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The birthday feast in Old Master Qiao was extremely popular, and the people who came were all top figures in different walks of life. Taking advantage of this situation, where almost all of them brought their families or were able to support the company, they wanted to broaden their circle of people, or make a deal.

Thus, there were not that many people here.

Each of them held their wine cups in a circle and joked around, while the young men and women stood around and joked around, occasionally counting the number of diamond kings present.

Gu Bei Yang and Song Qi Zhi circled around the area, but no one came up to greet them.

She didn't think much of it. After all, she had just returned home and knew that she was unhappy with the Gu family, so she didn't know anything that she shouldn't have. But what she found strange was that Song Qi Zhi, the dignified patriarch of the Song Family of Yan Jing, actually did not come to talk to him.

"Why do I feel like you're even worse off than me?" Gu Bei Yang went around in a few circles, and all he heard were the occasional discussions of those people.

It only meant that Song Qi Zhi was a trash with no real identity, it was unknown what kind of blind eyes Old Man Song had, he had been swift and decisive his entire life, but when he reached old age, he actually chose a master for the Song Family.

Right now, the Song Family's Sung was being led by Song Qi Zhi, the various powers were fighting to the point of no return, causing the entire Sung to be thrown into chaos.

Song Qi Zhi raised his eyebrows, got up and tidied up his attire: "You should sit here obediently without moving, I'm going to see Old Master Qiao."

Just as Gu Bei Yang was about to stand up and say that she would go too, Song Qi Zhi stopped her actions and explained: "The old gramps still doesn't know that you're back, I'll go inform him first so that the person beside him can sign the pass."

also felt that it was true. Although she had come to the Qiao Family often when she was young, but she had not moved for so many years, and would inevitably split up.

After Song Qi Zhi left, she focused more and more on him. Occasionally, when a few sounds of discussion reached her ears, Gu Bei Yang would just laugh it off.

She did not care whether this man was trash or not. What she wanted was the status of the Song Family's Mrs. Song, not this man. Was everything else related to her?

Gu Bei Yang did not expect that the first person to take the initiative to look for her was actually Xu Ran.

The other party had obviously come to accompany Gu Qing Cheng today and was slightly surprised to see Gu Bei Yang.

"Bei Yang, why are you here?"

Gu Bei Yang looked up and suddenly sneered, her gaze sweeping across the dining plates in Xu Ran's hands, and lightly said: "What? You owned this place? I came here to report to you? "

"That's not what I meant, I mean ?" Xu Ran frowned, he was obviously not used to being misunderstood, "Bei Yang, Old Master Qiao's birthday feast is different from the others, you cannot be this willful, do you understand?"

Gu Bei Yang looked at Xu Ran impatiently, and interrupted him with a cold laugh: "Why do you think I'm here to cause trouble? Xu Ran, don't always treat yourself as a saint, and care so much about me. The more you are like this, the more disgusting I feel. "

Xu Ran's face froze for a moment, and became a little ugly. He probably did not expect that Gu Bei Yang would actually be able to speak in such an unpleasant manner.

"Bei Yang..."

"Aiya, I say, Little Xu. What are you doing?" It's been more than ten minutes since I went to get Qingcheng a pastry, and that kid is still hungry. " At this moment, a sharp voice was heard, filled with dissatisfaction and reproach.

Gu Bei Yang looked at Liu Mei Li who was walking over with her slim waist.

When the other party saw Gu Bei Yang, who was standing opposite of him, her expression suddenly became vigilant. She looked at Xu Ran and then looked at Gu Bei Yang, and immediately took a few quick steps and inserted herself between the two of them. What are you doing? "

Gu Bei Yang was so disgusted that sshe almost died. Not only did Xu Ran come, he even brought Liu Mei Li with him.

She stood up and prepared to leave. Was this not something she could hide from?

Unexpectedly, there was someone who didn't want to let her go when she wanted to.

"Why are you running? "A guilty conscience?" Liu Mei Li quickly grabbed Gu Bei Yang's hand, her eyes sharp and her voice high-pitched, as though she was grabbing onto a thief's courage.

Gu Bei Yang frowned in displeasure, and said coldly: "Let go!"

Liu Mei Li changed the tone, "Whoa, who are you arguing with? Gu Bei Yang, tell me clearly, who exactly did you come with? You didn't sneak in without an invitation, did you? "

Gu Bei Yang wanted to remove the shackles on her opponent's body, but even though Liu Mei Li had a small and skinny body, her strength was still rather strong.

"Who I came with has nothing to do with you. It's fine as long as I come in. Let go!"

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