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C1 Wedge

In the grand and solemn church, close to a thousand people were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bride. Among these people, thirty to eleven people were not guests, but reporters. In order to maintain order, the security guards alone had deployed more than 500 people.

"Coming, coming! The bride is coming!"

When Shu Shu put on her million year wedding dress and unwillingly came to the church's red carpet, her most hated face was at the other side of the red carpet, waiting with a similar smelly face.

The continuous amount of light spots made Shu Shu extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately, the veil was thicker, otherwise her stiff and stinky face would have been hit. She stopped where she was and refused to go in.

Liu Ziye, who was being held by her arm, reached out to pat her daughter's hand and advised, "Shu Shu, be good, Daddy knows that you are unwilling, but think about your mother ?" He forcefully pulled her along. To others, it seemed that it was just a benevolent father repeatedly telling his daughter to marry him.

One step at a time, one step at a time, one step at a time, she had described the red carpet as a bright path to happiness. As for her, one step after the other, she was walking to hell, and she had to go.

On the other side of the red carpet stood a tall and handsome bridegroom, who was about 1.83 meters tall. A black suit accentuated his slender figure. A heroic, sword-like brows, deep eyes, a high nose bridge, and sexy lips. He was simply a monster.

But, he was indeed a monster, an extremely loathsome monster.

Ling Qiao had a straight face, staring fixedly at the wife this deceased grandfather had found for him. What was with this? Was there a need to be so hazy? It was not like the red hair of the old society. It could not be seen at all. What a disappointment!

If not for the inheritance right of the Ling Bai Group, he wouldn't have married at the age of twenty-nine, and even more so wouldn't have married this Miss Liu Shu he had never seen before.

His wife had to be gorgeous, had to have an angel's face, had to have a devilish body. Look at what was up ahead, wearing high heels that didn't even reach his chin. Her figure was ordinary, what a shame!

It was because of that thick and thick veil that Ling Qiao did not recognize her.

Ling Qiao rolled his eyes in disdain, but when his eyes met Grandmother Ling's warning eyes, he obediently stayed there.

His grandmother ? Ling Wangmeiyu was the only person in his entire life who didn't dare to disobey.

Liu Ziye held Shu Shu's hand, and seriously handed it over to him, "Good son-in-law, I'll leave my daughter to you in the future."

The scene immediately turned lively. Hundreds of cameras and mobile phones were aimed at the couple. The spotlights flashed incessantly as they watched this exciting moment for the couple.

Ling Qiao held Shu Shu's hand, and felt her fingers become cold, his heart suddenly felt much better, hmph, Liu Shu right? From today onwards, you will receive my, Ling Qiao's, care, and care, so slowly receive my attacks.

Feeling her hand tighten, Shu Shu also struck back. Her hand was small, but the strength was not small. Bastard Ling Qiao, arrogant fellow, if you continue to spread rumors like before, I will divorce you immediately!

The corner of Ling Qiao's mouth formed a faint smile, as he ruthlessly pinched Shu Shu's arm, and intentionally said, "Wife, follow me."

The priest said a great deal, and they also said their oaths, and after exchanging rings, the bridegroom could kiss the bride.

However, Ling Qiao did not give her any face and said, "Wifey, you're too short. For the sake of not dislocating my neck, let's go back and sit to kiss."

Shu Shu took a deep breath, then directly threw the flower in his hand at Ling Qiao's head. The scene was a mess.

After the church's ceremony ended, Ling Qiao had already disappeared. He did not have the time to attend banquets anyway.

Grandmother Ling's goal had already been achieved, the banquet would still be arranged properly without the groom. She ordered the driver to send the bride back to Ling Qiao's Chinese toon garden.

Chun Mu Courtyard, located in the outskirts of T City, was a private mansion. At night, the bride had already taken off her makeup ? Shu Shu sat on the sofa in the living room and watched TV. She wore a white cartoon pajamas, tied her hair up, and a little bun on the back of her head. She also had big black eyes and was dressed up as a housewife.

She did not know when her new husband, Ling Qiao, would return, or even if he wouldn't. She only knew that she had already become a little bird in this golden cage.

Because she didn't value it, she didn't spend any of her time thinking about it. What kind of bullshit night is this, bastard Ling Qiao, don't even think about touching me. It's fine if you don't come back, but I'm happy to be free!

Just as Shu Shu was about to go back to his room to sleep, the door suddenly opened. She turned her head and saw Ling Qiao drunk to the point that she returned with an unfamiliar woman.

When Ling Qiao entered the door, he saw Shu Shu in a daze and pointed at her while cursing, "You ugly bastard, you short man, are you even worthy to be my, Ling Qiao's, wife? Why don't you look at yourself? What kind of pig are you?! "Burp ?" He burped and staggered. Fortunately, the lady by his side was supporting him, "Ou Sha, see, she's not as good as you. Don't be angry with me."

He had to admit that Ou Sha was extremely beautiful, with her delicate makeup and beautiful figure, she looked just like a movie star. She supported Ling Qiao and looked at him at the same time, the precaution in her heart having been immediately dispelled.

She smiled. She's just a vulgar girl. "Joe, you're drunk. I'll help you to your room." As she spoke, she helped him up to the second floor.

Standing in front of the meticulously dressed Ou Sha, there was no doubt that there was a world of difference between her and Shu Shu. Shu Shu never intended to compare himself with her, but the current situation was ? Her husband, on his wedding night, returned with another woman.

Bully... Si, Ling Qiao, you don't have to bully people like this, no matter what, I am still your new wife, you think I am willing to marry you? But I wouldn't be so excessive that I would immediately cheat! You bastard, calling you a pig or a dog is simply slandering a pig or a dog.

Shu Shu angrily followed him.

The door was not closed. The two who had just entered were currently stripping and falling down while hugging each other.

She had never experienced such things, and today, on the day of her wedding, there was suddenly someone acting out such a farce in front of her eyes. This man was her new husband, something she could not accept.

Shu Shu clenched his fists and rushed into the room, grabbing the red wine on the table, "Ling Qiao, you bastard!" she cried, raising the bottle and slamming it against the back of his head.

"Eh ?" Ling Qiao's body stiffened as he collapsed onto the bed.

The bottle was broken, and the dark red wine was sprinkled all over the marriage bed, as well as Ling Qiao's white shirt. Ou Sha was shocked, "Liu Shu, you're crazy ?" Ou Sha tried his best to turn Ling Qiao around, his hands were drenched in red blood, "Ah, Qiao Qiao, what's wrong with you, Qiao, Qiao ?"

"Qiao, your head ?" Shu Shu smashed the broken bottle in his hand towards Ou Sha again, "Shameless!"

Ou Sha fell down beside Ling Qiao.

Shu Shu regained her senses and accidentally threw away the half of the red wine bottle in her hand. Heavens, what did I do? I killed someone! Personally killing the newlywed husband of the Wealthy Class and the foxy mistress?

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