CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C14 I'm on the Street.
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CEO Loves Wife Everyday/C14 I'm on the Street.
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C14 I'm on the Street.

Mu Shuishan, with one hand covering her eyes that were already filled with tears, lowered her head and bumped into Zhan Beirong, who was standing outside the door. Just as Zhan Beirong was about to leave, the sobbing Mu Shuishan yelled at him, "Don't follow me!", and ran out of the hotel.

Zhan Beirong stared coldly at her miserable leaving figure. Indeed, he did not follow her, but his heart was surging. He looked at the room with a complicated expression on his face and then left.

After running for who knows how long, Mu Shuishan finally stopped. She breathed heavily while squatting on the ground, burying her head into the ground. The image of the naked bodies of Mu Ziyao and Gu Cheng were still fresh in his mind. It was like a demon in the middle of the night, hard to get rid of. The passing cars did not give her a second look, as if they were not surprised by her lack of manners.

It was already late at night, but the surroundings were still brightly lit. The bustling streets also gradually quietened down. Mu Shuishan's choked voice finally calmed down and her eyes became lifeless, like a abandoned child.

This was her fiancé who had been with her for a long time, who had even said such sweet words to her a few days ago. He had brought her to test her wedding dress, saying that he would take her away from the Mu Family to give her happiness. But now? Just how brutal were these situations? They were simply slapping his face! If he had already been hooked up with Mu Ziyao, why would he still want to get entangled with her?

The tears on Mu Ziyao's pale face were blown away by the cold wind, leaving only a few scars. His high-heeled shoes had long ago become numb from squatting down. He stood up shakily as he thought about it powerlessly. In his heart, he had no idea what was going on with this joke. Mu Ziyao looked around, the current her did not even know where to go, Mu Family? Ever since she was five years old, everyone had treated her like a thorn in their side. Only her grandfather doted on her, and now, there was nothing left. She didn't want to see Mu Ziyao's vixen-like face any more.

Thinking about that, Mu Ziyao helplessly pulled out a ridiculing smile. It was unknown if it was out of ridicule towards herself or others, but the great miss of Mu Family in the eyes of others, was actually reduced to such a state.

Mu Shuishan suddenly thought of something and stopped walking. She took out the pink mobile phone from her pocket and pressed a familiar number. No one answered the call after a few rings. Mu Shuishan was just about to hang up in disappointment, when a magnetic voice came from the other end, "Hello, Shan."

Mu Shuishan wiped her eyes and pretended to be calm as if she was joking, "Lu Xuan, I'm living on the streets."

The man on the other end of the phone was obviously shocked before he started laughing out loud. She was Mu Shuishan who had survived countless battles. How could she, who was like a boy, be living on the streets?

"Shan, if you want to come directly to see me, then just say so. You're still living on the streets, and whoever lives on the streets won't be your turn. Where are you right now? I'll come over and pick you up." Lu Xuan had just finished his shower and was about to go to bed when he received a call from her. It was a bit strange, although there was a joke in her words, but he understood clearly that if something had not happened, her tone would not be so weak.

Mu Shuishan raised her head and looked around, revealing her location.

After about twenty minutes, a black SUV stopped in front of her, "Miss, hurry and get in the car!" A handsome face stuck out from outside the window like a knife through the window, its features profound, its skin somewhat dark, but its thick eyebrows and large eyes brimmed with light.

Mu Shuishan raised her head and opened the door of the passenger seat as if she was looking at her lifesaver. She casually leaned against the seat and closed her eyes expressionlessly.

Lu Xuan was keenly aware of Mu Shuishan's strangeness. Usually, when she was so quiet, something must have happened. However, he didn't say anything. After knowing her for so long, he knew her quite well.

"Lu Xuan, do you know something worse than falling out of love?" After an unknown period of time, Mu Shuishan opened her eyes with a worried expression and asked softly as she looked at the scenery outside the window.

Suddenly, the black SUV made a "whoosh" sound as it rubbed against the ground. Then, the SUV continued to move forward.

Lost love? Could it be that she had fallen out of love? But aren't they already engaged?

"Is unrequited love okay?" Lu Xuan smiled faintly. It sounded like he was joking, but it also sounded like he was speaking seriously.

Mu Shuishan chuckled. She put her left hand on Lu Xuan's shoulder and said with a helpless expression, "You don't understand! "Since I haven't obtained a single love relationship before, there's no loss. But I'm out of love, and I've lost it again, so that's why I can't bear it."

Lu Xuan did not answer, but shot a pitiful glance at Mu Shuishan beside him. He had never seen her like this and always thought that she was the kind of cockroach who was not afraid of the heavens or the earth and was not afraid of the earth.

As soon as he arrived at Lu Xuan's house, Mu Shuishan patted his shoulder and said, "Fortunately, you are my good brother, otherwise, I would have to stay in the park for the night." Then, he walked straight into the kitchen without waiting for Lu Xuan to speak. He came out with a few bottles of beer as if he was at home.

"Come, have a few drinks with me." Mu Shuishan sniffled as if she was crying, pouring herself a glass of wine and gulping it down in one gulp.

Lu Xuan looked at her expression and didn't stop her. Instead, he sat beside her and drank with her. The beer bottles on the table had already been emptied several times. Only then did Lu Xuan snatch the glass from her hands, "Shan, you can't drink anymore." He wanted to help her up, but Mu Shuishan ignored him and pushed him away.

Her hair was messy as she laid on the table with her eyes closed. She said to herself drunkenly, "You know, a few hours ago, I was in that luxurious hotel, and saw my fiancé and sister in bed as if they were glue. Say, isn't that funny?"

Lu Xuan's eyes were wide open as he looked at Mu Shuishan who was speaking drunkenly. Anger burst out from the bottom of his face! He admitted that he liked Mu Shuishan, but he always knew that she had a boyfriend, so he just stayed by her side as a good bro. Even if he saw that she was happy with others, it was enough. But now, this man didn't know how to cherish things, and even slept with her little sister! Lu Xuan couldn't help but clench his fists tightly as he looked lovingly at Mu Shuishan, who was lying on the table.

"I don't have anything now, no home, no parents, even my boyfriend is fake. "Hehe." Mu Shuishan continued to speak with a mocking smile on her face as she slammed the table, as if she was venting all the grievances and grievances.

Lu Xuan sighed and walked to her side. He put the hair on her face behind her ears and carefully carried her to the bedroom.

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