The preparations for the wedding was very romantic, the red carpet extended from the garden all the way to the pavilion, Xu Ran had changed into a new set of clothes, with a smile in his eyes, Gu Qing Cheng was covered with a white veil, the light was dim and ambiguous, which made it impossible to see the other party's expression.

But Gu Bei Yang thought that this expression must be one of complacency. It must be the same expression Gu Qing Cheng always had when he was young, every time he stole something from his.

The ceremony lasted for half an hour, and Gu Bei Yang had been staring at him coldly the entire time. She watched Xu Ran recount his lifetime to Gu Qing Cheng, watched him bring the diamond ring onto Gu Qing Cheng's hand, and even watched the other party carefully kiss Gu Qing Cheng. Her heart broke into pieces bit by bit, then he swallowed it with tears in his eyes.

Finally, Gu Jun walked onto the stage with a face full of smiles, signalling for everyone to quiet down. He cleared his throat and said: "First of all, thank you all for coming to participate in my daughter's wedding ceremony despite being so busy ?"

, I am already old, and the company's affairs are more or less insufficient. Now is your youth's time, Xu Ran is a child with outstanding abilities, he will definitely bring the Gu Clan over better than I do! "Su Yun said in a low voice.

Gu Jun's words did not cause much of a commotion. After all, in this circle, the fastest person was just some piece of news.

Some clapped in agreement, some raised their cups to congratulate, in short, the atmosphere had become even stronger, while Gu Qing Cheng's mother was holding onto Gu Qing Cheng's hand, excited to the point that his eyes were red.

"Next, let's invite my son-in-law, Xu Ran."

Before Gu Jun could finish, the lights in the banquet hall suddenly dimmed. An image appeared on the curtain at the front of the stage. An old man sat in the room, and a man stood respectfully by the side of the bed.

"... Gu Jun, listen up, as long as my old man is alive, you can forget about taking the Gu Clan away from me and giving it to your young daughter wife. Even if I die, there is only one person who will inherit the Gu Clan's eldest miss and my wealth, and that is Gu Bei Yang! "

The guests were in an uproar. Looking at the scene on the curtain, three to five of them gathered together and whispered amongst themselves. As for the Gu Clan's upper echelons, they narrowed their eyes and fell into deep thought.

Gu Jun's face darkened, after reacting, he anxiously sent people to check what was happening.

"Heh." At the moment of panic on the stage, a sonorous and cold voice was heard from the back of the hall, carrying a trace of a light laugh, "Dad, don't be in such a hurry, why are you unhappy seeing grandpa at little sister's wedding? Even though he said that he had already passed on, he's still a senior of our Gu Clan. You're so disrespectful and hurt Grandfather's heart, aren't you afraid that he'll come to find you tonight and say that you ? "Unfilial!"

The words carried obvious ridicule and disdain, everyone quieted down and turned their heads back to look, while Gu Jun was also slightly stunned to look at the origin of the voice.

Gu Bei Yang had inherited her mother's looks, a oval face with red phoenix eyes, a willow shaped eyebrows and cherry lips, and a tight black evening dress.

"So beautiful, who is this woman?"

"Don't tell me he's here to ruin the place? "She's really pretty, look at her figure, tsk tsk ?"

"Shh, Director Gu's expression has changed. It looks like there's going to be a good show to watch."

? ?.

Gu Bei Yang's appearance caused everyone to gasp. When she walked to the bottom of the stage, the faces of Gu Jun and the rest turned incomparably shocked.

"You ?" Gu Jun pointed at her in astonishment.

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