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CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C10 Privacy Has Been Violated!
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C10 Privacy Has Been Violated!

Upon hearing these words, Mu Shuishan stared at him in surprise, gritting her teeth as she spat out a "You!" Every word in his heart was filled with unwillingness.

If an ordinary person had autism, wouldn't they just stay silent and then have problems with their IQ? But this person in front of them didn't look like a normal patient at all!

Seeing that he was still staring at her and didn't seem to want to back down, Mu Shuishan lowered her head like a thief and looked around. Other than the cedar trees and water, she was sure that there was nothing else.

Mu Shuishan blushed and closed her eyes, while tiptoeing towards Zhan Beirong's slightly red face and lightly touched it, like a dragonfly touching the water. Just as she was about to turn around and run away, she was stopped by Zhan Beirong.

This fellow was so dishonest!

Mu Shuishan turned her head and glared at him. Just as she was about to vent her anger, Zhan Beirong was like a kid who had eaten candy. The smile on his face became wider and wider, as if he forgot that he was slapped and he slowly took something out of his pocket and handed it to her.

Mu Shuishan pouted, looking at Zhan Beirong's neither hasty nor slow behavior. What else does this young master want? Could it be that he wants me to bring the time bomb home? I'm not going to do that!

But who knew that the thing Zhan Beirong took out from his pocket wasn't a bomb or something, it was her tribe's pink phone in Zhan's Mansion. Mu Shuishan's eyes immediately lit up and immediately took the phone from his hand.

"Oh, baby, you're back in my hands!" As soon as Mu Shuishan finished her sentence, she suddenly kissed the phone. Those who didn't know this would think that she treated her phone as her own son!

Mu Shuishan didn't notice at all that Zhan Beirong was looking at her. His handsome face was full of smiles of satisfaction, and his brows, which had been tightly knitted for many years, started to calm down when he saw her these few days.

Mu Shuishan had a bad memory and didn't hold a grudge. The next second, she forgot all about it and excitedly said to Zhan Beirong, "Thank you! Remember to give it back to me! "

After saying that, he jumped away and waved his phone towards Zhan Beirong, who was still standing at the same place.

Zhan Beirong stood motionless on the spot. He looked at the back view of Shan who was getting closer to him. His eyes became blurry and his mind seemed to drift to a distance away. His body and soul began to separate as he whispered, "Shan."

As Mu Shuishan walked, she opened her cellphone and started to call Gu Cheng. After dialing for a long time, she only heard a voice that said, "Hello, the number you dialed is temporarily unanswered. Please try again later."

"Strange, why is there no one answering? Isn't today the weekend?" Mu Shuishan muttered curiously as she rummaged through her phone. She had a nagging feeling that something was wrong. Mu Shuishan habitually opened the album and was immediately enraged. She couldn't help but stamp her feet, "So infuriating! This pervert! "

It turned out that all the pictures of her and Gu Cheng were gone. There was only a picture of herself and Zhan Beirong, with her hair still wet. He looked even more handsome than himself in the photo, looking dazed, as if he was going to walk out of the picture.

Mu Shuishan snapped her phone shut angrily. "I really thought you were so good. You really went overboard!" He thought to himself, this person is too overbearing. He peeked at the privacy of others and yet he still moved around without permission. He's simply a fighter jet among oddities!

The moment he got out of a car and got in, his phone started to sing as if it was being called, "You're my little apple, no matter how much I love you, I won't think too much of it."

Mu Shuishan took out her phone and immediately revealed a sweet smile. Compared to her furious look from before, she was completely different. She said sweetly, "Gu Cheng, where are you now? I'll go look for you now."

Gu Cheng's gentle voice on the other end of the phone made people's hearts warm up. He replied with a smile, "Yeah, in your home, didn't your phone disappear?"

"Oh …" That... "Now that you're back, how about I come back to find you? Are you going to come out directly?" Mu Shuishan answered his question perfunctorily.

As for Zhan Beirong, she didn't want Gu Cheng to know that there was such a person. If he knew about what had happened in the past few days, he would be hugged by an unfamiliar man and slept through the night. Mu Shuishan breathed heavily and closed her eyes, not daring to imagine what would happen next. She didn't want things to get complicated.

Before Gu Cheng could open his mouth, he heard that familiar coquettish voice say in a childish voice, "Brother Gu Cheng, it's fortunate that you helped me massage it. I feel much better now. Thank you so much."

Gu Cheng turned around and glanced at Mu Ziyao, who had already walked to his side. He smiled faintly and pointed at the phone next to her ear, indicating her to wait, then cleared his throat. Just as he was about to say something, he was stopped by Mu Shuishan, "Forget it, you should just come out. I don't want to go back right now!"

Mu Shuishan didn't need to think to imagine Mu Ziyao's expression, which was as if she wanted nothing more than to crawl into Gu Cheng's body.

"Alright, wait for me outside for a moment. I'll drive there immediately." After saying that, he hung up the phone, turned around and helped Mu Ziyao to sit down, "Brother Gu Cheng, you're going out now right?" Mu Ziyao asked Gu Cheng with a gentle yet coquettish tone as she held his hand.

Gu Cheng nodded slightly in agreement.

"Elder sister is so lucky to have met someone like Brother Gu Cheng. If I had met someone like Brother Gu Cheng, I would have cherished him. I only have eyes for you." There was a hidden meaning in Lili's words as she constantly rubbed her hand against Gu Cheng's body. Her hand also slowly stroked Gu Cheng's delicate and pretty face, which made people unable to resist falling into reverie.

Gu Cheng put her hand down with a faint smile, stood up and said to her, "We will meet again. "Then I'll leave first. I'll come see you another day." Mu Ziyao couldn't believe that such an elegant and graceful man was actually the fiance of the woman she hated the most. She gritted her teeth as she thought about something, and after a while, an evil and frightening smile appeared on her face, completely inconsistent with her delicate face.

He got off the car when he arrived at the street Gu Cheng talked about. He immediately saw Gu Cheng, who was standing tall and straight in the crowd, waiting in front of a wedding shop.

Mu Shuishan ran excitedly on her high heels and shouted, "Gu Cheng!" Gu Cheng turned around with squinted eyes and a smile. He hugged Mu Shuishan's waist and gently stroked her hair, "Why are you still like a child?"

Mu Shuishan giggled. She raised her head and asked with expectation in her eyes, "Didn't you say you were going to make it up to me last time? Where are you going now?"

Gu Cheng turned around and pointed at the beautiful wedding dress shop in front of them. Mu Shuishan knew this place. The wedding dresses here were all first-rate and very famous in City H.

Mu Shuishan looked doubtfully at Gu Cheng, who had a gentle expression, and curiously whispered, "A wedding dress?"

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