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Chapters 10 - X

"Which three chapters?" After a while, he suppressed his inexplicable rage and asked in a low voice.

Gu Bei Yang shrugged his shoulders and said nonchalantly: "I haven't thought of it yet. I'll come look for you once I've drawn up the contract."

Song Qi Zhi raised his head and looked at her. Seeing that the other party's decision just now was as if he was casually deciding on what to eat at night, the anger in his heart could no longer be suppressed, and he said with a dark complexion: "This is good, it's already deep in the night.

"What do you mean? Not coming back with me? " Gu Bei Yang's figure jerked, and she looked at Song Qi Zhi with an incredulous expression. The other party indeed had no intention of walking together with him.

Song Qi Zhi's face was extremely ugly, and his tone was filled with an uncontrollable cold. "I still have things to do."

"You didn't send anyone to send me back? Hey, why don't you have the slightest bit of a gentleman? At any rate, you were the one who brought me here! "How can you be so irresponsible as to not send me back!"

"The last bus is fifteen minutes away. If we can't make it in time, it will take us two hours to walk from here to the city." Song Qi Zhi lowered his head and indistinctly swept it across Gu Bei Yang's legs.

Gu Bei Yang angrily kicked the chair and walked out, because she knew that she had to go back by herself tonight. A man like Song Qi Zhi was truly moody, wasn't he in a good mood just a moment ago? Did she say something wrong? Did she touch his minefield?

As he watched her graceful figure gradually disappear from his line of sight, Song Qi Zhi was stunned for a good while before retracting his gaze, and he somewhat irritably drank a cup of wine.

"What is it? The other party promised you so quickly, and is in a bad mood? " At that moment, a man walked over from the other side of the pavilion. His hands were in his pockets, and he looked extremely lazy.

Song Qi Zhi glared unhappily at the approaching person, threw away the wine cup in his hand, and said unhappily: The wine brewed this time is not good, the taste has dissipated.

The man cut her throat as he rolled his eyes at Song Qi Zhi, knowing that he was looking for trouble: "You just came back and you promised a man you haven't even seen for two hours to propose to him. This Gu Bei Yang is really putting in a lot of effort for his family property, you know!"

Before the man even finished speaking, Song Qi Zhi had already extended his leg out and kicked him, but the kick was barely dodged.

"You don't understand her kindness!"

I don't understand, as long as you understand, it's enough. But Old Song, you saw it just now, although this house has been renovated, but according to what you said, I didn't even change the layout a bit.

"You ? Are you sure you didn't find the wrong person? "

Song Qi Zhi's eyes sunk, his sinister eyes stared straight at the man, warning in a stern voice: "Watch your mouth, don't speak nonsense." He picked up his coat and left in big strides.

The man harrumphed and crossed his legs as he sat on the chair. He looked at the dishes on the table and saw that there wasn't much left. He thought back to an old man who was cooking with a solemn expression and rolled up his sleeves.

Then, he turned to the waiter who had come to clean up the mess, and used a voice that Song Qi Zhi, who was walking far away, could hear: "Wait, send the kitchen set over to Boss Song! "Just now I saw that Director Song was using it very conveniently, so I don't need to go and prepare a set of pots and pans when someone decides to be a husband in the future."

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