Kang said in a bad mood. He was too lazy to take a look at the contract, since Shentu Jia didn't respect him so much. He waved his sleeves and planned to leave.

As soon as he stood up, Yan Sheng indifferently said, "Boss Zong, are you sure you don't want to take a look at the contents of the contract?" "Master Jia has an important matter to attend to that he didn't come today. He specifically promised to double the price."

Even Zong Bo Kang, who had seen much of the world, was shocked by Shentu Jia's heroic display of wealth.

In the hospital.

Wang Yazhi was untying Gong Yunning. Without any anesthetic, the moment she touched her stomach, Gong Yunning screamed, "Seventh Uncle, Seventh Uncle, it hurts."

"…" Since she had been appointed Gong Yunning's doctor, Wang Yazhi had felt sorry for Gong Yunning's background and felt that she was living under someone else's roof, and that she was living with a man. She didn't dare to hit him hard. She thought that Gong Yunning was in real pain. She rubbed the alcohol on her forehead and said, "Sofia, be good. It doesn't hurt at all."

Shentu Jia hugged Gong Yunning. Seeing that her delicate hands were tightly holding onto his clothes, how could he believe what Wang Yazhi had said? In an instant, he slapped Wang Yazhi's palm away, "What happened?"

"Where am I taking out the patient's stitches? Can our relatives go out for a bit?" Wang Yazhi's name was' Su Li ', but she wasn't an ordinary person. Every time she came to see Gong Yunning, Shentu Jia would stare at himself like he was staring at a thief. He would limit his time so that Gong Yunning wouldn't stay with her any longer.

Shentu Jia had never received such treatment before. His serene eyes were burning with a sharp light. He didn't want to argue with the woman and coldly said, "Doctor Wang also saw it. Yunning needs me."

He hugged Yunning even more tightly and declared his sovereignty.

Wang Yazhi: "…"

Staring at how Little Yunning was so reliant on this man, what else could she say?

Zhuo Shaohuai leaned against the window beside the door and looked inside. He smiled brightly and called out to Murong Xi, "Ah Xi, quickly come over and take a look. Master Jia is going against someone. I didn't expect that there would be a woman who doesn't like Jia. She's going against him!"

Murong Xi snorted disdainfully at Zhuo Shaohuai's speechlessness. He craned his neck to look inside and then wrapped his arms around his chest as he stared at Zhuo Shaohuai with a smile that was not a smile, "Do you think that anyone can compete with Jia in regards to Little Yunning?"

"No, just because of Liu Tie's temper, the imprint of him on Little Yunning's head, such that even the female doctor was on guard against him, afraid that he would kidnap Little Yunning." As Zhuo Shaohuai was talking, his smile froze. He touched his head and thought, "That's not right. If he's always like this, then how can we bros feel like he exists in front of Little Yunning? "I'm sorry, but I can't accept this. I have to do something for you."

As he thought about it, Zhuo Shaohuai called Di Runliang, who was out on a business trip, back as well. He even made a few detours to inform Zong Fuqing.

Murong Xi did not know, only saw Zhuo Shaohuai secretly touched the phone in the corner did not know what to do.

Wang Yazhi came out with a face full of anger. Zhuo Shaohuai just came back and went up to him to ask some questions. Wang Yazhi directly threw the mask on her hand at him and left.

Gong Yunning was already lying on the bed. Shentu Jia's large palm was stroking her abdomen, his elegant face was glowing with a gentle light, and even his tone had turned soft. "Does it still hurt?"

"It doesn't hurt anymore. Just now, it was because the knife to remove the stitches was too cold. It wasn't Auntie Wang's problem." Gong Yunning spoke up for Wang Yazhi.

Shentu Jia rubbed her hair, then pulled the topic to the other side, "Lie down for a while, let's go home later."

Gong Yunning nodded her head and quickly fell asleep.

When Shentu Jia walked out of the room, his face was immediately replaced with a cold and indifferent expression.

Murong Xi was alone outside, so he looked around suspiciously.

"Stop looking, Zhuo Shaohuai seems to have taken a fancy to Dr. Wang." Murong Xi joked and saw that there were no ripples on Liu Tie's face. "When will Yunning be discharged from the hospital?"


While the two of them were talking, a nurse came to call Shentu Jia. She said that Dr. Wang had something to say and specifically emphasized that it was about Gong Yunning.

Shentu Jia's aura was cold and stern, his dark eyes were dark and solemn, his mood could not be discerned.

The car accident years ago was the beginning of Gong Yunning's fate, and also the beginning of their fates. Shentu Jia never mentioned this to anyone, and only after Gong Yunning was hospitalized did she take care of it, afraid that the flower bud of her life would wither and fall in her own hands.

This time was no exception. Even though he didn't like Dr. Wang, he still endured his temper and went to her office, instructing Murong Xi to take care of Gong Yunning.

It was at this moment that Zong Fuqing arrived, accompanied by Di Runliang, who just returned from a business trip.

The two walked together without talking. There was a vague feeling of not liking each other.

"Uncle Murong, I'm here to see Yunning." Zong Fuqing held a bunch of beautiful blue demoness and greeted Murong Xi humbly and gently.

"Let's go in." Murong Xi did not know that Gong Yunning was asleep, nor did he dislike Zong Fuqing. At least Zong Family with little Yunning, it was enough for him.

When Zong Fuqing entered, Di Runliang slowly opened his mouth, "Is Jia okay?"

He knew that regardless of whether Little Yunning was sick or angry, she was the most anxious, unable to take care of herself or Shentu Jia.

"It's all right except that Yunning doesn't want to sleep every day." Murong Xi spread out his hands in resignation. Since Gong Yunning had had a high fever and almost died, Shentu Jia had been very concerned about every one of her mishaps, not to mention staying in the hospital for so many days.

Di Runliang chatted with Murong Xi for half a day before Sun Tie suddenly walked back aggressively. His eyes were like daggers, and they were sharp as swords. Zhuo Shaohuai jogged behind him, gasping for breath, "Master Jia, don't..."

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