CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C11 Don't Tell Me the Wedding Dress Pisses You off too
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CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C11 Don't Tell Me the Wedding Dress Pisses You off too
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C11 Don't Tell Me the Wedding Dress Pisses You off too

Gu Cheng gently touched her white face, "Un, I've thought about what happened last time. You were unhappy at Mu Family, so I felt bad for you too. So we got married early. In the future, we'll be together, and you can do whatever you want to us. It'll be fine as long as you're happy. "

With that, Gu Cheng held Mu Shuishan's hands as if he was expressing the sincerity and warmth of his feelings towards her.

Mu Shuishan was moved to tears by the man's words. Previously, she had always been angry at him and hadn't thought about things from his point of view at all. Immediately, she felt guilty and sorry for him.

Gu Cheng looked at his fiancee. The smile in his eyes seemed to have a different meaning, it seemed to have met the expectation in his heart, "Okay, idiot, why aren't you going in? I still want to see you in your wedding dress." As she spoke, she gently stroked Mu Shuishan's nose and pulled her into the wedding shop.

As soon as Mu Shuishan's feet stepped into the bridal shop, she couldn't help but open her mouth and hold her chin with both hands. These pure and innocent wedding gowns were really attractive. She had only glanced at them once or twice before never coming in.

Now that she knew what it was like to enter heaven, Mu Shuishan closed her eyes in contentment and imagined herself wearing a wedding dress.

Gu Cheng, who was at the side, nodded at the waiter. Not long later, a white, shoulder-length wedding dress appeared before Mu Shuishan's eyes, exquisite and gorgeous.

"Shan, I picked this out especially for you. Why don't you give it a try?"

"Yes, yes." Mu Shuishan nodded shyly and smiled sweetly at Gu Cheng.

A few minutes later, Mu Shuishan slowly walked out on the silver high heels that matched her wedding dress. When she stood before the mirror, she couldn't help but be amazed by her own appearance.

Mu Shuishan had always known that this face of hers was worthy of the people and her parents, but she had never thought that she could be more beautiful and sexy than she had imagined. She couldn't help but feel proud as she thought to herself, "If I were a boy, I would also fall in love with myself!"

Gu Cheng walked towards Mu Shuishan with a satisfied smile. Looking at Mu Shuishan's stunning appearance, he couldn't help but have impulsive thoughts in his heart. Just as he was about to say something, he heard calm and aggressive footsteps coming from outside the door.

Everyone in the store looked towards the source of the voice. Mu Shuishan's heart skipped a beat when she saw the person who came. Her heart felt like it was about to jump out of her chest.

Zhan Beirong was dressed in black and his eyes were filled with killing intent. His handsome yet angular face gave off a feeling that no one dared to approach him. His thin lips were tightly clenched. Behind him was Lee Ying and a group of people. Those who didn't know about this scene would think that this was the boss of a mafia.

Everyone in the shop was holding their breath, their heads dripping with cold sweat. No one dared to step forward to ask, but a boy immediately bowed down and asked, "Please …" Ask... What is it... Required... "Is that so?"

He stuttered incoherently. Seeing that Zhan Beirong didn't say anything, he didn't dare to stand on the side anymore as he was afraid that he would cause trouble for himself.

Gu Cheng's family was in a good situation. After all, his family wasn't the only one with a good family background. Even though they were full of doubts and had a face full of questions, they were the only ones who appeared calm and composed.

Zhan Beirong didn't seem to hear the voice of the boy and directly ignored him. He walked towards Mu Shuishan with forceful steps, staring at her as if he wanted to eat her alive. Just as Gu Cheng wanted to block the attack, he was stopped by Lee Ying, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

"You lied to me!" Zhan Beirong spat out these words word by word at Mu Shuishan, always with the same expression as if he was cherishing his words.

Mu Shuishan looked up, not looking guilty at all. "Say, Young Master, can you find someone else to play with? I'm getting married, so I don't have time to play with you." Then he added, "Besides, you can see now that my fiancé is also here!"

Mu Shuishan only wanted him to understand that she really had a fiance and wouldn't agree to his marriage. Although you're very handsome, but you already have a partner.

When Zhan Beirong heard the three words "fiancé", his face instantly darkened. His eyes seemed to be opened wide as he clenched his fists and a cold air quickly emanated from inside the wedding shop.

"Shan, who is this?" Gu Cheng, who had been silent for a long time, looked at his fiancee and suddenly opened his mouth. He couldn't help but ask in puzzlement, how did she know such a person?

After Zhan Beirong heard Gu Cheng's voice, he turned his head, a burst of anger and annoyance burst forth from his heart. He raised his head to look at the wedding dress that hung in front of him, and instantly felt like a ball of fire was about to burst out! Frowning, he bit down on the word "wedding dress" in annoyance.

Although it was only two words, Lee Ying still understood Zhan Beirong's meaning alertly. He immediately ordered the men in black behind him in a stern tone, "Take off these wedding gowns!"

The tall and big followers behind him immediately began to roughly tear down the wedding gowns in the shop. Instantly, not a single one of the wedding gowns was intact. The staff in the shop trembled in fright upon seeing this scene.

Mu Shuishan was surprised by his actions. The wedding dress had angered him? He could not help but feel anger rising as he pointed at the expressionless Zhan Beirong and cursed: "What the hell are you trying to do! Is there something wrong with your head, or is there something wrong with your mind? How can you always be opposing me! "

Zhan Beirong still looked at Mu Shuishan's angry expression with a dark expression and frowned. In the next second, Mu Shuishan saw that Zhan Beirong didn't have any reaction, so she bit her lips angrily and said, "Okay! You're amazing! I can't afford to offend him, and I can't afford to avoid him! "

After saying that, she turned around and pulled Gu Cheng's hand and walked outside. But after just a few steps, she was stopped by a few tall men. "Move aside!" Mu Shuishan shouted loudly.

"Don't push your luck! If you keep doing this, I'll call the police! " Gu Cheng, who was on the side, changed from the usual gentle drizzle and said seriously.

After Zhan Beirong heard Gu Cheng's voice, he suddenly turned around and saw that he was holding Mu Shuishan's hand. The anger that had never been extinguished before was completely ignited as if they had been ignited by gasoline!

Before the surrounding people could react, Zhan Beirong had already pushed Gu Cheng away from Mu Shuishan. His fist landed on Gu Cheng's face, and before Wu Tie could react, he was knocked onto the ground.

Mu Shuishan screamed. Just as she wanted to help Gu Cheng up, she was stopped by Zhan Beirong. Even though she was a cop, she still couldn't resist Zhan Beirong who was so powerful. Not to mention, Zhan Beirong grew up in the army.

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