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Gu Bei Yang spent an hour to get back to the hotel. The bus didn't have an air conditioner on, so she got frustrated all the way.

Gu Bei Yang scolded the man, Song Qi Zhi, in her heart. When she arrived at the lobby, she saw the manager walk over.

"Miss Gu, someone left something for you at the front desk."

She was stunned for a moment. She herself was the only one who knew about her living here, and if it was something the other party gave her, would she still need to leave it at the front desk?

The front desk handed over an envelope. Gu Bei Yang opened it suspiciously, but when she clearly saw the contents inside, she stopped in her tracks, and her entire body started to tremble.

At the bottom of the envelope was a piece of paper. On it was written: 'Miss Gu, the car is outside. I'll give you ten minutes.'

Gu Bei Yang told herself to calm down, but the photos she was holding in her hand made it impossible for him to keep calm. Those pictures, the main characters on the pictures, whether it was the ones on the back, or the ones on the sides, or the ones underneath, were all extremely clear.

Gu Bei Yang's hands trembled, it was unknown whether it was from anger or fear.

At this moment, his phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number and a message came in, "Miss Gu still has eight minutes and forty-five seconds. If you don't want these pictures to be made public, the car is outside."

Gu Bei Yang tried to call back very quickly, but the call was cut off. She turned around and looked out the window of the hall. A car was indeed parked outside the hotel, and there was a bodyguard dressed in black standing by the door.

After hesitating for a moment, she held onto the envelope tightly and walked out. Although she gave it to Liu Bing Bing to do all of this, she believed that she must have done it in secret, so why would she leave behind all these pictures?

He ? What was he trying to do?

"Miss Gu, please get on the carriage. Second Master only gave us half an hour. Seeing that someone had come out, the black clothed bodyguard immediately welcomed them, and did not even give Gu Bei Yang the chance to speak.

Gu Bei Yang looked at the other party deeply. For the other party to lower his head and bow his head to him, she was definitely not someone who could speak highly of him.

No matter what, she was not a person who liked to be led away by the nose. If something went wrong, she had to go and correct it and find out what this' Second Master 'person really wanted to do.

The bodyguard got off the car and led the way. Although Gu Bei Yang had not been in Beijing for many years, she still had some understanding of the location. The other party had directly brought her to the top floor, which was not open to the public.

Gu Bei Yang followed behind the other party and furrowed her brows. She couldn't think of any connection between the man who painted the room on the top floor and himself. The door was pushed open, the bodyguard made a 'please' gesture, and waited for her to enter, then closed the door and left.

The room on the top floor could be said to be a suite. At the moment, there was a dim yellow candlelight and a man sat in the middle of the sofa. The man's tight T-shirt showed off his muscular upper body and he was holding a beer can that didn't match the room at all.

Gu Bei Yang walked closer, only to realise that the other party was wearing a mask, and that the mask looked a little familiar.

When she remembered who it was, her pupils suddenly contracted.

"What are you trying to do?" After confirming that the person in front of him was the man from last night, Gu Bei Yang did not plan to be polite and spoke coldly.

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