"Ding ling ling ?." The urgent alarm rang. The girl in the blanket frowned. She reached out and turned off the disgusting alarm clock, then shrunk her head back and refused to get up.

"Xia Xiaoxiao!" A high-pitched female voice passed through the quilt and reached someone's ears. Xia Xiaoxiao mumbled something. She decided to ignore that annoying voice and continued to sleep.

She had promised Auntie Xia that she would drag Xiaoxiao along for an interview. Xiaoxiao was about to have a winter vacation, but she still hadn't found an internship company, so she was in her fourth year. If this goes on, she would probably graduate and end up wandering the streets. At that time, she wouldn't be able to take her in!

"You can't?" Ye Ning gave a cold snort towards Xiaoxiao in a somewhat shrewd manner.

"Yes." The girl didn't even open her eyes. Lying in bed in a warm bed in a cold day was the happiest thing to do. Anyway, there was no class today, so why not sleep for a while?

"Clang clang clang!" The ear-piercing sound was deafening. Xiaoxiao finally opened her eyes and looked at Ye Ning in disbelief. What kind of appearance did she have?

Ye Ning held the lid of the pot in one hand and looked at her with a serious expression. Oh, she was really scary. So, did this thing just wake her up? [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]

Xia Xiaoxiao was a senior in the A University Marketing Department. Although she appeared cute, cute, and beautiful, she was surprisingly lazy. The greatest joy in her life was being lazy. Meanwhile, Ye Ning was her classmate. Even though the two of them had different personalities, they had a good relationship. In Ye Ning's words, "Xiaoxiao fell in love with me at first sight". In order to make it easier for him to work, Ye Ning moved out to live alone the next semester. Xia Xiaoxiao followed him out as well. However, it wasn't because of the work, but rather ? sleeping in and out!

The two of them had known each other for more than three years. Even though they were not completely at odds with each other, they still knew each other and were extremely close. Xia Xiaoxiao felt that there were no men in her world. If she had nothing to do, she would just sleep and read books. When it was time for dinner, she would naturally remind Ye Ning to go to class. Although there were many boys who were more interested in girls like Xiaoxiao, it was likely that only Ye Ning knew of her bad habits. Ye Ning felt very helpless towards this.

Ye Ning was also very pretty. Xiaoxiao looked pitifully at the girl in front of her. There was a heroic look on her face, and in addition to her well-cut short hair, her formal attire made her look very spirited. Xiaoxiao really liked this kind of Ye Ning. However, it was clear that not many men would like such a capable and powerful woman.

"It's no use pretending to be pitiful. You have an interview today. Get up!" Ye Ning yelled in anger. The rent had risen again. Why was it that she was the one who supported her? It wasn't like she was her man! Thinking of this, he added, "If you don't pay the rent soon, then scram back to school!"

"Ah, Ning Ning. Don't be so heartless." Xiao Xiaoxiao swallowed when she saw the fire in her eyes. At this moment, she was completely awake. It was better for her to obediently go for the interview. Otherwise, she might really be thrown out.


"Alright, I will get up now ?" That, did you see my phone? " It was Xia Xiaoxiao's habit to brush up on Weibo's WeChat space before getting up.

"Didn't you hug it to sleep!?" Ye Ning was already powerless. How could this guy be so insecure? If it wasn't for her, she would probably be moldy inside the house.

Finally, after quite a long time, Xia Xiaoxiao packed up and joined the crowd on the bus that was trying to squeeze into the subway.

"Wow, Ning Ning, you're so awesome!" Xia Xiaoxiao sincerely praised as she saw Ye Ning rushing left and right in the crowd to make a path for her.

"Tsk, this is still not a piece of cake. "Hurry up and come up!" Seeing the motionless Xia Xiaoxiao, Ye Ning couldn't help but wipe off her sweat. No matter how strong she was, she was still a woman. Why did she always have to take care of this lazy woman?!

After that, Xia Xiaoxiao was like an outsider as she memorized the routes she would take. Ning Ning Xuemo said that she wouldn't come pick her up, and Xia Xiaoxiao was an idiot, so of course she had to be extremely careful.

Xia Xiaoxiao sucked in a breath as she faced the office building on the 32nd floor. As for Ye Ning, she had long since disappeared. She helplessly looked in the direction the woman disappeared in. How could she bear to leave her alone? Today, she was wearing a red floral chiffon dress that reached her knees. Although Ye Ning had requested to wear formal wear, it was all because this young miss had always been wearing a dress or sportswear, so she had no choice but to wear it. Taking a deep breath, Xia Xiaoxiao walked into the Mu Family Enterprise with trepidation. The Mu Family worked in the jewelry industry, and Xia Xiaoxiao learned marketing as an assistant for the Advertising Department's Manager.

