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Before he finished, Shentu Jia had already kicked open the door to Gong Yunning's ward.

Gong Yunning, who was lying on the sickbed, suddenly woke up from her dream. She stretched out her hand to hold Shentu Jia's hand, but when she opened her eyes, she saw that she was grabbing onto Zong Fuqing's lapel, and he was face to face with her.

Gong Yunning's hands went soft as her heart skipped a few beats and her face turned red.

There was a faint fragrance on Gong Yunning's body, and Zong Fuqing's ears were red from shyness. He felt his mouth was dry and he was only one punch away from her. Her long and dense eyelashes were trembling, and her cherry lips were bewitching.

"Yunning, I …" Zong Fuqing tried to compose himself, but before he could finish, Gong Yunning turned her head away, her face full of panic. "Seventh Uncle?"

Zong Fuqing felt the temperature in the ward plummet and his back was drenched in sweat. He stood up in panic and pulled at the hem of his shirt while holding a bunch of flowers.

Shentu Jia walked over with big steps. With a stern and cold face, he held Yunning up by her waist.

As he passed Zong Fuqing, he said in a harsh voice, "Young Master Zong, Yunning is still young, I hope Young Master Zong will pay more attention to his studies."

Zong Fuqing tightened his grip on the flower.

He could clearly feel that Yunning's Seventh Uncle did not like him.

After leaving the ward, Shentu Jia gave Zhuo Shaohuai a look and left with Gong Yunning in his arms without even looking at her. Zhuo Shaohuai wasn't as quick-witted as Shentu Jia. In a second, he realized that Wang Yazhi and him purposely created opportunities for Zong Fuqing and offended Shentu Jia. His future days might be a bit difficult.

Wang Yazhi ran over at this moment. When she saw that Gong Yunning had been taken away, she looked at Zhuo Shaohuai with disdain, "What rotten idea did you come up with?" If it wasn't for Zhuo Shaohuai lying to her, saying that Gong Yunning was not free to follow Master Jia and that she was restricted from meeting with her good friends, she would have helped out on Gong Yunning's account.

"Aren't you stupid? "If you want to talk about matters that you should pay attention to, there is no one specializing in Jia. Are you a doctor?" Zhuo Shaohuai was angry. He was afraid that it would be even more difficult for him to see his little niece.

Wang Yazhi rubbed her nose resentfully. How would she know that Shentu Jia was a layman that knew more than a doctor like her?

Zong Fuqing paid attention to their conversation. A complicated look flashed through his clear eyes. He walked out and handed the flowers to Wang Yazhi. "Thank you for taking care of Yunning these days, Doctor Wang."

This was the first time someone sent flowers to a small-sized man. Wang Yazhi blushed a little and was about to take it, but Zhuo Shaohuai grabbed it from the front. "This flower is not bad, I can borrow it to pick up girls."

"…" Wang Yazhi rolled her eyes and returned to her office.

Murong Xi stood between Di Runliang and Zong Fuqing and was a bit embarrassed. He pulled Zhuo Shaohuai along, "Let's go take a look at Jia."

Only Di Runliang and Zong Fuqing looked at each other.

Di Runliang clenched his hands in his pockets, wanting to light a cigarette. Seeing the warning sign forbidding smoking, he called Zong Fuqing, "I'll take you back."

"No need to bother Young Master Di." Zong Fuqing got angry and passed Di Runliang.

As they walked out of the hospital, Zong Fuqing became impatient. Originally, he had been frustrated over and over at Yunning's place, but when he thought of the incident between Di Runliang and his sister, he suddenly stopped, turned around, and asked coldly, "Does Young Master Di like Little San who is away from the hospital very much?"

"There are some things that you don't understand." Di Runliang took a deep breath of smoke. Behind the green smoke, he didn't really see Di Runliang's expression, but his tone was filled with helplessness.

Zong Fuqing was the one who found him the most disdainful of his cold and refined appearance. He clenched his fists and beat him up, "I'm warning you to stay away from my sister!"

Di Runliang's face twitched from the pain. He touched the blood on the corner of his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood in a very ruffian manner, "Sorry, I can't do it."

Zong Fuqing grabbed his shirt, he was obviously still growing, and he wasn't as big as Di Runliang, but the way he got angry was a little scary. Blood vessels were bulging on his face, his eyes were red, and he stared at Di Runliang fiercely, "Then try and see if I, Zong Fuqing, will agree to destroy my sister's family!"

When Wu Junyi said three words and destroyed his family, his heart trembled uncontrollably. He could not hold it in any longer and used two parts of his strength to give Zong Fuqing a punch.

Zong Fuqing didn't expect him to do this. He fell backwards and rolled down a dozen steps.


Shentu Jia carried Gong Yunning back to the mansion.

With regards to the ward, Gong Yunning felt uneasy, afraid that Shentu Jia would suspect that she was being dishonest, so she secretly touched and fell in love. She was at a loss for words for a long time. After thinking for a while, she caught a glimpse of Shentu Jia Bing's stiff figure. She licked her lower lip, not daring to speak as she pretended to be asleep with her eyes closed.

Shentu Jia was so angry that he threw her onto the bed and stared at Gong Yunning's body without making a sound. Did she really sleep to death?

He tugged at his tie, the fire in his eyes blazing to the point that he wanted to devour someone.

First, the school found out that she was openly kissing Zong Fuqing, and now they were caught red-handed by him. They all thought he was dead?

"I'm waiting for you to explain." His voice was harsh, and the heat he exhaled hit Gong Yunning in the face, leaving her no place to hide.

Gong Yunning grabbed the bedsheet, opened her eyes slowly and pretended to be asleep, "Seventh Uncle, I'm so sleepy."

"Not sober enough?" Shentu Jia sneered. He curled his lower lip, bent his body and put his palms on Gong Yunning's body, trapping her in a tight chest and bed. He pressed her, "What's your explanation?"

Last time he said the school was making a fuss. What about this time?

Gong Yunning was stunned. She didn't know that Zhuo Shaohuai misunderstood her relationship with Zong Fuqing, so she only woke up early in the morning with her hand on Zong Fuqing's shirt. The two of them had an ambiguous posture, and when she thought about it, Gong Yunning's ears reddened a little as she muttered, "Seventh Uncle, it was just an accident."

"Gong Yunning, do you take me for a blind person?" He could see clearly, and she blushed at Zong Fuqing.

"No …." "Seventh Uncle, I thought you pulled him because of that."

Wrong person?

Shentu Jia raised his eyebrows in disbelief, "You've followed me for almost 13 years, can you admit your wrongs? "Gong Yunning, you're good enough."

Gong Yunning was locked up so she couldn't move. Shentu Jia was neither right nor wrong, so she didn't understand. Could all the guardians who knew of the child's early love have this kind of reaction?

Seeing that she didn't say anything, Shentu Jia grabbed her lower jaw and forced her to raise her eyes, "Watch me!"

Her eyes were clear and bright, and her eyes were so thick that they were sparkling. Zhang Huangfang looked like a frightened little rabbit, and his lips were slightly curved, "Seventh Uncle, what happened to you recently?" You always get angry, do you really hate me?

Shentu Jia was stunned, and his grip loosened up a bit.

Gong Yunning turned her face away and said sulkily, "Seventh Uncle, you don't even know me."

"He understands?" Shentu Jia frowned and asked.

Gong Yunning was frightened. Was the fierce-looking man in front of her still Seventh Uncle? She was so angry that she shouted loudly, "Forget it, forget it. I'm not your biological son anyway!"

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