When they entered the waiting room, they saw the girls of the same age who were anxiously preparing for recruitment. Most of them were either university students who were still in school or had just graduated, and each of them had a serious expression on their faces, the person who wanted to interview them was the General Manager of the Mu Clan, the son of CEO Mu Haotian, Mu Yuanzhi. The Mu Clan protected him very well, and they knew very little about the methods used by businessmen.

The girls only needed a single glance at Xiaoxiao to lose their self-defense. Although she was very beautiful, there were many beautiful girls from abroad. How could the general manager judge a person by his appearance? Such a vase was simply not a match for them. But most of the girls didn't even look at Xiaoxiao, as if she didn't exist.

Xiaoxiao curled her lips as she found a place to sit down and looked around. The entire building was very tasteful. Her father was an engineer, so she knew a little about him. Through the transparent glass, he could see the nervous faces of the girls in the interview room. There was also a woman and two men with their backs facing him, so he couldn't see their faces.

Xia Xiaoxiao watched as the people around her gradually dwindled away. It had been a long time since they had waited for her. She couldn't help but feel a bit impatient. However, her purpose for coming here today was just for the interview. As long as she could prove that no company would want her, she could continue to live peacefully at Ye Ning's place. As her free tenant, she definitely wouldn't be heartless enough to chase her out, right?

"Number 38, Xia Xiaoxiao." The corner of Xia Xiaoxiao's mouth twitched. She took a number and it turned out to be such an outrageous item. 388? How could she have one? At most, she would peek at some novels about beauty and understand the world of men. Her world was so sealed, it was necessary to know more. Under the urging of the beautiful staff, she came back to her senses and promoted the interview room.

"Hey! Hello everyone! " Xia Xiaoxiao greeted them with great enthusiasm, and all three of them responded with a look of speechlessness. Xia Xiaoxiao unconsciously looked at the man in the middle and then froze.

God, he was so good-looking!

Xia Xiaoxiao looked at the man sitting in the middle. He had thick eyebrows, phoenix eyes, and fair skin, but it wasn't an unhealthy shade of white. It was like a prince coming out of a fairy tale. He was looking up at her when she looked at him, and there was a faint smile in his eyes, an almost imperceptible glint. When he saw her, he kept tapping his pen on the table, as if he was trying to figure out which planet this impudent girl came from.

"Hello everyone. I'm Xia Xiaoxiao, who is here to apply for the position of the Advertising Department's Manager's Assistant." Raising a slightly stiff smile, Xia Xiaoxiao couldn't help but admire her courage. Even in such an embarrassing situation, she was still able to calmly walk into the interview room, calmly close the door, and calmly sit in front of the man, ready to receive his' interrogation '.

"Xia Xiaoxiao ?" The man glanced at Xia Xiaoxiao as she nodded her head like she was pounding garlic. Her figure wasn't bad, and her dress just happened to show off her protruding front and back; it was extremely beautiful. However... Glancing sideways, he realized that the shoes did not match.

Xiaoxiao was wearing canvas shoes.

In the morning when they rushed out, Ye Ning didn't notice what shoes she was wearing before the two of them hurried in. But now ? Xia Xiaoxiao also noticed this problem. She subconsciously pulled her feet back from the chair. She was so used to wearing canvas shoes that she forgot to change into them. She couldn't help but blush.

"You're studying marketing, so this is a good job." Xia Xiaoxiao blinked. Could it be that he wanted to recruit her? This was all outside of her expectations. If she could come here to work, would she be able to see him every day? A glimmer of light flashed through Xia Xiaoxiao's eyes. Ning Xuemo would rather die from envy at this rate. Everyday, she would see a top-notch handsome man, and he was still a rich and handsome man. Mu Yuzhi, who had been secretly paying attention to her, was very satisfied with her reaction. This proved that she was a man of charisma.

"However..." She knew that these rich people loved to make turns to talk, but she didn't care that much. Being able to hide in Ning Ning Ning Ning's little nest and never come out again was a very happy thing, but she had to curry favor with that woman. For the sake of living happily in the future, she could temporarily be wronged.

"Your work experience is zero. What we need is someone who has experience and can take over the job as soon as possible." A thirty-something year old woman beside the man continued. There was no contempt in her eyes, but there was also no sympathy. The last thing you need in the mall is compassion. When you're strong to a certain degree, there will naturally be people who respect you. There's no need to purposefully curry favor with or invite pity on others. Her heart trembled when she said this. In the past, she didn't think highly of the man beside her. She thought that he was just a nobleman descending from the sky. However, she had already been told two days ago that this man couldn't be underestimated.

"I understand. Can I go now?" Xia Xiaoxiao prepared to stand up, but she suddenly felt relieved. In the future, she would be able to sleep until she woke up naturally.

"Wait." The man slowly opened his mouth, and the surrounding air seemed to freeze. Xia Xiaoxiao saw the man's thin lips move a few times, and then the woman revealed an expression of surprise.

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